Have You Ever Danced in the Rain?

Original Release Date:
May 8, 2001

Written by:
Jim Hamilton

Estimated Runtime:



Dan is at a club and sitting at a table in the company of a date, Leslie. Each of them have drinks, and they are surrounded by people. The other people are dancing, eating, talking, and having a good time while music plays in the background.

Leslie: I never thought I would be out on a date with Dan Rydell! You- Dan Rydell.

Dan: That's me. Some people call me Dan, some call me Danny, some call me Daniel-

Leslie: Dan Rydell!

Dan: -and some call me Dan Rydell.

Leslie: This is like so cool. I can't wait to tell all of my friends.

Dan: Yeah.

Leslie: What do you do outside of... you know... sports?

Dan: I go out-

Leslie: And do what?

Dan: Do what we are doing right now.

Leslie: Whoa. You mingle with people?

Dan: Yeah, I guess you can call it mingling. I also go out with people- and do like... stuff.

Leslie: Man! There's this whole other side to you. This side that's like... not sports. This is so cool!

Dan: My life just isn't sports.

Leslie: I know! That is just... so cool. I see you with your suit and tie when I watch you and Casey every night. You do your stories and your scores and you are just so cute. You two are just the greatest anchors ever.

Dan: Thank you. What about-

Leslie: I'm sorry I keep saying this, but I've got to say this. This is so cool.

Dan: Thanks for reminding me.

Leslie: Isn't this cool for you?

Dan: Being here?

Leslie: Being Dan Rydell.

Dan: It's better than being some other people.

Leslie: Like who?

Dan: Like... being a dead person, for instance.

Leslie: Oh, that would suck.

Dan: Yes, it would.

Leslie: I mean it would really suck if you were dead. Who would I watch talk about sports every night?

Dan: Oh, I'm sure the show would go on without me.

Leslie: It wouldn't be the same without you.

Dan: Well, they could always clone me.

Leslie: Clone you? Oh man! That would be awesome!

Dan: I need to introduce you to Casey sometime.

Leslie: Casey? Casey McCall? That would be-

Dan: So cool.

Leslie: Yeah! So really cool.

Dan: I figured as much.


Dan is walking down the street with a brunette, who is another date. The woman is laughing and carrying on, but Dan tries to show he is interested. The woman lets out a huge laugh and punches Dan in the arm. As the woman continues to laugh, Dan winces and rubs his bruised arm. When the woman turns back toward Dan, he quickly drops his arms and puts a smile back on his face.

Dan is sitting with another date, this time a redhead, at a table in a restaurant. Dan is talking and trying to have a conversation with the woman, but she keeps placing her hand next to her ear and can been seen saying "What?" Dan leans forward and strains to speak louder, but the woman shakes her head and can be seen saying, "I still can't hear you." Dan raises his arm to catch the waiter's attention. The waiter comes over and Dan asks for the check. The waiter gives Dan the dinner check, and the couple can be seen placing their napkins on the table, next to the plates with are still three-quarters full.


Jeremy and Dan are sitting at a bar and they are drinking and trying to have a good time.

Dan: Are you having fun tonight, Jeremy?

Jeremy: Yeah, going out in public to drink is much better than imbibing alone at home.

Dan: Come on. Look around you. There has to be four women to every man in here.

Jeremy: It's ladies' night.

Dan: That's besides the point.

Jeremy: It's logical reasoning.

Dan: There are women from wall-to-wall in this place. You see the group of women at the table on the other side?

Jeremy turns around to look.

Jeremy: Which group?

Dan: Don't gawk at them.

Jeremy turns back around.

Jeremy: Okay, Mr. Color Commentator. Please tell me what is going on.

Dan: There are four women- a blonde, a brunette, a brunette-

Jeremy: Two brunettes.

Dan: -and another brunette-

Jeremy: Three brunettes.

Dan: And they keep looking over in our direction. You know what they are thinking?

Jeremy: That we're pathetic losers getting drunk at a bar on ladies' night?

Dan: No. I bet they are whispering to each other about us. I bet they are having a little tiff over which two are going to get us.

Jeremy: As long as the tiff doesn't turn to violence.

Dan: They probably look at me and say that I'm a handsome yet sophisticated man, while they look at you and say you are sexy in a nerdish sort of way.

Jeremy: Sexy in a nerdish way?

Dan: I'm just saying.

Jeremy: Remind me not to let you write my biography.

Dan: But there are four women; and they are checking us out.

Jeremy: Picking and choosing.

Dan: Yes. Picking and choosing between you and me. Picking and choosing amongst themselves. The lucky two who will end up with us.

Jeremy: Heck, why limit us to one each?

Dan: I like your thinking, Jeremy. Why should we only have one each? We could split the group and each have two.

Jeremy: And if we had convinced Casey to bring Charlie along, each of us could have had one date tonight.

Dan: Jeremy, you were doing so well there.

Jeremy: I was?

Dan: Then you had to ruin the moment.

Jeremy: You mean ruin your fantasy.

Dan: Exactly. It's been how long for you?

Jeremy: I don't know. I haven't been counting.

Dan: Anyway, it's been a while since you've gone out, had some fun, and hooked up with a woman.

Jeremy: Ah, yes. Nothing like a good ol' meat market to make one's life feel complete.

Dan: I understand you may not be having the best time, right now. But you needed to go out and have some fun.

Jeremy: Who said I haven't been having fun?

Dan straightens up.

Dan: Don't look now, but that blonde is headed this way.

Jeremy: Probably to invite us over.

Dan: Of course.

The blonde stands behind Jeremy and Dan.

Blonde: Excuse me.

Jeremy and Dan turn around and face the woman.

Dan: Hi.

Blonde: Yeah, hi. Excuse me, but we noticed you across the room.

Dan: Well, I'm flattered-

Blonde: Not you. Him.

Jeremy: Me?

Blonde: Yes.

Jeremy: Well... I... uh...

Blonde: Would you care to dance?

Jeremy: You know... I can't dance very well-

Blonde: That's all right.

Jeremy: -in fact, I dance like a tree. I can sway back and forth with no problem-

Blonde: I'll teach you.

Jeremy: -but if I make any sudden movements, things start breaking off. (pause) You'll teach me?

Blonde: Yes. Come on.

The blonde heads toward the dance floor, and Jeremy leans over to Dan.

Jeremy: Sexy in a nerdish sort of way.

Dan: Whatever.

Jeremy heads to the dance floor as Dan finishes his drink.

Dan: Bartender? Over here!

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