Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Original Release Date:
January 9, 2001

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"Outta The Loop" by Joanna
"Moving On" by Maureen

Estimated Runtime:



Isaac is sitting at his desk, when a couple of knocks are heard on the door. The door swings open and Dana storms in carrying a rolled up magazine.

Isaac: What seems to be the problem, Dana?

Dana stands in front of Isaac's desk, unrolls the magazine, and tosses it in front of Isaac. Dana then crosses her arms in front of her chest.

Dana: Could you please tell me what this is all about?

Isaac looks down at the cover of the magazine, momentarily has an expression of shock, folds his hands on top of his desk, and then looks back up at Dana.

Isaac: You do realize this is not a sports magazine?

Dana: I am well aware of that.

Isaac: I take it you do not want to educate me about the vital statistics of Miss February. Talk to me, Dana.

Dana: Page seventy-eight. Turn to page seventy-eight, Isaac, and tell me what it says.

Isaac pauses for a moment, then peels back the bottom corner of the magazine- making sure not to expose the contents inside. He finds the page Dana is referring to and opens the magazine.

Dana: I didn't give my permission to be in that magazine.

Isaac: Let me read it first.

Isaac puts on his reading glasses.

Dana: I am not posing nude, Isaac. I adamantly refuse.

Isaac: Dana, please sit down, let me evaluate this article, then let's see where we need to go from there.


Natalie is on a set with Dana's brother, Kyle. Kyle looks nervous while Natalie is conducting a pre-interview with him.

Kyle: Who's doing the interview?

Natalie: Casey is the interviewer. Okay, about what you have done this past year?

Kyle: Community service, speaking engagements, working out, and other stuff. Do you think I should be doing this?

Natalie: You'll be great. And have you received any comments from the Broncos?

Kyle: They've been supportive. Do you think the timing of this interview is right?

Natalie: How so?

Kyle: I mean- should I be doing this the day before I go before the executive council of the NFL?

Natalie: This should help you. Not only does it let the NFL know about how you have learned your lesson and become a better man, it also lets everyone out there know about Kyle Whitaker.

Kyle: What if it goes bad? What if something goes wrong? I might not be reinstated. I might be banned. I don't know if I can-

Natalie puts her hand on Kyle's arm.

Natalie: You are going to be great. You've driven down the field 99 yards. You've come this far- it's time to score the touchdown.


Dan is seated at his desk, while Jeremy stands next to him and looks over Dan's shoulder. Both of them are pouring over the pages of a magazine. They stop at one page.

Dan: Fake. Fake. Fake. Fake. Nothing's real on her.

Jeremy points at the page.

Jeremy: Hey! She enjoys playing chess.

Dan glances up at Jeremy.

Dan: You're reading the biography?

Jeremy: Well, you know, there's more to a woman than a beautiful body.

Dan: Yes, the finest plastic surgeons money could buy certainly put her over the top. Anyway, she looks like she is seeking one thing.

Jeremy: What's that?

Dan: A rich man to satisfy all her greeds- oh, I mean needs.

Jeremy: Well, we could always rent a house out on the West Coast, pretend we're millionaire movie producers, and attend gargantuan parties attended by hoards of single women.

Dan: Great idea, Jeremy. Wait, oh wait. There it is.

Dan lightly smacks Jeremy up beside his head. Jeremy stands back and massages his head.

Jeremy: What?

Dan: Reality is smacking you in the face.

Kim walks into the office and places a memo on Dan's desk. She notices the magazine on the desk.

Kim: Checking out the cheerleaders for the XFL, guys?

Jeremy looks panicked, while Dan looks calm.

Jeremy: No! We're doing research. Research.

Dan: Research. We're finding the most beautiful chess players in the world.

Kim: Uh-huh.

Jeremy: Actually, there is a specific reason why we are looking at this.

Kim: You mean besides the ogling over naked women in various poses and reading those believable stories?

Dan raises his hands in surrender.

Dan: You caught me.

Jeremy: Kim, Dan. (grabs the magazine a flips a few pages) There is an article about Dana. Actually, Dana is part of the article.

Kim: What's the difference?

Jeremy places the magazine back on the desk.

Jeremy: Dana's in some sort of contest.

Dan reads aloud and Kim reads over his shoulder.

Dan: Who's the sexiest woman in sports television?

Kim: The readers are being asked to vote for the most powerful and sexiest woman behind the scenes?

Jeremy: The winner is going to be asked to pose nude.

Dan: That's a good head shot of Dana here.

Kim: Yeah, she looks good in that promo shot. But is this what she wants?

Casey walks in carrying a bagel in his mouth and a coffee in hand.

Casey: Whruzz ut, guzz?

Kim: Dana is in this magazine.

Dan holds the magazine up and shows Casey the scantily-clad woman on the cover.

Casey starts to choke on his bagel and he spits it out. He drops his coffee on his desk. He scrambles to clean up the mess.

Casey: What?!

Dan: Dana's in this magazine. She has a pretty good shot in here, too.

Casey leaves the mess behind and rips the magazine from Dan.

Casey: Gimme that. Where?! Where is she?!

Casey starts flipping through the pages.

Jeremy: Page seventy-eight.

Casey flips back to the page, sets it back on Dan's desk, and starts reading.

Elliott enters the room.

Elliott: Hey, did you guys hear about Dana-

Kim holds up her hand and Elliott stops talking.

Casey: This is crazy! Dana's crazy! I'm going to see her!

Casey storms out of the office.

Elliott: Do you think Dana is going to pose nude for that magazine?

Everyone casts a "What? Are you crazy?" glare upon Elliott.

Elliott: What?


Kyle is sitting in a seat, while someone is pinning a microphone to his shirt. The chair opposite of Kyle remains empty.

Kyle: Natalie, where's Dana?

Natalie: Oh, she's probably off prepping for the show. (looks around the set) Has anyone seen Casey? Anybody?

Kyle: I would like her to be here for this.

Natalie: Dana?

Kyle: Yes.

Natalie: As support?

Kyle: Yes.

Natalie: I'll make it happen.

Chris and Will walk up to Natalie.

Chris: Hey, Natalie. We need a few more minutes with the graphics.

Will: There's a greenish-tint with on the Broncos helmet. It's looks like marina blue.

Chris: It looks like turquoise. We're getting a new color pallet uploaded now.

Will: Hopefully, the new pallet will eliminate the marina blue.

Natalie: Do we need the blue?

Chris: I don't think the thousands of Bronco fans would appreciate a turquoise Bronco helmet.

Natalie: Good point and good timing. I have to hunt down Casey and Dana.


Casey is standing in front of Dana's desk while she is slouched on her couch. The door is closed, so others cannot hear the conversation taking place.

Casey: I can't believe you are in that magazine.

Dana: I had no control over it.

Casey: What?

Dana: I was completely powerless, Casey. Isaac didn't know anything about it. Hell, I didn't know anything about it.

Casey looks confused, but sits next to Dana on the couch.

Casey: How did you get in there?

Dana: The executives probably thought it would be a good idea. They probably thought it would generate publicity.

Casey realizes his misunderstanding.

Casey: I'm sorry.

Dana starts to cry, and Casey hands her his handkerchief. She wipes a tear from her cheek.

Dana: Thanks, Casey. I don't understand it. I just don't understand it.

Casey gives Dana a reassuring tap on her leg.

Dana: I've worked so hard for this. A woman has never been executive producer of a major cable sportscast before me. I've fought my way to be near the top of this profession and this... this happens.

Dana stands up and wipes another tear away.

Dana: I've been reduced to a sexy television sports vixen.

Casey gets up and gives Dana a hug.

Casey: You'll overcome this, Dana. Of all the things which have been in your way, you have been able to overcome all of them. Is there something I can do for you?

Dana rests her head on Casey's chest as he wraps his arms around her.

Dana: You already have.

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