Original Release Date:
November 28, 2000

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"First Name Basis" by Gemini

Estimated Runtime:



You are inside of a busy hot dog shop. As you work your way through a section, all the tables are filled with baskets and trays of food and all the chairs are filled with bodies eating their lunches. You see one empty chair at a table and look up and see Dan wearing his jacket and sitting alone in the other chair. His hand is still bandaged up from his injury, and he sits with a cup of coffee in front of him. You can tell he is not focused on the present, for he is gazing into his past. Dan is thinking of his life- now minus Rebecca. Even though he is in pain right now, their mutual break up is the best for them. He hopes Rebecca is getting the help she needs.

A tray full of food is slid onto the table.

Casey: Kosher dog with the works and a side of fries for you.

Casey takes his jacket off, drapes it over the empty chair and takes the seat.

The tray full of food helps Dan refocus on reality- lunch. He looks over Casey's meal.

Dan: Two chili dogs?

Casey: With a heaping pile of fries. Need any hot sauce?

Dan: No, thanks.

Casey reaches over to the center of the table, grabs a bottle of hot sauce, and starts shaking the bottle and applying it to his fries.

Casey: You never told me how you injured your wrist.

Dan: (chewing and talking) I thought I did.

Casey: Nope. (takes a bite of his sandwich)

Dan: Playing basketball. I told you this.

Casey: I know that. I was curious to know how it came about with you jamming it into the rim.

Dan: We were playing and we had a fast break.

Casey: Okay.

Dan: I had the ball and an open lane.

Casey: And you didn't think about a layup? You thought to dunk it?

Dan: I thought to dunk it with authority.

Casey: Dunk it with authority.

Dan: Right.

Casey: We're you trying out for the Knicks?

Dan: I mistimed my jump.

Casey: You what?

Casey wipes his mouth with his napkin.

Dan: I mistimed my jump.

Casey: How can you screw up a jump?

Dan: I jumped too soon, and I was coming back down when I tried to jam it.

Casey: It wasn't because you couldn't get up that high?

Dan: I can dunk.

Casey: I'd like to see that. Of course, when you are healthy.

Dan: Sure. One-on-one. Play to 21.

Casey: I don't need to play you.

Dan: You need to have the experience of getting dunked on.

Casey stares at Dan for a moment and then takes a sip from his soda.

Casey: So you think you can dunk on me?

Dan: I know I can dunk on you.


Dana is sitting on the corner of her desk and Natalie is sitting in her chair.

Natalie: There's no need to thank me.

Dana: Okay. I won't.

Natalie: Dana.

Dana: What?

Natalie: You need to thank me.

Dana: For what?

Natalie: Kevin Chandler.

Dana: I'm the one dating him, Natalie.

Natalie: I was the one who pointed him out to you.

Dana: I approached him.

Natalie: Only because I told you to do so. (beat) Hey, Jeremy.

Dana turns around to find Jeremy has entered the office.

Dana: What's up, Jeremy?

Jeremy: David Chapman has been suspended from the team.

Dana: That's good.

Jeremy: That's not good.

Natalie: How's that not good?

Jeremy: It's not good for him.

Dana: It's still a newsworthy item.

Jeremy: It seems there are witnesses who are corroborating his story.

Dana: Self-defense.

Jeremy: Exactly.

Natalie: I still don't understand how he can claim self-defense. He didn't get hit, but he says the victim swung and missed.

Dana: The victim might have.

Jeremy: Kim's trying to get a statement from Chapman.

Dana: Great. Keep on it. Good job.


Isaac and J.J. are standing next to the window in Isaac's office and they are looking at the New York skyline.

J.J.: So you see the situation we are in now.

Isaac: Nothing has been proven, J.J.

J.J.: My point exactly. We said to be objective about this, and now it is blowing up in our faces.

Isaac: Your perspective was to paint him as the victim.

J.J.: He says he is, and now there are witnesses backing him up.

Isaac: Then why did the police arrest him?

J.J.: Come on, Isaac. You know the reason why he was arrested. You, of all people, should be able see why he was arrested.

Isaac turns to face J.J. He crosses his arms in front of his chest.

Isaac: No, J.J. I don't see. Explain this to me.

J.J.: It's easy to see the cops are prejudice.

Isaac: And I am supposed to relate to this?

J.J.: Well, you. You're an African-American.

Isaac: I am well aware of my heritage.

J.J.: The cops see an opportunity to arrest someone who is famous. A star athlete in jail gathers better publicity than some drunk redneck who tries to start a fight with him.

Isaac: I have a question.

J.J.: All right.

Isaac: Did you actually think this through before you said this?

J.J.: Excuse me?

Isaac: Comparing the struggle of African-Americans to the arrest of a college basketball player.

J.J.: I-

Isaac: Was he beaten?

J.J. stands in silence.

Isaac: Was he spat upon? Was he threatened? Was he segregated? Were there death threats to his family?

J.J.: Isaac-

Isaac: I'm sorry J.J. I'm sorry you have no clue what you are talking about. Chapman got arrested because he was in a fight. Blacks got arrested because they were black.

J.J.: May I speak now?

Isaac: You've done enough speaking for now. Get out of my office.


Elliott and Kim are talking in the newsroom.

Elliott: That's cool.

Kim: And I got a call from Casey's ex, Lisa.

Elliott: She's knows David Chapman?

Kim: No, the message is for Casey.

Elliott: What does that have to do with Chapman?

Kim: It doesn't. I just have a message for Casey.

Jeremy joins the two.

Kim: Hey, Jeremy. I got a quote from Chapman's roommate.

Jeremy: Does that help the story?

Kim: It's from Terrell Davis.

Jeremy: Terrell Davis?

Kim: The other Terrell Davis.

Jeremy: Oh, the backup point guard.

Kim: Yeah, his roommate. Chapman's left campus.

Jeremy: He quit?!

Elliott: Yeah.

Jeremy: We need confirmation. We need stuff! We need-

Kim: I'm still working on it.

Jeremy: Great. I... I need to tell Dana.

Jeremy takes a step to leave.

Kim: Already did.

Jeremy stops.

Jeremy: Okay, then. What can I do?

Kim: Give Casey a message.

Kim hands a note to Jeremy. Kim and Elliott start to leave.

Jeremy: Great. I can do that. I'll let Casey know that Chapman- (looks at note) Hey! This is about Lisa, not Chapman.


Chris and Dave are laughing over something they have just read.

Chris: Can you believe that?

Will: It's funny. We've got use it for tonight.

Dana approaches the two from behind.

Dana: What do we need to use?

Chris hands Dana a sheet of paper. Dana starts to read the story aloud.

Dana: 'The Hunted 2, Hunters 0' This is supposed to be funny?

Chris and Will stop laughing.

Chris: No, it's not funny. The way they were injured can be considered amusing.

Dana: I'm already not amused.

Will: Well, could you read it?

Dana reads the story.

Dana: (looking at sheet) Ha! (composes herself) Hmmmm. That is oh so not funny.

Chris: You laughed.

Will: You did find it funny.

Dana: And I'm sorry I did laugh.

Dana hands the sheet back to Chris and walks off, leaving Chris and Will behind and looking perplexed.


Jeremy and Natalie are in the editing room.

Jeremy: Everything is happening quickly.

Natalie: It's a friendly gesture. And it's sweet. It shows he is caring and romantic.

Jeremy: When did the flowers come?

Natalie: They came right after you left the office. Dana was caught by surprise. Kevin was still flying back with the team from Arizona.

Jeremy: Good surprise or bad surprise?

Natalie: Definitely good surprise. Kevin seems to be a great guy.

Jeremy turns his head away and thinks for a moment.

Natalie: You never send me flowers, Jeremy.

Jeremy closes his eyes, realizing Natalie has just said what he was thinking.

Jeremy: I can send you flowers.

Natalie: No, you can't.

Jeremy: Yes, I can.

Natalie: They wouldn't be a surprise.

Jeremy: They would be coming when you wouldn't expect them.

Natalie: But I would be expecting them.

Jeremy: How?

Natalie: Because I just reminded you I never get flowers from you, which will cause you to send me flowers. So, I am expecting flowers from you.

Jeremy: What if I don't send you flowers?

Natalie: Then you will get a surprise.

Jeremy: Shall I ask if it would be a good surprise or a bad surprise?

Natalie: It would be a bad surprise.

Natalie smiles at him.

Jeremy: Okay.


Back to Dan and Casey at the hot dog shop.

Dan: Thanks.

Casey: You're welcome.

Dan: Seriously. I really appreciate it.

Casey: What are friends for? It was good to hang out.

Dan: I've got to get to work, and you... you get to do whatever you do on your day off.

Dan and Casey get up and start to leave the restaurant.

Casey: I'm hanging out with Charlie later on today. I'm going to swing by his school, pick him up, and we're gonna' walk home today.

Dan: In this weather?

Casey: Oh, it's not too bad. The temperature is down and that's all. There's no snow, no rain.

Dan: You're right.

Dan pauses for a moment.

Casey: You want to know about Marcus.

Dan: Yes.

Casey: I could tell. Anyway, what do you want to know?

Dan: What's it like working with him?

Casey: Great.

Dan looks at Casey.

Casey: Pretty good. It's good. (pause) Have you even met him?

Dan: I've seen him around, but we haven't been formally introduced.

The two exit the restaurant and start walking down the street.

Casey: So you don't have a first impression of him?

Dan: I have an impression of him.

Casey: He's not-

Dan: He's out to get my job.

Casey: We've been over this.

Dan: And the situation is not improving.

Casey: We've talked about the internet stuff.

Dan: Good looking, computer geek, younger, smaller salary, good looking, intelligent, cocky-

Casey: He's going to be doing the webcasts.

Dan: That's the story, for now.

Casey: What is it with you?

Dan: You know our contracts are up this summer.

Casey: I am well aware of that.

Dan: And I have had no discussions of an extension.

Casey: I've had discussions.

Dan: See?

Casey: They don't want to break us up.

Dan: Yes, they do.

Casey: What do you want me to say?

Dan: We need to negotiate together.

Casey: I'm not so sure-

Dan: Two-for-one. The deal is we broadcast together, or no deal.

Casey: Danny.

Dan: I'm serious.

Casey: They don't have contracts like that.

Dan: They ought to.

Casey: When Kathie Lee left, Regis stayed.

Dan: I'm thinking more along the lines of Madden and Summerall.

Casey: Pat Summerall and John Madden.

Dan: Yeah. When CBS lost football to FOX, they went to FOX together. When David Letterman left NBC for CBS, he took Paul Schaffer with him.

Casey: So you think this is what we should do?

Dan: Precisely.

Casey: Even if it means leaving the network?

Dan thinks about it for a moment.

Dan: Yes.

Casey realizes how serious Dan is over this.

Casey: All right. I'll suggest it.

The two stop walking as the union has been formed.

Dan: Brothers?

Casey: Brothers till the end.

The two give each other a high-five.

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