Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

Original Release Date:
November 7, 2000

Written by:
Jim Hamilton

Estimated Runtime:


Note: This story is set up a little differently. Twice during the story, you will be asked to make a decision for a character. You make the decision you like the best, and the story will continue with your selection.


Rebecca is sitting at her desk, while holding a folder with her employer's logo, ABC, on the front. She is on speaker phone and an automated voice says, "You have one new message." Rebecca starts to play the message and we recognize Dan's voice coming through the phone.

"Hey, it's me. I was wondering if you would like to go to dinner tonight? Unless, those slave masters want to keep you late again tonight..."

A gentleman in a suit and tie knocks twice and enters Rebecca's office. Rebecca remains focused on the speaker phone, not even acknowledging the visitor.

"Give me a call and let me know. Love you. Bye"

Rebecca looks up and becomes startled when she notices the man in front of her desk. She quickly reaches across and turns off her speaker phone.

Rebecca: (flustered) Zack, what are you doing in here?

Zack: Well, well, well. If it isn't the loyal boyfriend.

Rebecca: Zack.

Zack: What's his name... Dan... Rosen?

Rebecca: Dan Rydell. It's Dan Rydell.

Zack: I could have sworn it was Rosen.

Rebecca: It's Rydell. What can I do for you?

Zack: It's election day. It's the day when you and me can make a difference in many, many lives- including yours and mine.

Rebecca: Yes, it's election day. What do you want?

Zack: We're still looking for ways to spruce up 'Millionaire.'

Rebecca: Tonight?

Zack: What better night?

Rebecca: I have plans.

Zack: Correction. You had plans. Your plans now involve working late with me tonight.

Rebecca leans back in her chair and sighs an air of frustration.


Isaac and Dana are coming down the hall side-by-side. Isaac looks reserved, while Dana has a skip in her step and can hardly contain herself.

Natalie comes toward them from the opposite direction.

Dana: Up ten percent!

Natalie: Ten percent what? Points?

Dana: Yes, yes, yes! I knew we could do it, Natalie. I knew we could do it! Once we got the budget-

Isaac: Don't get overly excited, Dana.

Dana: But Isaac! Three-tenths of a point is something to celebrate. It is a great accomplishment. Rejoice!

Dana throws her arms up in the air in celebration.

Natalie: Three-tenths since March?

Dana: Three-tenths since the Olympics.

Natalie: Three-tenths since the Olympics?!

Dana: Yes!

Isaac: It's a good start.

Natalie: Dana, do you know what this means?!

Dana: I know exactly what it means!

Natalie: A celebration.

Dana: A celebration!

Natalie and Dana hustle off to share the news.

Isaac: I guess I won't need to send out a memo.


Dan and Casey are seated at their desks, respectively.

Dan: How long has it been bothering you?

Casey: About a week.

Dan: Does Lisa know?

Casey: No.

Dan: Does Dana know?

Casey: No.

Dan: I'm the first person you're telling?

Casey: Yes.

Dan: You need to get it checked out.

Casey: I am.

Dan: No, seriously, you need to get it checked out.

Casey: I have an appointment today.

Dan: Can you make it sooner?

Jeremy raps on the door frame.

Jeremy: Up three-tenths since the Olympics, guys.

Dan: That's good.

Jeremy notices the seriousness on their faces.

Jeremy: It's time to celebrate. Rah, rah, Dan and Casey.

There is a moment of silence.

Jeremy: What's wrong?

Casey gets up from his desk and starts to leave.

Casey: Nothing's wrong. It's great news, Jeremy. Thanks.

Jeremy: You're still limping? Is your leg getting worse?

Dan: No!

Casey: A little.

Jeremy: You need to get it checked out.

Casey: I am.

Casey walks with a slight limp and a grimace, and leaves the room.

Jeremy: What's wrong with Casey?

Dan: It's something he needs to take care of.

Jeremy: Okay.


Dana is standing next to her desk while on the phone.

Dana: (on phone) Eighteen by twenty-four is the biggest you got?

Natalie walks in.

Dana: (on phone) Okay. Make sure you write 'Three-tenths' with an exclamation point.

Natalie: What's up?

Dana: (on phone) Tenths, not tents. T-E-N-T-H-S, tenths. (to Natalie) Hey, Natalie.

Natalie: Chocolate?

Dana: (to Natalie) They have fudge marble. (on phone) When will it be ready?

Natalie: I've ordered the punch.

Dana: (on phone) Great, I'll see you then. (hangs up phone) You've ordered punch?

Natalie: Yeah.

Dana: Punch? Not champagne?

Natalie: Isaac said-

Dana: That old bump in the log-

Isaac knocks on Dana's open door.

Dana: Isaac! Isaac, welcome. Sit, sit with me and Natalie.

Dana and Natalie sit down as Isaac walks in.

Isaac: So, I'm a dog being ordered to sit, huh?

Dana: No!

Isaac: Instead, I'm just an old bump in the log.

Dana blushes.

Dana: No, Isaac. It's time to celebrate.

Natalie: I ordered the punch.

Isaac: Listen. Don't get too comfortable with the numbers. A bad November will put us back where we were.

Dana: What could go wrong?


Casey is using the phone in Isaac's office.

Casey: (on phone) Yeah, it will have to be another time. (listens) I'm sorry, but something came up today. You could take Charlie instead. (listens and winces) Okay, maybe that was a bad idea. I'll try to make it up to you. (listens) Bye. (hangs up phone)

There's a couple of knocks on the door. Casey turns around as the door opens and Jeremy enters.

Jeremy: You're not Isaac.

Casey: I know. I'm Casey.

Jeremy: I know. Where's Isaac?

Casey: Not in here.

Jeremy: I see that.

Casey: Good.

Jeremy: I just got a call from Sally. There might be delays with their flight back from the West Coast.

Casey: When are they flying back?

Jeremy: They're scheduled to leave LAX in an hour.

Casey: And there's already delays?

Jeremy: There have been delays in earlier flights.

Casey: Really?

Jeremy: LAX is having problems today.

Casey: With Sally or with the delays?

Jeremy: Both.


Dan picks up the phone on his desk and dials.

Dan: (on phone) Hey, it's me. Give me a call back when you get a chance. Bye. (hangs up phone)

Dan looks disturbed, then Natalie walks in the office.

Natalie: Punch 'n' cake after the show tonight.

Dan leans back in his chair.

Dan: Huh? A punching cake?

Natalie: Punch and cake.

Dan: That makes more sense.

Natalie: Up three-tenths.

Dan: I heard.

Natalie: Since the Olympics.

Dan: I heard that after the 'three-tenths'.

Natalie: It's time to celebrate.

Dan: Yeah.

Natalie notices Dan is not completely focused on the conversation at-hand.

Natalie: Dump her.

Dan sits up in his chair.

Dan: What?

Natalie: Dump her.

Dan: Hold on.

Natalie: That's what you're doing- holding on. Let go of Rebecca.

Dan: She's been busy.

Natalie: You're no longer a top priority?

Dan: Her job has been her only priority.

Natalie: Dump her.

Dan: It's not that easy.

Natalie: How much have you seen her?

Dan: Two hours in the last three weeks.

Natalie: Have you been over to her place?

Dan: No.

Natalie: Do you have a key to her place?

Dan: No.

Natalie: Dump her.

Dan: You've numerously stated your position very clearly.


Isaac and Dana are seated on opposite sides of her desk.

Isaac: So I told them I would handle it.

Dana: And you're passing it off to me.

Isaac: I'm doing my job.

Dana: I'll take care of it.

Jeremy walks in the office.

Jeremy: Sally called a little while ago.

Dana: So?

Jeremy: The West Coast Update crew is still in L.A.

Isaac: When's their flight scheduled to leave?

Jeremy: In less than an hour.

Isaac: Then they should be in L.A.

Jeremy: Right. But they've been having delays at LAX.

Dana: Delays?

Jeremy: Problematic is the best description.

Isaac: With Sally or with the delays?

Jeremy: Both.

Isaac: We'll take care of it.

Dana: Stand-by?

Isaac: Stand-by.

Dana: Jeremy, let everybody know that we are on stand-by for the West Coast Update.

Jeremy: Will do.

Jeremy leaves the room.

Dana: We'll have cake after the show, then we'll do the run-down for 2 A.M.

Isaac: Sounds like a plan.


Dan is leaving his office and walking through the newsroom. He spots Casey walking into the studio. Dan jogs and catches up to him in the studio.

Dan: Headed to the doctor?

Casey: Yeah.

Dan: You'll be all right?

Casey: I'll be all right.

Dan: Got your umbrella?

Casey: Nah. It's just sprinkling outside.

Dan: Okay.

Casey: Okay.

Dan: I'll walk you down.

Casey: Thanks.

Dan and Casey walk through the studio into the hallway and to the elevator. Dan presses the button to go down. They wait a few seconds for the elevator car to arrive on their floor. The elevator doors open and a couple of people step out into the newsroom, then Dan and Casey step inside. Casey presses the button to go down. The elevator doors close, and the light above the entryway moves across, signaling the elevator is going down.

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