Original Release Date: September 25, 2001

Written by:
Jim Hamilton

Estimated Runtime:



Dana walks into Isaac's office.

Dana: Isaac, I just got word from Mike and Kelly. They've made it safely to San Francisco and Phoenix, respectively.

Isaac: Good.

Dana: Anything new?

Isaac: We're still going as planned.

Dana: Okay.

Dana stares at the chair in front of Isaac's desk.

Isaac: Is there anything else?

Dana: No.

Isaac: Okay.

Dana: Good.

Dana doesn't move.

Isaac: What is everybody else doing?

Dana: How am I supposed to know?

Isaac: You're the executive producer.

Dana: Right, and I should know.

Isaac: That is correct.

Dana: Okay, Dan is working on the feature about Tim Howell. He's getting his latest status. Jeremy is working on the evacuation plan.

Isaac: He's still working on it?

Dana: Wait. He's with Natalie at the staging area. They should be coming back from their four-hour shift any minute now.

Isaac: Okay.

Dana: Then Dave and Will... no that's Will and Chris... they're going next. Dave is giving blood.

Isaac: Outside of Dan, is anybody doing anything sports-related?

Dana: Jeremy has been working on stopping the Rams offense.

Isaac: I thought he was working on the evacuation plan.

Dana: He is. Between the volunteer shifts and his planning, he has been able to get some work done.

Isaac: Are you sure?

Dana: Natalie's on top of him.

Isaac looks at Dana.

Dana: Okay. Natalie is making sure he completes his assignments.

Isaac: That sounds better.

Dana: Yeah.

Isaac: Anything else?

Dana: No.

Isaac: Good.

Dana: Okay.

Isaac: Dana? How are you?

Dana: I'm... I'm dealing with it.

Isaac: You need to talk about it?

Dana: No... no... not yet.

Isaac: We have grief counselors available at your convenience. They are here for us, and everything is kept confidential.

Dana: I know.

Isaac: Okay.

Dana: Okay.

Isaac: You know, I'd love to chit-chat- especially when there is something to chit-chat about. This conversation is going no where. Dana, please take some time today and go down and talk to them.

Dana: I will.

Isaac: I'll see you later.

Dana starts to leave, but she stops.

Dana: Isaac?

Isaac stops working.

Isaac: Yes?

Dana: How can you concentrate?

Isaac: I'm just doing my job.

Dana: How can you forget-

Isaac: I'm not forgetting.

Dana: Sorry. How can you concentrate?

Isaac: I look at it as our responsibility to do this.

Dana: Isaac-

Isaac: Dana, it is our responsibility to report these games and show highlights. If we can create a diversion for an hour or two, then we have done our jobs.

Dana: Isaac, they're not going to forget this.

Isaac: I already know that.

Dana nods her head.

Isaac: Good. Is there anything else?

Dana: No, sir. I'll get right on it.

Dana begins to leave.

Isaac: Dana?

Dana stops.

Dana: Yes?

Isaac: Take your time.

Dana: Okay.

Dana leaves the office.


Natalie and Jeremy are walking through the newsroom. Natalie is wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans. Jeremy is wearing a polo shirt and khaki pants.

Jeremy: I'm still thinking we need to put the second segment of NHL ahead of the extreme sports.

Natalie: We'll have to change the teaser in the twenties.

Jeremy: It's only one or two words.

Natalie: Three or four, at least.

Jeremy: It makes more sense.

Natalie: I know I make more sense.

Jeremy: No, I'm referring to the change.

Natalie: Did you run it by Dana?

Jeremy: No.

Natalie: Run it by Dana.

Natalie looks across the room.

Natalie: Chris?! Will?! We're back!

Chris and Will meet them in the center of the newsroom.

Chris: Hey guys. How is it today?

Natalie: Nothing new. They still have us providing water and places to lie down.

Will: Has anyone said anything?

Jeremy: They're not telling us much.

Will: It's probably better that way.

Chris: Probably.

Elliott walks by.

Elliott: The Bears are placing Jenkins on IR.

Jeremy: The knee is that bad?

Elliott: It's worse. The MRI shows a torn left ACL and MCL. He'll have surgery in a couple of weeks.

Natalie: Chris, Will? When you get back, see about getting some graphics on Jenkins.

Chris: All right.

Chris, Will, and Elliott leave the room. Dan walks by.

Dan: Hey you two. Did you hear about Jenkins?

Natalie: Elliott just told us.

Dan: Great. Well, great for the information, not so great for Jenkins.

Jeremy: We saw Casey down there today.

Dan: Oh yeah?

Natalie: Yeah. He's looking good.

Dan: We were talking about getting together this weekend.

Jeremy: Huh. Casey didn't mention anything.

Dan: We're still talking about it.

Natalie: What's Howell's status?

Dan: It's not good. The initial prognosis looks like it might be accurate.

Jeremy: Wow. Poor guy.

"Guys, lets keep moving."

Dan: Dana, I was telling them about Jenkins.

Dana joins the three.

Dana: Oh. Sorry.

Dan: It's okay.

Jeremy: He was also updating us on the progress of Tim Howell.

Dana: Does he have any movement?

Dan: No. He's still paralyzed from the neck down.

Dana: That's sad to hear.

Natalie: What do you need, Dana?

Dana: I'm thinking about moving the second NHL segment up, ahead of golf, and pushing back extreme sports.

Jeremy: I was thinking the same thing.

Dana: Yeah, the Predators have a couple of good rookies we can highlight, and we can do the extreme sports before the c-break.

Natalie: Okay. I'll plan it out.

Dana: Natalie? I'm going to have you run the 6 o'clock rundown.

Natalie: What's up?

Dana: I'll probably be away from the building- there's no cause for alarm- I'll just be taking care of something.

Natalie leans toward Dana.

Natalie: You want to go somewhere and talk about it?

Dana: Later.

Jeremy: Since you will be absent, Dana, we can always panic, if you would like us to.

Dana: Well... don't panic... but don't have everything go smoothly.

Natalie: Okay, I'll move extreme sports up front and leave the NHL late.

Dana: That isn't what I said-

Natalie: I'm causing conflict.

Jeremy: And I'll make sure panic ensues.

Dana: All righty then.

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