The Gift, Part II

Original Release Date:
December 26, 2000

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"We Are Family" by Lanie
"Moving On" by Maureen
"Desperate Times Call For Defenestration" by Kasey
"´Tis the Season" by Kasey

"Place Your Vote!" Result:
Right before Christmas, Casey has to choose between spending
time with Charlie or a distraught Dana.

Estimated Runtime:



Jeremy and Dan are inside the edit bay.

Jeremy: So Isaac doesn't believe me.

Dan: It isn't that he doesn't believe you. He just disagrees with you.

Jeremy: How can he disagree with me on my assessment of the situation? I feel that Natalie and I should have been killed or seriously maimed, and Isaac passes it off like we weren't supposed to get hit.

Dan: Maybe you weren't.

Jeremy: You're not helping.

Dan: It isn't a matter of fact, Jeremy. It's a matter of belief. If you believe what you experienced was a miracle, then so be it. It was a miracle. If someone else believes you two were not supposed to get hit, then so be it. They are entitled to their opinion.

Jeremy: But-

Dan: No matter how you feel, Jeremy.

Jeremy thinks about it for a moment.

Jeremy: What do you think, Dan?

Dan: I think it was a miracle.

Jeremy smiles, knowing at least one person shares the same views as himself.

Jeremy: Now, I need to figure out what to get Natalie for Christmas.


Dana is standing in her office and staring wistfully out the window at the slushy streets below. There is a knock on the door as it opens. Casey enters the office and holding his script in his hand.

Casey: Hey, Dana, I need a minute more for Green Bay.

Dana continues to stare out the window.

Dana: (distracted) We can take it out of the NBA preview.

Casey: Okay. (pause) Is everything okay with you, Dana?

Dana: Yeah.

Casey: Everyone still coming in for Christmas?

Dana: Yeah. Richard, Kyle, Brendan and his family should be coming in soon. Mom and Dad are coming in tomorrow.

Casey: Then why do you seem so depressed?

Dana spins around and addresses Casey.

Dana: I'm not. I was just thinking.

Casey: What were you thinking about?

Dana: It's nothing. (turns and faces the window) Stupid, really. I was just noticing how gray and slushy the city is.

Casey: And you've lived here how many winters?

Dana: Very funny. I was thinking about how much I used to love winters back when we lived in the suburbs of Cedar Rapids.

Casey: Did you guys get a lot of snow days or something?

Dana: Sometimes... but we always got at least some snow. And I guess what I was just realizing is... (turns to face Casey) I miss the snow, Casey.

Casey looks at Dana skeptically.

Casey: You miss the snow?

Dana: Yes, I miss the snow. You've always lived in big cities, so you wouldn't know what to do if there was snow on the roads after about 5 A.M. And it was that way for me too, except for about ten years. And, oh, it was so beautiful, Casey... (turns to face the window) each tree branch dusted in white, the glittering silver-white covering the ground... (turns to face Casey) Central Park doesn't even pale in comparison.

Casey: Hmm. (thinks for a moment) So, I can have the time on Green Bay?

Dana: Sure. Tell Dan.

Casey: Okay.

There is a moment of awkward silence, then Casey leaves. Dana turns back toward the window and sighs.


As Casey walks through the newsroom, he notices Natalie talking with Kim and Elliott at Kim's desk. Casey reaches the group as they finish their conversation. Casey gently grabs Natalie's arm.

Natalie: Oh good, Casey. Do you think you could shave fifteen seconds off your Rangers piece?

Casey: Yeah, whatever. Listen, I need to talk to you.

Natalie: Really? Oh, okay.

Casey: Yeah, whatever. Listen, I need to talk to you.

Natalie: Okay. Shoot.

Casey: What's going on with those two?

Natalie: Huh?

Casey: Dana and Kevin.

Natalie: Kevin Chandler?

Casey: Well, what do you know?

Natalie: Why do you care?

Casey: What kind of question is that?

Natalie: Why do you care. Dana's not your girlfriend or your ex-girlfriend for that matter. You're seeing Lisa. Why do you care?

Casey: Because I care. What about Kevin Chandler? Where did she meet him? How long has she known him?

Natalie: She met him down at Anthony's one night. I think it was before a show. Dan was there.

Casey: Where was I?

Natalie: I don't know. But you weren't there. Maybe you were off. Maybe you were busy. I don't know. She's been dating him a few weeks.

Casey: By any chance, did she go out with him last night?

Natalie: Yeah, they had dinner back at Anthony's after the show. Why?

Casey: Nothing. Never mind.

Casey leans over and whispers in Natalie's ear.

Casey: Come with me.

Casey leads Natalie into his office. He closes the door quickly behind him and looks out the window to make sure no one was around to see them together. He gestures Natalie to sit on the couch, while he grabs a swivel chair. Natalie looks extremely curious because of Casey's actions.

Natalie: What's up?

Casey: I- (looks around the office to make sure no one is watching) I bought Dana a Christmas present.

Natalie: Is that all?

Casey: No, not really. I want to know if Dana got me a present. Did she?

Natalie: Not that I know of, no. What did you get her?

Casey: I got her a present because I care about her and because I wanted to.

Natalie: Fine. Then what does it matter if she got you a present?

Casey: It doesn't, I guess. Never mind.

Casey gets up from his chair, but Natalie blocks his path.

Natalie: Casey, you shouldn't be getting Dana a really nice gift if you plan on staying with your ex-wife.

Casey stands in silence. An idea pops into Natalie's head.

Natalie: Unless, you are thinking of leaving your ex-wife for Dana. In which case-

Casey gently pushes her aside.

Casey: I'm not trying to cause trouble, Natalie.

Natalie: Not so fast, Romeo. I know what you are trying to do, and I think it might work.

Casey has a look of being caught red-handed.

Casey: You do?

Natalie: You think that if you get Dana this beautiful present, you think she'll break it off with Kevin and fall into your arms.

Casey's head says 'no,' but his eyes say 'yes.' Natalie prods some more.

Natalie: It might work, Casey. It might work. What did you get her?

Casey, reluctant at first, goes behind his desk, opens a drawer, and pulls out a small shopping bag. He sets it on top of his desk.

Natalie opens the bag and pulls out a silk red and blue scarf. She looks at Casey.

Natalie: Is this it?

Casey: Yes.

A smile appears on his face.

Natalie: Really?

The smile disappears.

Casey: Why?

Natalie examines the scarf in her hands.

Natalie: Nothing.

Casey: What's wrong? I thought that was a good gift.

Natalie: It is a good gift, maybe if she was eighty!

Casey looks crestfallen.

Natalie: I mean, it's not really a romantic gift, don't you think?

Casey: Well, I'm not good at this romantic stuff. I'm still not sure what is going on. So you don't think she will like it?

Natalie looks at the scarf a third time.

Natalie: Well, she might. At least you didn't get it monogrammed.

Something stitched in the corner of the fabric catches Natalie's eye.

Natalie: Oh.

Casey snatches the scarf from Natalie's hands.

Casey: Forget it.

Natalie: Come on, Casey, there's got to be something else you can give her. Something a little more personal.

Casey: I thought that was personal! It has her initials on it and everything!

Natalie: No, I mean personal as in something that you think is sentimental, something she would find sentimental. If you really want to get her, you've got to get to her.

Casey: But how? I told her she was going to get something from me tonight. What am I going to give her?

Natalie places her hand on Casey's shoulder.

Natalie: Something from the heart. The most precious gifts don't always have a price tag, Casey. You of all people should know that.

Casey smiles and places the scarf in the shopping bag.

Casey: Yeah. (looks inside the bag) So, what am I supposed to do with this?

Natalie: Save it till she's eighty.

Casey: Good idea. Now what am I going to give her?

Natalie: You'll think of something.

Natalie smiles at Casey and leaves the room.

Casey stands there for a moment, thinking of what to get Dana.

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