Original Release Date:
December 5, 2000

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"Never Let Go" by Danielle
"Bringing Up Casey" by Robin

"Place Your Vote!" Result:
Natalie is upset and finds comfort in a stranger.
Does she invite him home, or do they go their separate ways?

Estimated Runtime:



You come down from the cold, wintry sky and you see Jeremy walking down a street during the evening hours. He is bundled up and it is snowing. The shops he walks besides are lit up and filled with customers and holiday cheer. He stops by one store, looks in the window, and smiles- just for a moment. He should be in the holiday spirit now, but he doesn't feel like being "in the spirit."

You find yourself traveling back up into the sky and traveling through the flurries- white and floating aimlessly downward against the dark and still sky. You come back down and go inside of Tony Anthony's. Christmas decorations adorn the place- garland and decorations are draped along the walls, and a Christmas tree can be seen lit up in the corner.

Most of the patrons are partaking hot meals and warm beverages. Even though some are drinking chilled alcohol, it still helps warms the soul. You see a female sitting at the bar alone, and you come from behind to get a better glimpse. You discover the woman is Natalie, and she is spending more time playing with her drink than actually consuming it.

You switch over to the living room of a house. Christmas has been set up in the house- a tree sits next to the chimney, candles are lit in the window, and three stockings are hung along the mantle. You work your way over to a television, which is tuned to CSC. A commercial is airing promoting Sports Night. Casey's voice can be heard talking about "the fallout from the firing of Jim Donnan from the Georgia Bulldogs." A child in pajamas runs by and sits in front of the television. You see the child is Charlie. Lisa walks in from the corner and turns the television off, and you can see Charlie briefly plead with his mother to stay up later. Lisa shakes her head 'no,' and Charlie runs up the stairs- probably going to his room.

You move over to Casey as he sits at his desk. He looks very serious and focused on his work. You can see Dan toss and balled-up piece of paper over his head, missing his intended target. Casey continues to work, either unfazed or never noticing the wayward projectile.

Another piece of trash hits Casey directly in the head. Casey looks up, startled after being hit.

Dan: Hello?

Casey: Why'd you do that?

Dan: It was fun. And you weren't responding to me.

Casey: I didn't hear you.

Dan: Thus, the bankshot off your forehead.

Casey: What is it?

Dan: It's been confirmed.

Casey: What has been?

Dan: You know- the auction.

Casey: You're going through with it?

Dan: Yes.

Casey: You're going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Dan: A date with me is going to be auctioned off to a most worthy bachelorette.

Casey: Or a bachelor.

Dan: Huh?

Dan looks concerned, never realizing the possibility of being bought by a man.

Casey: They're auctioning off male and female celebrities, right?

Dan: Right.

Casey: So, there are going to be men and women in the audience?

Dan: Correct.

Casey: So, what is to keep anyone from bidding on you?

Dan: There has to be rules.

Dan picks up a small booklet and starts flipping through it.

Casey: What if a guy bids on you?

Dan: (looking at the pages) A guy isn't going to bid on me.

Casey: What if a guy bids on you, and he wants to take you home to his wife?

Dan looks up at Casey for a moment, then he continues to scan the book at a faster pace.

Dan: (looking at the pages) There's something in here to protect me from that.

Casey: What about that crazed fan who is saving up all her money to buy a wedding dress for when you two get married? What's to stop her from bidding on you and kidnapping you?

Dan puts down the book and looks up toward Casey.

Dan: There's nothing in here to protect me from that.

Casey: See?

Dan: That's not going to happen.

Casey: It's a big city.

Dan: That's not going to happen.

Casey: (sarcastic) You're right, it's not going to happen.

Casey goes back to work, while Dan sits there and starts to think of the many possibilities.


Jeremy is walking down the street and he stops by a shop and looks in the window. He looks at the gifts being displayed inside. He hears some sobbing off in the distance. He looks over and sees a young woman sitting on a bench crying. Jeremy looks back inside the shop.

Not finding anything particular, Jeremy starts back down the street and walks by the woman on the bench. A few steps past the bench, Jeremy stops turns around and goes back to the woman.

Jeremy: Excuse me, miss. Is everything all right?

Woman: Yes. (sniff) I'll be fine.

Jeremy: Are you sure?

Woman: (sniff) I think so.

Jeremy stands there for a moment.

Jeremy: You know, I'm not a super hero. I don't wear a cape. But if there is something I can do for you, let me know.

Jeremy's comment amuses the woman a little bit, and she smiles as she looks up at him.

Woman: Thank you.

Jeremy: I haven't done anything, but you're welcome.

The woman adjusts her scarf.

Woman: I don't want to burden you with my problems.

Jeremy: It's not a burden. If it was a burden, I would have walked on by.

Woman: You did.

Jeremy: But I came back.

Woman: Yes, you did.

Jeremy puts his hands inside of his coat pockets.

Woman: I just broke up with my boyfriend.

Jeremy: I'm sorry.

Woman: For the second time.

Jeremy sits next to the woman as she begins to get choked up again.

Jeremy: I'm here. Let it out.

Woman: He's has a gambling problem.

Jeremy: I see.

Woman: He says it's not a problem, but I say it is. It's a problem when you have collectors knocking at your door or calling you at all hours of the night.

Jeremy nods his head.

Woman: I still love him.

The woman starts to cry and she puts her head on Jeremy's shoulder.


Natalie sits inside Tony Anthony's, still playing with her drink.

"Funny seeing you here."

Natalie looks up and discovers Marcus is standing next to her.

Natalie: Marcus. Hey. Here, sit down.

Marcus: Don't mind if I do.

Marcus sits in the seat next to Natalie.

Natalie: What did you mean by funny?

Marcus: I really didn't mean 'funny.' I meant a 'coincidence.'

Natalie: But you said 'funny.'

Marcus: Slip of the tongue.

Natalie: You know, we shouldn't be seen here like this.

Marcus: You told me to sit down.

Natalie: I did, but I'm also telling you we shouldn't be seen in here like this.

Marcus: Why?

Natalie: You've heard the rumors.

Marcus: I think they're cute.

Natalie glares at Marcus.

Natalie: What do you mean cute?! This is my reputation you're talking about.

Marcus is taken aback.

Marcus: I... I... I didn't mean it. What? Aren't we talking about Dana and Kevin?

Natalie: What? No! We're talking about you and me! You and me.

Marcus: I'm sorry. Then what are you talking about?

Natalie: The rumors.

Marcus: What rumors?

Natalie: The rumors I'm cheating on Jeremy with you.

Marcus leans back and tries to hide a smile.

Natalie: You do think it's cute!

Natalie smacks Marcus in the arm.

Marcus: No. No. No! I'm just... I'm just flattered.

Natalie: Huh?

Marcus: I'm flattered. Don't get me wrong, it's a bad thing with you're reputation and everything. But I would be flattered if I was in a relationship with you.

Natalie: Damn straight you would be flattered.

Marcus: I'm being serious here.

Natalie: You're still smiling.

Marcus: Okay, I'm still smiling. But I'm being serious.

Natalie takes a sip of her drink.

Natalie: Why would you be flattered?

Marcus: Why would I be flattered?

Natalie: Yes, why would you be flattered?

Marcus thinks about it for a moment.

Marcus: You're amazing.

Natalie: Go on.

Marcus: And beautiful. And smart.

Natalie: Smart and beautiful. Go on.

Marcus: And you smell great.

Natalie: And I smell great.

Marcus: That's why I got you this.

Marcus pulls out a small wrapped gift from his inside coat pocket and places it in front of Natalie.

Natalie: What is it?

Natalie picks it up and starts to open it.

Marcus: It's out of appreciation.

Natalie opens it and discovers it is a bottle of perfume.

Natalie: (looks at the bottle) My favorite.

Marcus: I appreciate everything you have done for me for the last couple of weeks. The training. Showing me the ropes. Showing me and welcoming me to 'Sports Night.'

Natalie: Thanks, Marcus.

Natalie gives Marcus and unexpected hug. Marcus slowly wraps his arms around Natalie and returns her hug.

Natalie: That was so sweet.

Marcus: You're welcome.

Natalie moves up and kisses Marcus on the cheek. Marcus is surprised by the sign of affection.

Natalie: You've just made my day.

Marcus: You're welcome. But your reputation-

Natalie: Forget about what other people think.

Marcus: Don't you have a run down you need to be attending?

Natalie looks down at her watch.

Natalie: Oh my gosh. I've got ten minutes. Marcus, thanks again.

Natalie grabs her bottle of perfume and runs off.

Jack, the bartender, walks over to Marcus. Marcus reaches inside his coat and pulls out his wallet.

Marcus: Don't worry. I've got her drink covered.

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