Dan walks into the empty green room quietly. He replays the conversation he and Rebecca had just a few hours ago. She wanted more than dinner, but was this what Dan wanted? Rebecca had left Dan over a year ago to try and work things out with her then-current-husband, Steve Sisco. Obviously, things didn't work out. Dan thought about the past events.

She left me, she left me before a show, she left me holding a bottle of wine, some flowers and some stupid gift, she left me alone to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart. Then one day, I heard about her transfer to the West Coast. There would be no more run-ins in the elevator. No more thinking of her on the 37th floor. She left me behind without ever having the courtesy of saying "goodbye." She then pops in, out-of-the-blue, and she wants to have dinner with me. She's finally divorced. She's finally divorced and she carries the papers to prove it. What kind of person carries their own divorce papers with them wherever they go? A sad, pathetic woman, that's who. The kind of woman who... wants to make a fool of herself because... she loves me.

The bricks of pain, the mortar of tears, and the third thing we didn't know. That wall she always hid behind. She hid behind, "no" when I asked her out a million times. She hid behind her lies, or "withholding the truth" as she put it. She hid behind Steve when she ran back to him. She hid behind "R.W." instead of signing her own name. She hides and reappears whenever she pleases.

I was there when she was having troubles with Steve, and I said I wouldn't support her getting back together with him. I couldn't support anything that was so clearly wrong to everyone but Rebecca, but I could support something, maybe it was my love for her, which felt so strong in my heart.

Now she comes back, on the day Casey and I may be breaking up. It's ironic. I didn't want her factoring into my decision to go to L.A., maybe she didn't want me to factor in her decision to try to repair her marriage. In both cases, we pushed each other away to see if we could be happy without each other. Maybe it's fate that we are supposed to be together.

Quo vadimus. It's Latin, meaning "Where are we going?" I work for a company called "Quo Vadimus." I need to be asking Rebecca the same thing. I need to know, "where are we going?"

Dan gazes out the window of the green room and twists his head around and rubs his neck. He glances down into the trash can where he had tossed the pieces of paper which were encrypted with her telephone number. The can was empty. He pulls the liner out of the can and looks at the liner and then in the can. Empty. A feeling of disappointment engulfs him. He will never know why she came back. His feelings of disappointment are replaced by feelings of panic. He has to find out. He has to call Rebecca and find out if she really loves him or if Dan Rydell is a consolation prize like a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni to a losing game show contestant.

Dan starts looking around the room to see if there are any other trash cans, any pieces of paper, any clues to Rebecca. The room is clean. There are absolutely no signs of anyone being in this room earlier today. A gentleman walks by the entryway and continues down the hall. Dan rushes to the doorway.

Dan: Excuse me, sir. What happened to the green room?

Man: What do you mean?

Dan: I threw something away in here I shouldn't have and now it isn't in here.

Man: Well, there's housekeeping down and around the hall--

Dan: (interrupting) Thank you.

Dan dashes down the hall to find the housekeeper. As he nears the end of the hall, two female CSC employees turn the corner, carrying on a conversation, and walking toward Dan. Dan slows up, straightens his tie, smiles, and offers a warm, "Good evening, ladies." The two women smile, acknowledging his greeting, and the two parties continue heading in opposite directions. Dan turns the corner, and he spots the housekeeper with his cart at the end of the hall. Dan sprints down and catches him right before he enters another office.

Dan: Hold up, hold up there. Excuse me. (grabs onto the cart which holds a caddy full of cleaning products and a receptacle to hold trash)

Housekeeper: Mr. Rydell! Hey, how are you doing?

Dan: Fine. I'm doing fine. You didn't happen to clean the green room earlier this evening, did you?

Housekeeper: Yes, it's after 11:30- that's when we start to clean this floor.

Dan: (shakes his clenched fists in front of him in victory) Great. Can you do me a favor?

Housekeeper: Sure.

Dan: I need to go through your trash.

Housekeeper: Excuse me?

Dan: You see, I accidentally threw something out in the green room. It's probably still in one of those bags. (looks into the receptacle) Whew. (turns his head to the side) What the--

Housekeeper: Dirty diaper found in one of the restrooms.

Dan: Obviously. What did they feed that kid?

Housekeeper: Don't know. You can go through it. I don't know if you'll find it. Just don't make a mess all over the floor.

Dan: Great. Thanks.

The housekeeper takes an empty trash bag into the next office. Dan unbuttons the cuff on his right sleeve and rolls it up. He sticks his arm inside the trash bin and looks inside, tolerating the stench coming from it. He maneuvers various bags of trash aside as he continues to dig, looking for the trash bag from the green room. The housekeeper comes back from the office, holding a bag containing that day's garbage.

Dan: A-ha! There it is.

Dan pulls the bag out and holds it in the air like a trophy. It is dripping a liquid, obviously a leak from inside the bag. Dan holds the leaking bag over the trash bin as the housekeeper grabs an unused bag to enclose the leaking bag.

Housekeeper: Wow. Good job.

Dan: Thank you, so very much. (offers his right hand for a handshake)

Housekeeper: (shaking Dan's hand with his latex-gloved hand) You'll want to wash that first.

Dan: The garbage?

Housekeeper: Your hands. Remember the dirty diaper?

Dan: (releasing the housekeeper's hand) Right. (turns away to head to the restroom) Right.


The scene switches to Anthony's, where the rest of the Sports Night crew has gathered to celebrate. Jeremy and Natalie are sitting in a booth having a conversation.

Natalie: It was.

Jeremy: It wasn't.

Natalie: Was.

Jeremy: It wasn't!

Natalie: How was it not a ninth-inning rally?

Jeremy: We didn't rally.

Natalie: What was that?

Jeremy: We didn't rally. It was somebody else's rally.

Natalie: Jeremy.

Jeremy: I'm saying it was good, it was right, but we sat around and waited until we were told our show had been saved.

Natalie: Jeremy!

Jeremy: What?

Natalie: What does it matter who rallied?

Jeremy: It matters.

Natalie: Why does it matter?

Jeremy: Because we-- (shrugs his shoulders) We sat in on somebody else's rally!

Natalie: (sighing affectionately) All right. Is that all that's bothering you?

Jeremy: Yes. Well. That and -- my affairs are settled.

Natalie: Your what?

Jeremy: My affairs. They're settled.

Natalie: Your affairs are settled.

Jeremy: Isaac's tape dispenser. Dana's gum. Elliott's copy of 'Turtle Moon.' Kim's ab tape. Casey's industrial strength leather ink pen rest. I've settled all my affairs. I am a man with no affairs.

Natalie: (looking into his eyes) I can think of one.

Jeremy: (grinning) That's not an affair.

Natalie: How isn't it?

Jeremy: (grinning more devilishly) We're not married.

Natalie: Oh, you noticed that, too?

Jeremy: To other people.

Natalie: Or to pretty much anyone, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Yes, but it's the other people thing I want to focus on right now.

Natalie: Why?

Jeremy: Because that's what means it isn't an affair.

Natalie: How did that become your point?

Jeremy: Do you want another drink?

Natalie: I haven't finished my coconut pina colada.

Jeremy: See, that loses something.

Natalie: Jeremy --

Jeremy: I'm serious.

Natalie: (reaching across the table and grabbing his hand) No, you're not.

Jeremy: No. I'm not.

Natalie: Okay. (she grins and nods at him)

Kim and Elliott, each holding a drink, walk up to their booth.

Kim: Hey guys.

Jeremy: Hey, Kim. Elliott.

Natalie: Have a seat.

Elliott: Thanks.

Kim sits next to Natalie and Elliott sits next to Jeremy.

Kim: So what are we talking about?

Natalie: Affairs.

Kim: (looks intrigued) Really?

Natalie: Actually, Jeremy's affairs.

Kim: What?

Elliott: Really? Jeremy?

Jeremy: Not those kind of affairs.

Kim: (disappointed) Oh yeah. The tape.

Elliott: 'Turtle Moon.'

Kim: (to Elliott) Hey, can I borrow that?

Elliott: Sure.

Jeremy: But that's it. All of my affairs are settled. Kim and Elliott are already having an affair, and yet I sit here without one.

Elliott: Cool. Can you spread that around, Jeremy?

Kim: No! (kicks Elliott underneath the table)

Elliott: Ow!

Elliott's arm flies out and knocks over his drink along with Natalie's. Kim and Natalie try to avoid the torrent of drinks heading in their direction. Jeremy grabs some napkins and throws them on top of the spilled drinks.

Natalie: Elliott!

Elliott: Sorry, Natalie. But she kicked me! (points at Kim)

Kim: Cause your being an idiot!

Natalie: It's on my shirt.

Elliott: Sorry.

Jeremy: Stop it before there is further proliferation of flying fermented barley beverages.

Kim: What?

Elliott: English, please.

Jeremy: Stop it before you start throwing the beer.

Natalie: You're so adorable. Come help me with my shirt.

Jeremy grins and Elliott and Kim let the two out.


We go back to Dan and Casey's office. Dan is sitting at his desk, trying to piece together Rebecca's number like it is a puzzle.

Casey: (walking casually into the office) What are you doing? You're missing the party at Anthony's.

Dan: I'm trying to put Rebecca's phone number back together.

Casey: Why was it ripped in the first place?

Dan: I wasn't sure if I was going to L.A., and she wanted to go to dinner and I didn't want her to come into my decision.

Casey: So you ripped her number. (walks over to Dan's desk)

Dan: So I ripped her number, yes. Now I wished I hadn't.

Casey: (examining the pieces of the note) What's smeared on that?

Dan: I'm hoping it's some kind of cola. It's making the ink run and the numbers are becoming blurry.

Casey Well you live and learn. (pointing at the pieces on his desk) I think that piece goes over there.

Dan: Thanks. Why do I always learn the hard way? (moves the piece over)

Casey: Just your luck I guess.

Dan: Yeah. (moves another piece)

Casey: Need any more help?

Dan: Sure.

Casey moves a couple of pieces, and Dan stares at it like a little kid on the first night of Hanukkah.

Dan: That's it.

Casey: I just remembered that I have an interview to do with Nomar Garciaparra. I should think about what I'm going to ask.

Dan: (sarcastically) Yea that's a good idea. Ask him something about the history behind the Red Sox and Fenway Park. Is that a 4 or a 9?

Casey: Hey, tell me if you figure out her number. I'm going to go back to Anthony's and talk and celebrate some more with Dana. She's starting to dance.

Dan: Hey, wait. Tell me, is that a 4 or a 9?

Casey: Looks like a 9. The curvature tells me it's a 9.

Dan: Are you sure?

Casey: Well my degree in hand-writing analysis tells me its either a 4 or a 9. Or it could be a very sloppy 7.

Dan: Casey.

Casey: Just call the numbers. You're bound to get the right one eventually.

Dan: You're right.(picks up the phone and set it back down)

Casey: What's wrong?

Dan: Let me ask you this.

Casey: Shoot.

Dan: If Lisa were to show up here one day, and she said she wanted to get back together with you. Would you do it?

Casey's expression turns serious as he ponders it for a moment.

Casey: Uh, no.

Dan: You paused.

Casey: Yes.

Dan: You actually considered getting back together with Lisa.

Casey: Danny. Lisa and I dated for four years, we were married for ten years, and we have a son together. I have the right to take a few seconds to consider that possibility.

Dan: You're right.

Casey: If you want to go and get back together with Rebecca, I say go for it. If you don't want to, give me those pieces of paper right now.

Dan: She sent me flowers, and she moved back to New York.

Casey: Every relationship you enter, there is a risk. The more you put into it, the more you risk. The possibility of getting hurt is there, and I won't deny that, Dan. It just comes down to how much you want to risk.

Dan: She hurt me once before.

Casey: But sometimes that risk will give you a great reward. It's your decision.

Dan: Live and learn.

Casey: Live and learn.

Dan: Thanks.

Dan grabs the phone, then Casey leaves.

Dan starts dialing. After he pushes a few buttons, he whispers, "nine," as he pushes the last button. He holds the phone next to his ear and closes his eyes, offering one last chance to turn back.

Dan: Hello, Rebecca? (he listens, opens his eyes, and breathes a sigh of relief) Hey, it's me. Is the invitation for dinner still open? (pause) Good. Dinner and conversation. You and me. (pause) Directions? Sure. (grabs a pen and a piece of paper) Okay, ready. (starts writing on the paper) Okay. Got it. Room 915. I'll see you later. (pause) Yeah. I love you, too. (he hangs up the phone)

Dan holds up his piece of paper and examines it. "Nine fifteen. Nine fifteen.," he says to himself. "Nine fifteen sounds so familiar. I think I know that somewhere. Oh, well." Dan folds the piece of paper and places it in his breast pocket.

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