El Beso del Final

Original Release Date:
February 13, 2001

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"Music Lessons" by Caroline
"The Green Monster" by Danielle
"Casey´s Plan" by Maureen
"A New Plan" by Joanna

"Place Your Vote!" Result:
Who wins the award between Dana and Natalie?

Estimated Runtime:



You are inside Casey's bedroom. There are open boxes and various items strewn about the room. His closet door is wide open and his bed is unmade, with a few boxes on top of it.

Casey enters the room. He walks over to his closet and pulls a hanging garment bag off the rack. He unzips it and reveals a tuxedo. He zips the bag back up and hangs it on the front of the closet door. He walks over to his bed and starts to rummage through a box.

Casey digs deeper inside the box, moving various stationery and small trinkets around. He pulls out a photograph and looks at it. He reaches inside another box and pulls out a picture frame. He opens the frame and puts the picture inside.

Dan enters the room.

Dan: Come on, Case. (points to his watch) We've got plenty to do before the awards show tonight. Let's go.

Casey: Okay.

Casey sets the picture frame on his nightstand and grabs his protected tuxedo. Dan and Casey leave the room.

You look over to the nightstand and notice two pictures frames sitting on it. The first picture shows Casey lifting Charlie up into the air. The second picture, the one Casey just dug out, shows three people laughing and having a good time inside a college dorm room. The three people are Lisa, Casey, and Dana.

As you pull away from the photo, you notice it is now encased inside a photo album. You realize it is a copy of the same photo.

"Those were the days, weren't they, Dana?"

Dana: Yes... yes, they were.

You pull back and see Dana's parents sitting on her couch flipping through the photo album. Dana is sitting on a loveseat across from them.

Mrs. Whitaker: How is Lisa and Casey doing?

Dana: They broke up, mother.

Mrs. Whitaker: That's a real shame. I hoped they would be able to resolve their differences. And they have a child, too.

Dana: Everything's going to be all right. They're still amicable toward each other.

Mr. Whitaker: When do we get to meet Kevin?

Dana: Dad, we probably won't get to see him until the ceremony tonight.

Mr. Whitaker: I'd be real interested in talking with him. Get his thoughts on the Super Bowl. What it was like to play in it.

Dana: Well, I've covered Super Bowls.

Mrs. Whitaker: There's a difference between covering them and actually being on the field and playing in one.

Dana: Okay. All right. Anybody want a drink?

Dana gets up from the loveseat.

Mr. Whitaker: It's all right, pumpkin. I would just like to hear his opinion.

Dana: That's fine. You'll get to meet him tonight.

Dana leaves the room.


Isaac is standing behind his desk and having an argument with J.J., who is standing on the other side.

J.J.: You can't autonomously add someone to our payroll without consulting us first.

Isaac: Did you or did you not ask me to come up with something to improve the ratings of the show?

J.J.: I do recall asking you.

Isaac: Well, this is my suggestion. I want him here.

J.J.: You can't be throwing away money like this. We've been losing money over the past year, and we cannot afford to be bringing in new people.

Isaac: What would you suggest, J.J.?

J.J.: Excuse me?

Isaac: I'm asking you for your opinion. I've asked for suggestions from the entire staff, now I'm asking for a suggestion from you.

J.J.: We need to let people go.

Isaac: This will improve the ratings?

J.J.: It will improve the profitability of the show.

Isaac: So, you're looking at the profit?

J.J.: Yes and no, Isaac. Higher ratings means more exposure, which means we can make more money off commercials-

Isaac: Don't explain this to me like this is my first day here.

J.J.: Isaac, this company is looking to be more efficient. That's why we've gone wireless on our computer systems. We're looking for improvements in the network without having to invest more money in it.

Isaac: So you spent thousands of dollars on computer technology?

J.J.: This hiring doesn't make us more efficient. It creates additional paperwork- and it won't have long-term effects. Remember last time, Isaac? It worked for a little while, but our ratings have gone back down to where they were a year ago.

Isaac: I still stand by my decision.

J.J.: And I'm telling you, I cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may occur because of it.


Dan and Casey are walking through the newsroom. Casey has his garment bag slung over his shoulder as he follows Dan toward their office. Natalie joins them in their walk.

Dan: Whatcha' got, Natalie?

Natalie: What makes you think I have something?

Casey: You have that look which says, 'I have something.'

The three walk into the office. Casey hangs his garment bag and coat on the coat rack.

Natalie: I'm working on a segment on the NASCAR season, and we've got an inside scoop.

Casey: And what scoop do we have?

Dan hangs his coat up.

Natalie: We've been given permission to ride along with Bill Elliott.

Dan: That's impossible.

Natalie: Why is that?

Dan: We all can't fit into his car.

Casey: I call shotgun. (sits on the couch)

Natalie: I'm just saying, CSC has been given permission to mount a camera onto his car for a practice lap and we're going to have one of our reporters drive the car once around the track.

Dan: That's cool. But why Bill Elliott? (sits at his desk)

Casey: He has a new sponsor this year.

Natalie: Right. Also, Dodge is also coming back to NASCAR this year, and Elliott is racing with Dodge.

Casey: Have they chosen the reporter to take the ride?

Natalie: It'll probably be between Kelly, Marcus, and A.J.

Casey: Why not me?

Natalie: Why not you?

Dan: Casey, you don't even own a car!

Casey: I have a driver's license.

Dan: And we have a right to bear arms, but you don't see me running out to buy a gun and shoot up the place.

Natalie takes a closer look at Dan's attire.

Natalie: Are you wearing that again?

Dan: Yes, I am wearing my lucky Ravens jersey, once again.

Casey: You couldn't take it off because it is probably fused to your body by now.

Dan: Today is the last day I'm wearing it- after the awards ceremony, it's coming off.

Natalie: You're not planning to wear that on the stage?

Dan: (mockingly) No, I'm not planning to wear that on the stage.

Casey: It's a Matt Stover jersey.

Dan: He was kind enough to sign it.

Natalie: He's the kicker!

Casey: Not to mention a soccer-style kicker.

Dan: Make fun of me if you will- but keep in mind, since I started wearing this jersey, good things have been happening to me.

Casey: Name one.

Dan: The Ravens won the Super Bowl.

Natalie: That doesn't affect you.

Dan: I took the Ravens and the points.

Natalie: Well, la-dee-da, Dan.

Dan points at Casey and Natalie.

Dan: You'll see tonight. We'll all see tonight.

Natalie focuses her attention on Casey.

Natalie: Casey, have you seen what Dana is wearing tonight?

Casey: No, I haven't.

Natalie: Well, let me tell you, you will be impressed.

Casey: I have a date tonight.

Natalie: Are you wearing blinders with your tux?

Casey: No.

Natalie: Then you'll notice Dana, date or no date.

Natalie smiles at Casey and leaves the office.

Casey shakes his head for a moment.

Casey: You got me into this date-thing for the awards. I thought we were going without dates this year?

Dan: I figured it would be unfair for the rest of us since Natalie and Jeremy are engaged. Anyway, Danielle is a nice woman. You'll like her.

Casey: And then you. Look at you! You're not even taking Jo! You're taking this other woman, Jaime!

Dan shrugs his shoulders.

Dan: Jo said she didn't want to go.

Casey: I don't buy that. You've seen her every day for the past month. She's like your girlfriend.

Dan: I have not seen her every day.

Casey: Danny, that's not an arguable point, it's a fact. You have spent some amount of time with JoAnne every day for a month.

Dan: Well, I didn't even see her yesterday.

Casey: What? Didn't we have a conversation in your car about your date last night?

Dan: It wasn't a date. We were just hanging out. Anyway, that was today.

Casey: Huh?

Dan: It was after midnight, so it was today.

Casey: It was at the end of your work day; the end of your waking period for that 24 hours. It was before you slept. Yesterday, Dan!

Dan: The day begins at 12 A.M., just like the week begins on a Monday.

Casey: Oh no- we're not getting into that again.

Dan: I'm just sayin' they use the term 'weekend' because it is the end of a week-

Casey: Danny.

Dan: I'm right, you know it.

Casey: Okay, fine.

Dan: So, anyway, you can't really call her my girlfriend.

Casey: I still can't see why not.

Dan: Because she's still flirting with me.

Casey: Isn't that what you want?

Dan: Flirting?

Casey: Flirting.

Dan: It'll have to do. Anyway, enough with the 'flirting' Casey. We have had some fun times and nothing serious. Casual dates, if you want to call it that.

Casey: So let me get this straight, you like Jo, you've seen her every day for the past month- except for yesterday. Neither of you are seeing anyone else- but she's not your girlfriend because she flirts with you?

Dan: Yes.

Casey: You're a strange man, Dan Rydell.

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