No Joy in Mudville

Original Release Date:
October 17, 2000

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"Medals of Bravery" by Sary

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Why did Lisa place a phone call to Casey?

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Casey is typing at his desk when Dana walks in.

Casey: Hey.

Dana: Hey, Casey.

Dana sits on the couch.

Casey: I need an extra thirty tonight.

Dana: Going to si... why?

Casey: Oklahoma. I need it for Oklahoma. (stands up) What were you going to say?

Dana: Nothing. Forget about it.

Casey: You were going to suggest I was going to sing again.

Dana: The thought did occur.

Casey walks over to Dana.

Casey: What's up?

Dana: Nothing's up.

Casey sits down next to Dana, and Dana scoots over, so she is closer to the arm of the couch than to Casey.

Casey: Why did you come in here?

Dana: I thought you needed to talk with me.

Casey: No.

Dana: Natalie said...

Dana realizes something, clenches her jaw, and looks out into the newsroom.

Dana: Natalie!

With Casey looking completely confused, Natalie comes running into Casey's office, and Dana stands up to confront her.

Dana: What are you doing?

Natalie: Working on the Yankees.

Dana: You know what I mean.

Natalie: What do you mean?

Dana: You tricked me into trying to work things out with Casey.

Casey: Hold on here.

Dana: Casey, stay out of this.

Dana glares angrily at Natalie, while Natalie strikes a defensive pose.

Natalie: Don't look at me.

Dana: Natalie.

Casey stands up and places himself between Dana and Natalie, separating the two.

Casey: What's going on here?

Natalie: Casey, Dana really needs to talk with you.

Dana: Natalie.

Casey: Hold on a second, Dana. (to Natalie) Why are you doing this? (to Dana) And why are you afraid to talk to me?

Natalie: I need to make sure you are weighing all of your options.

Dana: You're making stuff up, Natalie.

Casey: Whoa, stop it.

Natalie: Dana, you can't lose him again.

Dana: I'm not losing him... again? What do you mean again?

Casey: Oh no.

A look of guilt comes over Casey's face. He goes and sits back down on the couch. Dana looks concerned.

Natalie: You two need to sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk.

Natalie walks over to the door.

Natalie: I'm leaving and closing this door on the way out, so you two can work things out.

Natalie leaves, closing the door behind her. Dana and Casey both look confused. Dana sits next to Casey on the couch.

Dana: What's happening?

Casey: You didn't know?

Dana: Know what?

Casey: About Lisa.

Dana: You didn't say anything to me. How was I supposed to know? From Natalie?

Casey: From Natalie, yes. I thought she would have let it leak out.

Dana: She's good at keeping important secrets.

Casey: I guess so.

Dana: What's going on with Lisa?

Casey: She... (stands up and puts his hands in his pockets) She wants to get back together again.

Dana: Oh. (looks shocked) Oh.

Casey: She thought the song I sang was for her.

Dana: Was it?

Casey pauses for a long moment.

Casey: No.

Dana: Did you tell her it wasn't?

Casey: No. (lowers his head)

Dana stands up and walks over to Dan's desk. She looks down and shifts some papers on his desk.

Dana: Are you going to do it?

Casey: I don't know.

Dana: It's important because... you know... Charlie. You wouldn't want to lead him on.

Casey: Yeah. I don't want to lead him on.

Dana: It would be horrible if you two were believed to be separated, and then decided to get back together again. It would hurt him.

Casey: You mean the opposite.

Dana: Huh?

Casey: If Lisa and I were to get back together, it wouldn't hurt Charlie. He would be happy to have his parents together.

Dana: Yeah, that's what I meant.

Tears start to form in her eyes.

Casey: Dana.

Dana: You know, I think it would be good for the two of you to give it another shot. (laughs) It would be just like the old days.

Casey: I didn't say 'yes.' I'm just considering it.

Dana: You really should give it another shot. It would make Lisa and Charlie happy. Charlie would be happy. (wipes her eyes)

Dana maneuvers around Dan's desk and attempts to leave. Casey stands between Dana and the door.

Casey: Dana. The song wasn't meant for Lisa.

Dana: I know. I'm leaving.

Casey grabs onto Dana's shoulders.

Casey: It was meant for you.

Dana laughs.

Dana: (sarcastic) The song was meant for me?

Casey: Yes.

Casey then takes Dana's face into his hands. He looks deeply into her eyes. Heart beats begin to race. Casey moves his face closer to Dana's, aligning his lips with hers. He closes his eyes and moves forward.

Dana turns her head away.

Dana: Casey. No.

Casey releases Dana.

Casey: Dana.

Dana: You know what, Casey? You need to get back together with Lisa. It won't make me feel guilty anymore.

Casey: No. Why?

Dana: While I was down in Sydney--

Casey: Covering the games.

Dana: While on vacation.

Casey: Okay.

Dana: While on vacation, I met a man. He was a very nice man. He reminded me a lot of Gordon. We hit it off really well. I was afraid to tell you. And Natalie was afraid to tell you.

Casey: I see.

Dana: And I didn't want to hurt you by telling you I met this wonderful man.

Casey: Oh.

Dana: So, it's great Lisa wants to get back together with you. You need to give it a chance.

Casey just blinks his eyes.

Casey: Okay.

Dana: Maybe we could double-date some day.

Casey, still in shock, just nods his head.

Dana: Well, you can have the thirty for Oklahoma. I'll see you later.

Dana opens the door and leaves, closing the door behind her, and leaving Casey staring straight ahead.

Casey: (whispering) See ya'.


We see Dan and Casey in the middle of their broadcast, with Kelly Kirkpatrick seen standing-by on a television monitor just off the set.

Dan: (on-air) ...with the record-setting performance on the college football gridiron. The Trojan ran for 289 yards and scored 4 touchdowns, helping Southern Cal crush Washington State 49-14 earlier this evening. Our Kelly Kirkpatrick is live at the L.A. Coliseum with Randolph Coleman. Take it away, Kelly.

Kelly: (on-air) Thanks, Dan. Randolph, talk about your performance...


Dave: Back in two minutes thirty.

Will: Chyrons up.

Natalie leans over to speak with Dana, while Dana is concentrating on the live feed from Los Angeles.

Natalie: (whispering) Dana.

Dana: (whispering) What?

Natalie: (whispering) What did he say?

Dana: (whispering) Nothing.

Natalie: He said nothing?

Dana: Yes.

Natalie: Dana--

Dana: I don't want to talk about it.

Natalie: (shrugs shoulders) Okay.

Dana: Thank you.

Natalie: Dana?

Dana: Yes.

Natalie: What did he say?

Dana: Natalie--

Natalie: Because maybe you didn't take it the way he meant it.

Dana: He's says he's weighing his options, Natalie.


Dan: I'm still just shocked.

Casey: Just because she asked me?

Dan: No.

Casey: Why then?

Dan: Because you said 'yes.'

Casey: I didn't say 'yes.' I'm just weighing my options.

Dan: You're actually considering getting back together with Lisa?

Casey: I'm weighing my options.

Dan leans toward Casey.

Dan: Casey, what happened?

Casey: With what?

Dan: You and Dana.

Casey: Nothing.

Dan: Nothing happened?

Casey: Nothing.

Dan: I don't understand.

Casey: There's nothing to understand. Dana said she met someone, and it would be good for me.

Dan: No she hasn't.

Casey: Hasn't what?

Dan: Dana isn't dating anyone.

Casey: She said she is.

Dan looks perplexed.

Dan: So you moved on?

Casey: I have moved on.

Dan: To your ex-wife.

Casey: I haven't moved on to my ex-wife, Danny. I'm just--

Dan: Weighing your options. You've said that.

Casey: I am.

Dan: I am not going through this again.

Casey: What?

Dan: You and Dana.

Dave: (over intercom) Back in ninety.

Casey: How?

Dan: When one of you becomes interested in the other, the other becomes withdrawn.

Casey: It's just--

Dan: You two just need to get together or forget it, period.

Casey stares at Dan.

Dan: I'm serious here. If I ever see either of you playing this stupid back-and-forth game again, I'm going to punch both of you.

Casey: That's real supportive of you, Daniel.

Dan: I just don't understand how you can take back the woman who left you two years ago.

Casey smiles, tilts his head, and looks at Dan. Dan realizes what he had just said could also apply to his own personal life.

Dan: Ah, touche, Casey. Touche.

Casey: Oui, oui.

Dan: Let's talk about something else.

Casey: Let's.


Back in the control room, everyone is shocked except Dana and Natalie.

Chris: Whoa!

Kim: I don't believe it.

Jeremy: He actually said that live?!

Dana: What?

Kim: You missed it?

Dana: Missed what?

Jeremy: He swore.

Dana: (shocked) What?

Chris: Randolph Coleman just swore on live television.

Dana: I didn't hear it.

Will: How could you not?

Dave: Back in sixty.

Dana: Natalie's pestering me.

Natalie: Am not.

Dana: Coleman just swore on our live broadcast?

Kim: Yes.

Dana: At Kelly?

Will: He was excited.

Jeremy: He was boasting how superior he is compared with the rest of the defenses in the Pac-10.

Dana: What did he say?


Dan: Who are we playing for this year?

Casey: The Susan J. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Dan: Again?

Casey: What do you mean again?

Dan: We benefited them last year.

Casey: So?

Dan: I thought we were benefiting somebody else this year.

Casey: It's still a good cause.

Dan: Oh, I'm not doubting that. I'm not saying the Komen Foundation is better or worse than any other worthy cause; I just thought we were benefiting someone else this year.

Casey: Is that a problem?

Dan: No. It's still a very worthy cause.

Dave: (over intercom) Back in thirty.

Casey: Good.

Dan: Good.

Casey: They'll still get at least five thousand.

Dan: Ten thousand when we win. I know we're going to win.

Casey: Danny.

Dan: We're gonna' win this year. We are due.

Casey: We're due?

Dan: We're overdue.


Dana: I said 'keep an eye on it.'

Chris: Okay.

Natalie: He's still... excited.

Dana: I see that.

Jeremy: Well, the count stands at one. Two, if you count the adjective.

Dana: If he does that again, just cut him off. I'll tell Dan and Casey.

Dave: Coming back in ten.


Dan and Casey are looking at the television monitor off screen. They notice Kelly is wrapping up her interview with Randolph Coleman, and they listen patiently for her to wrap up and take their cue.

Dan places his fingertips over his ear piece, listening harder to what Dana is telling them. Dan and Casey both nod their heads in agreement.

Dan: Got it. Thanks.

Dan and Casey receive their cue as the red light goes off over Camera 1.

Dan: (on-air) Thank you, Kelly Kirkpatrick, live from the L.A. Coliseum with that interesting interview. (pause) Casey, tell me something here. What is Randolph Coleman majoring in?

Casey: (on-air) Communications.

Dan: (on-air) And from the interview, we all have learned about his limited, yet colorful, vocabulary.

Casey: (on-air) Yes we have, Dan.

Dan: (on-air) He's a senior on scholarship, isn't he?

Casey: (on-air) Fifth-year senior on scholarship the whole time.

Dan: (on-air) And how much is that per year?

Casey: (on-air) About twenty-five, thirty thousand.

Dan: (on-air) So, the university has spent around one-hundred and fifty thousand dollars on Coleman?

Casey: (on-air) At least.

Dan: (on-air) Well, Casey, I know you join me along with all the other proud graduates and students of Southern California in being appalled. Appalled because the fine university has wasted a-hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars on an athlete, who will receive a degree which means absolutely nothing to him because he didn't learn a thing.

Casey: (on-air) We apologize for the comments made by Randolph Coleman.

Dan: (on-air) You are watching Sports Night on CSC, and we will be right back.


Dave: We're out.

Chris: Back in two minutes.

Dana: Thanks, everybody. (into mic) Medals of bravery for that, guys.

Everyone in the control room quietly goes back to work, getting ready for their next segment.


Dan: We're going to beat them this year.

Casey: We're playing against ESPN.

Dan: I'm aware of that.

Casey: We're playing against ESPN Sportscenter.

Dan: I assumed that.

Casey: It's softball.

Dan: Casey.

Casey: Dan.

Dan: We're going to win.

Casey: We are overdue.

Dan: Yes we are.

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