Notes From the Past

Original Release Date:
January 23, 2001

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"Music Lessons" by Caroline
"Outta The Loop" by Joanna

"Place Your Vote!" Result:
Which two- between Dana, Jeremy, and Natalie- are nominated?

Estimated Runtime:



Casey is in his apartment bedroom wearing a sweatshirt and blue jeans. He opens some boxes and shifts the contents around. He looks at his wrist watch and shakes his head in disgust.

Casey picks up a box, which is marked "Casey's stuff." He begins to open the box, but there is a noise coming from the other room. Casey closes the box and tosses it down inside his closet.

"The ladies down at the Salvation Army are going to be happy to see you, Casey."

Casey goes into his living room and sees Dan.

Casey: You're late.

Dan: Road conditions were worse than I expected.

Casey: You could have called.

Dan: Hey, I'm doing you a favor here. Do you or do you not- (does a slick move) -want to be cool again?

Casey: Not if you are going to be dancing like that.

Dan: Time's wasting, Casey. Let's get to it. Step one.

Casey: Step one.

Casey picks a box off the floor and sets it on top of a table.

Casey: My music library.

Dan picks the box up and dumps the contents onto the floor. Cassettes and records spill everywhere.

Dan and Casey get down on their hands and knees. Dan starts to sift through the various artists and labels. He spots what he was looking for and picks up two cassettes.

Dan: Here they are.

Dan shows Casey the two cassettes.

Dan: Time/Life's Sounds of the Seventies.

Dan slides a trash can and a concrete block over to Casey. Next, he hands him a hammer. Finally, he sets the cassettes on the concrete block.

Casey: Can I just listen-

Dan: Smash it.

Casey: But-

Dan: You're going to be cool, Casey.

Casey: But-

Dan: Casey.

Casey takes a look at the cassettes sitting on the concrete block. He lets out a sigh and reluctantly swings the hammer down on the tapes. Dan waves goodbye as plastic pieces and unwinding tape flies in the air.

Dan: Now don't you feel better?

Casey: Actually, no. What am I supposed to listen to?

Dan: That's easy, but we first have to find a museum for that antique stereo of yours.

Casey: Not the stereo!


Jeremy is walking to his desk in the newsroom. He takes a seat, turns his monitor on, and notices a gift sitting on the edge of his desk. Jeremy takes the package, carefully examines it, then reads the tag.

Jeremy: To Jeremy, with Love.

Jeremy smiles as he pulls the ribbon off and tears into the gift wrap. He reveals a white box, and then he flips open the top. As he looks inside, he looks puzzled. Jeremy pulls out a key, and ponders it aloud.

Jeremy: A key to what? I already have a key to Natalie's place. What is this? A key to her heart?

"It's to a safe deposit box."

Jeremy spins around to find Elliott standing right behind him.

Jeremy: What?

Elliott: It's a key to a safe deposit box.

Jeremy: What are you doing here so early?

Elliott: I've been working. What's your excuse?

Jeremy: I'm getting a head start on the Antonio Mitchell segment.

Elliott: You know he's not going to talk to you.

Jeremy: His agent said I could do the interview.

Elliott: On their conditions.

Jeremy: No conditions have been set. I'm going in, doing my job, and getting out. We're the media. We've got the story. We need to squash the innuendo and reinforce the facts.

Elliott: His struggles on the court have been some reinforcement.

Jeremy: Actually, his struggles on the court have been attributed to his struggles off the court. Once we give our audience an accurate perspective, they will be more understanding.

Elliott: He's paid 4 million dollars to keep his off-the-court problems off the court.

Jeremy: We'll see when the story comes out.

Elliott shakes his head.

Elliott: We'll see.

Elliott walks away as Jeremy starts to reexamine the key. He places the key in his palm and makes a fist. As he opens his fist, he places the key in his pocket. He looks inside the box and pulls out a note and starts reading it.

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