Original Release Date:
March 27, 2001

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"Standing Here" by Sary
"What We Always Want" by Robin

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Should Jeremy and Natalie get married?

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Looking out the windows of the newsroom, the warm sun shines down from the clear sky. Natalie is standing in front of the window with her arms folded across her chest.

Dana approaches Natalie from behind, but Natalie continues to stare out the window.

Natalie: I could stand here all day.

Dana: Natalie?

Natalie: I could stand here all day and stare out this window at the city.

Dana: Why?

Natalie: Because I could.

Dana: Natalie-

Natalie: What?

Dana moves closer to Natalie.

Dana: What's up? You've been different since you got back from Ohio.

Natalie: Well, I'm no longer engaged and my mother is now a widow.

Dana: Natalie.

Natalie: Nothing's up.

Dana: Nothing's up?

Natalie: I could stand here all day.

Dana takes a step back.

Dana: I hear ya'. (pause) I'm going to go talk to Isaac.

Dana starts walking through the newsroom. Dan intercepts her.

Dan: Dana?

Dana: What?

Dan: I have a date tomorrow night.

Dana: Good.

Dan: So if you need me for anything tomorrow night, I will not be available.

Dana: Dan, we have a hockey double-header tomorrow night. We're all scheduled to be off because there is no show.

Dan: Well, just in case.

Dana: Just in case, what?

Dan: Just in case, like the lights go out or the ice melts. I'm just saying I have plans tomorrow night, in case there is an emergency.

Dana: And I am completely fine with that. Go out and do whatever you want to do to your heart's content.

Dan: Great.

The two walk down the corridor toward Isaac's office.

Dana: Anything else?

Dan: Yes.

Dana: What?

Dan: What's the difference between a mile-and-a-quarter race and a mile-and-a-half race?

Dana: What sport are we talking about?

Dan: Thoroughbred racing.

Dana: What's the difference between a mile-and-a-quarter race and a mile-and-a-half race?

Dan: Yeah.

Dana: Aside from one being a race that lasts a mile-and-a-quarter and the other being a race that lasts a mile-and-a-half?

Dan: Yes.

Dana: Is there a point to this conversation?

Dan: Once I get an answer, then this conversation will be completed.

Dana: I don't know. Don't you have a library of sports information?

Dan: We don't have a book on thoroughbred racing.

Dana: Why not?

Dan: I don't care about thoroughbred racing.

Dana: I'm sure the fans of thoroughbred racing appreciate that fact.

Dan: If they're real fans, they ought to know this stuff.

Dana: We're sports professionals and we don't know this stuff.

Dan: We're not fans of thoroughbred racing.

Dana shakes her head and knocks on Isaac's door. Dan heads back down the corridor.


Sam is seated behind his desk when Casey walks in.

Casey: Hey, Sam. How is it going?

Sam: Everything is well, Casey.

Casey: How's the girlfriend-thing going?

Sam: The relationship is progressing. Thanks for asking. How about you and Dana?

Casey: Well, recently there's been a little bit of a falling out.

Sam: Sleep with her, yet?

Casey: Uh... no, Sam.

Sam: Hmm. I thought you two would have done that by now, but you said there has been... a little bit of a falling out.

Casey: Yeah, we've been friends for so long-

Sam: You two went to college together, right?

Casey: Yes.

Sam: It's a shame things are not going as well as you hoped.

Casey: Yes, it is.

Sam: I'm sorry I brought up a bad subject. Have a seat, Casey.

Casey sits in a chair in front of Sam's desk.

Casey: Thanks. What did you want to talk to me about?

Sam: How do you feel about golf?

Casey: The smell of the green grass, the air crisp but not chilly, and a walk while cascading-

Sam: Okay, you like golf.

Casey: Yeah.

Sam: How would you like to work our coverage for the upcoming Masters?

Casey: That would be great.

Sam: I was hoping you would agree to do it. I'll make sure you get your tickets-

Casey: Whoa, whoa, whoa there. I thought I was going to cover it from New York.

Sam: No, we were going to fly you down to Augusta.

Casey: What about Jim Sullivan?

Sam: What about him?

Casey: He covers the PGA circuit.

Sam: We thought you would be an excellent choice to work with him during the Masters.

Casey: But in the past, Jim did a great job of heading it by himself.

Sam: We're putting more emphasis on the Masters this year. We're going to have greater coverage, and I'm sure Jim Sullivan appreciates the support.

Casey: What about the show?

Sam: Oh, we'll get somebody to sit with Dan.

Casey: Who do you have in mind?

Sam: I don't know. I haven't given it much thought. Anyway, you'll go down on Monday, cover it Tuesday through Sunday, and come back the following Monday.

Casey: What about the Final Four?

Sam: It will be over by the time the Masters rolls around.

Casey: No, I can't cover the national championship game if I'm going to be in an airplane flying to another event.

Sam: Ooops. Do I feel foolish.

Casey: Well, yes you should. I could fly down early on Tuesday.

Sam: No, I mean we gave the Final Four to Bobbi Bernstein. She's going to cover both the men's and women's championships. I'm sorry we neglected to inform you.

Casey: So in four days, she's going to fly to St. Louis, then to Minneapolis, then back to St. Louis, and finally back to Minneapolis?

Sam: You understand the plan. Good.

Casey: This is ridiculous.

Sam: Imagine how I feel. We had made the plans before the regional finals took place. I'm sorry I forgot to inform you.

Casey: It's all right. It's just all right.

Casey gets up and leaves.


Dana and Isaac are having a closed-door meeting in his office.

Isaac: So you are thinking of leaving the network?

Dana: Yes, I am thinking about it. I hate to tell you that Isaac.

Isaac drops his head.

Isaac: I am truly sorry you feel that way.

Dana: If you were in my position, you would feel similarly.

Isaac: You are right.

Dana: Isaac, someone with my abilities should not have to put up with what is happening here.

Isaac: When do you think you will leave?

Dana: I'm not giving you a notice, Isaac. I haven't even looked elsewhere.

Isaac gets up and walks over to his bar.

Isaac: Would you like a drink?

Dana: No, thank you.

Isaac pulls out a clean glass. He then picks up a bottle and removes the top. He pours a drink, filling about one-quarter of the glass. He puts the top back on the bottle and sets it back on top of the bar. Isaac takes a sip of his drink and takes a deep breath. He brings it over to his desk and seats himself.

Isaac: Dana, there are things of which you are not aware.

Dana: Which is why I am considering leaving.

Isaac: There are things which nobody knows- not Casey, not Dan, not you, not even Sam.

Dana looks surprised.

Isaac: I've kept things status quo because of what I know.

Dana: Why is that? What is going on, Isaac?

Isaac: Is it all right if I am blunt with you?

Dana: Sure.

Isaac: Dana, you don't know how to keep secrets.

Dana: Isaac.

Isaac: Dana, I want to trust you with this information- to give you a better understanding of the situation. If this information were to leak out to anyone-

Dana: Isaac. (pause) You can trust me. You have my word.

Isaac: If this information were to be ascertained by anyone outside of this room, our careers would be at stake.

Dana: Isaac, you can trust me.

Isaac: I'm being serious, Dana. You don't mess with this- not the knowledge I possess.

Dana thinks about it for a second.

Dana: You can trust me.

Isaac smiles.

Isaac: Good. Thank you.

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