Little League

Original Release Date:
April 24, 2001

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"Testify to Love" by Danielle

Estimated Runtime:

Just a note to all readers:

David Graf, an actor most likely best known for playing Officer Tackleberry in the "Police Academy" movie series, died on April 7, 2001 of an apparent heart attack.

He had film roles and guest television spots over the last two decades. His movie appearances also included: "Guarding Tess," "The Brady Bunch Movie," "Citizen Ruth," "Rules of Engagement," and "Irreconcilable Differences." His television movie credits include: "Roseanne: An Unauthorized Biography," "Highjacked: Flight 285," "Father and Scout," and "For Their Own Good." He also had television guest appearances on "Touched by an Angel," "Becker," and "Caroline in the City."

David most recently had a reoccurring role on "The West Wing" as Colonel Mark Chase, but he also appeared on "Sports Night" playing a lawyer, ironically named Chase, in "The Apology."

Also, he was a member of the Screen Actors Guild's national board as a Hollywood representative, the TV-theatrical steering committee, the new technologies caucus and the national disciplinary review committee. He also served as an alternate on the expanded national executive committee.

David is survived by his wife, Kathy, and two children. He was 50 years old.




It is evening, and Dan is walking alongside a woman as they go down the street.

Dan: He's there at the plate, then (does a baseball swing) whack! The ball comes screaming toward us and I reach up and I snag it (shows off his right hand) with this hand. Charlotte, the whole thing was just... just...

Charlotte: That must have been exciting.

Dan: Definitely.

Charlotte: What happened next?

Dan: He struck out.

Charlotte: Huh?

Dan: He swung and missed at the next pitch. He struck out.

Charlotte: They didn't get any points for that ball you caught?

Dan: No, it was a foul ball.

Charlotte: I don't understand baseball.

Dan: Oh, I'll teach you.

Charlotte: I don't care to understand baseball.

Dan: You don't like baseball?

Charlotte: Watching grown men stand around on a field and make millions upon millions of dollars while a family spends a weekly paycheck to attend a game isn't my form of entertainment.

Dan: The game. You don't like the game of baseball? Minor leaguers, college baseball, even high school baseball?

Charlotte: No.

Dan: It's America's pastime

Charlotte: It still doesn't mean I should like it.

Dan: But I do a show which highlights baseball.

Charlotte: I know.

Dan: And you've never watched my show.

Charlotte: Yeah, and you've never watched one of my performances.

Dan: It's a good show.

Charlotte: I've won awards.

Dan: So have I. Actually, an award, but it was an important award.

Charlotte: Well, I don't care about sports in general, and you are not going to convert me in one evening.

Dan: Okay.

Charlotte: What happened afterward?

Dan: After what?

Charlotte: After you caught the ball, and the game was over.

Dan: I went back and did my show.

Charlotte: And they never found out?

Dan: They've been none the wiser, except for Casey, who covered for me.

Charlotte: And you're excited over all of this?

Dan: I caught a ball- an actual, official, major-league baseball.

Charlotte: I think I've got this straight. You skipped out on work, had your friend cover for you, watched a baseball game with a girl who isn't your girlfriend, caught a ball hit by somebody but which counted for nothing, and are excited because not only did you catch the ball, but you haven't been caught in your lies?

Dan: Well, when you say it like that...

Charlotte: You're like a big, grown-up kid.

Dan: It doesn't hurt to have some excitement. I'm sure there have been times when you've broken some rules, gone out, and had some fun.

Charlotte: Once after a performance, we did go out in costume and play our parts while ordering at McDonald's.

Dan: You see? It's good to liven things up. Go out, do something different, and have a good time.

Charlotte: I was fifteen.

Dan stops walking.

Dan: Oh.


Casey opens the door to a restaurant, and Dana walks in.

As the two walk in, Dana looks around the formal restaurant. Casey takes Dana's coat and hands it to a gentleman. The gentleman hands Casey a ticket before he takes the coat back to the coat room.

Casey and Dana walk further inside the restaurant.

Casey: I know how much you love it here and I haven't been here in ages, so I figured why not?

Dana: Natalie talked to you, didn't she?

Casey: What makes you say that?

Dana: Natalie was reminding me I had not been here in quite a while.

Casey: I overheard a conversation you two had a week ago.

Dana: Casey... please don't mess this up.

Head Waiter: Good evening sir and madam. What name is your reservation under?

Casey: McCall. Casey McCall.

The head waiter checks his reservation list.

Head Waiter: Reservation for two. Mr. and Mrs. McCall, please follow me.

Dana and Casey follow the head waiter.

Dana: (whispering) Mr. and Mrs. McCall?

Casey grins from ear to ear.

Casey: Sounds good to me.

Casey puts his arm around Dana's shoulder.

Casey: You look wonderful tonight.

Dana blushes as they reach their table. The head waiter pulls out a chair for Dana. Dana and Casey take their seats at the table. The head waiter hands them their menus.

Head Waiter: Leo shall be your server this evening. Let me tell you of our chef's specials this evening.


Isaac is walking through the newsroom. He walks by Jeremy's desk. He suddenly stops and turns around. He notices Jeremy typing away at his computer.

Isaac: Jeremy? What are you doing here?

Jeremy: I'm working, Isaac.

Isaac: I see that. You do realize that we do not have a show tonight?

Jeremy: I'm getting a head start for tomorrow and doing some groundwork for our future feature stories.

Isaac: All right. Just don't burn yourself out.

Jeremy stops typing.

Jeremy: Isaac?

Isaac: Yes, Jeremy.

Jeremy: I'm sure you have heard the rumors.

Isaac: Yes, I have- and I would not worry about them, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Are they going to affect us?

Isaac: The layoffs?

Jeremy: Yes.

Isaac: They will affect the whole network. They will affect Sports Night directly and/or indirectly.

Jeremy takes a breath as he hears the answer he doesn't want to hear.

Jeremy: Are there going to be layoffs here at Sports Night?

Isaac: I don't know. Once they appoint people to our programming department, we will have a better understanding of our situation. For right now, I would not concern yourself about rumors or innuendoes.

Jeremy: All right.

Jeremy resumes typing and Isaac heads toward his office.


Casey and Dana are eating their dinners.

Dana: How's your steak?

Casey: Great. I feel like a pig next to your salad and shrimp cocktail.

Dana: Oh, you deserve to eat Casey.

Dana looks around the restaurant.

Dana: What's that song that's playing in the background?

Casey listens to the classical music for a second.

Casey: I don't know.

Dana: Oh, Casey you should know.

Casey: No, I think I should not.

Dana: Casey guess.

Casey: Dana?

Dana: What?

Casey: How many martinis have you had?

Dana: Just the one, babe.

Casey takes another bite of his steak.

Dana: Casey?

Casey: What?

Dana: Isn't this song perfect?

Casey: Yes it is, Dana.

Dana: I know it is.

Casey: Dana?

Dana: What?

Casey: No more martinis.

Dana: Okay.


Isaac is doing paperwork at his desk.

Isaac's phone rings and he gives the phone a menacing look.

The phone rings again; Isaac answers the phone.

Isaac: Isaac Jaffe. (listens) Yes. (listens) What? (removes his glasses) Are you sure? (listens) All right. I'll be there.


Natalie is walking through the newsroom and carrying several tapes. She stops at Jeremy's desk.

Natalie: You've heard the rumors.

Jeremy: I have.

Natalie: Who do you think it's going to be?

Jeremy: I don't know.

Natalie: Working on the features?

Jeremy: Yeah. You have the tapes cut?

Natalie: Yeah.

Jeremy turns his monitor off.

Jeremy: It's going to be me.

Natalie: What do you mean, Jeremy?

Jeremy: If they are going to layoff anybody, it's going to be me.

Natalie: Why?

Jeremy: Well, if you look at the producers, you and Dana have received recognition- so they will keep you two. I would be let go because I have the smallest tenure.

Natalie: Jeremy, no other network has a senior associate producer for their sports highlights show.

Jeremy: You actually think you would be let go?

Natalie: I wouldn't put it by them.

Jeremy: No, they wouldn't let you go.

Natalie: I make more money than you.

Jeremy: You're a better producer.

Natalie: I'm just saying, they would cut a higher salary and eliminate a position which isn't necessarily needed.

Jeremy: Natalie, you're needed here.

Natalie: And so are you.

Jeremy: I'm trying to spread myself around, just to show my flexibility and range of talents.

Isaac, with his coat in hand, hurriedly walks by the two.

Natalie: Hey, Isaac.

Isaac: Good evening Natalie and Jeremy.

Jeremy: You look troubled.

Isaac: I've had something unexpected come up. I need to be going.

Natalie: You're all right, aren't you?

Jeremy: Yeah, is everything okay?

Isaac: Why is it that every time something comes up and I am involved, people naturally assume it has something to do with my health and well-being?

Natalie: So you're all right?

Isaac: Yes.

Jeremy: Your vital signs are strong and life is just... just.

Isaac: Peachy. Everything is just peachy. Now, I must be going.

Jeremy: Have a good evening.

Natalie: Good luck, Isaac.

Isaac: Thank you and good night.

Isaac leaves the office.

Natalie: What do you think it is?

Jeremy: I don't know. The last time I saw a worried look like that is when I saw Dana out with Casey a few weeks ago.

Natalie: Dana was out with Casey?

Jeremy: Yeah. They were at Anthony's eating dinner.

Natalie slaps Jeremy's arm.

Natalie: How come you didn't tell me?

Jeremy: As I recall, you had just broken up with me. You may have to excuse me if I didn't feel like reporting my findings to you the next morning.

Natalie: Oh. Sorry.

Jeremy: It's okay.

Natalie: Wait a second. You saw them when we had just broken up?

Jeremy: I do recall saying that in our conversation.

Natalie: This was after Dana and Casey had broken up.

Jeremy: I guess.

Natalie: And you said Dana looked worried.

Jeremy: Yes.

Natalie: You know what?

Jeremy: I have no idea what wheels are spinning in your mind Natalie.

Natalie picks up Jeremy's phone and starts dialing.

Natalie: It's ringing.

Jeremy: Natalie, what are you doing?

Natalie: Ha! It's Dana's answering machine.

Natalie hangs up the phone, picks it back up, and starts dialing again.

Jeremy: Natalie, usually you hang up on your ex-boyfriends. You don't hang up on your best friend.

Natalie: Hush, Jeremy. Wait! I've got another answering machine! It's Casey's answering machine!

Natalie hangs up the phone.

Natalie: Dana and Casey are seeing each other!

Jeremy: Brilliant deduction, Sherlock.

Natalie: This is great! I'm excited. Aren't you excited, Jeremy?

Jeremy: Why?

Natalie slaps Jeremy's arm again.

Natalie: For Dana and Casey! Aren't you excited for them, silly?!

Jeremy spins his chair around.

Jeremy: (sarcastic) Yeah. Rah. Rah. Yipee.

Natalie slaps Jeremy's arm again.

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