Let the Madness Begin

Original Release Date:
February 27, 2001

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"A New Plan" by Joanna

Estimated Runtime:



Kim, Isaac, and Jeremy are gathered together inside the newsroom.

Kim: I hate to interrupt, but Isaac I need you for a second.

Isaac: I'll be with you right after I wrap up with Jeremy.

Kim: Okay, but I'm letting you know that it is urgent.

Isaac: All right, Kim. I'll be finished with Jeremy in another minute.

Kim: Thanks.

Kim walks off and grabs Dave.

Kim: Dave. You will not believe...

Jeremy: Anyway, Isaac. I'm really concerned about it. I know I haven't been able to do anything about it, so I'm hoping you can handle the situation.

Isaac: I'm glad you came to me, Jeremy.

Jeremy: I'm not saying she can't do her job-

Isaac: I understand the message. There are times when all of us have some difficulties. You cannot work in this business and not be affected by it.

Jeremy: Thanks, Isaac.

Isaac: I'll have a word with her this afternoon. We'll see how it goes from there.

Dana passes by the two.

Dana: Good morning, gentlemen.

Isaac: Good morning, Dana.

Jeremy: Morning, Dana.

Dana continues to walk by and she has a definite flowing rhythm in her step. Natalie races up to her from behind.

Natalie: So?

Dana: So... what?

Natalie: How did it go?

Dana: What have you got for me so far?

Natalie quickly glances down at her clipboard.

Natalie: Uh, we've got the Patriots, Redskins, and Bills releasing players because of the salary cap. And... (flips a page) ...we have a little stuff from the Grapefruit League.

Dana: Good.

As they head toward Dana's office, Dana takes a passing glance inside Dan and Casey's office. Dana grins from ear to ear, but she tries unsuccessfully hiding it from Natalie.

The two start walking down the hallway.

Natalie: What's in the bag?

Natalie tries to look inside the paper tote Dana is carrying.

Dana: You'll see.

Natalie: You two had a great time yesterday. I know it.

Dana: Natalie-

Natalie: You can't stop smiling. You and Casey had a great time. What did you do? How was he? Where did you go?

The two walk into Dana's office.

Natalie: Casey was a perfect gentleman, wasn't he? You've got to tell me.

Dana sets the bag on her desk.

Dana: Natalie, we had a great time last night.

Natalie: I knew it!

Dana reaches inside the bag.

Dana: I don't want to put too much into last night.

Natalie: You've been going out for years.

Dana: This was our first date.

Natalie: Did he kiss you?

Dana pulls out a piece of pottery- a vase.

Dana: This is what we did yesterday.

Dana sets the vase on her desk.

Natalie: You went shopping for a vase?

Dana: We went to a pottery class, and we got to make our own pieces.

Natalie: Awesome. You made this yourself?

Dana: Yes.

Natalie admires Dana hand-crafted piece.

Natalie: It's beautiful... What did Casey make?


Elliott: I'd say it's an ash tray.

Chris: You can use it to hold paper clips.

Will: Or even rubber bands.

Elliott, Chris, Will, and Dan are gathered around Casey inside his office.

Casey: Guys, it's a drink coaster.

Dan: I don't think it could hold a drink.

Casey: It's perfectly fine.

Casey sets it on his desk.

Casey: I'll demonstrate.

Dan hands Casey his bottled water.

Casey: Watch.

Casey sets the bottled water inside his coaster. The second he releases it, the bottle tips over and spills onto the floor.

Elliott: Yup, ash tray.

Chris: Yes.

Will: Yeah.

Casey reaches down and grabs the bottle.

Casey: It fell because the floor's not level.

Dan gives Casey a pat on the back.

Dan: Yeah.

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