The Boys From Syracuse

Original Release Date: October 16, 2001

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"Stay" by Maureen

"Place Your Vote!" Result:
Should Chris propose to his girlfriend at her urging, or should he hold off and risk losing her?

Estimated Run Time:



Dana steps out of an elevator on the 49th floor, and starts jogging toward the studio. She has a skip to her step, and the people she passes notice she is in a very good mood.

Dana runs onto the set. Dan and Peter Lasker are being wired up. Everyone seems surprised, yet relieved, by Dana's appearance.

Dana: We've got it! Danny see me tomorrow... no, see me after the show!

Dan: Oh-kay... What have we got?

Dana: We have Darryll Scoggins.

Dan is impressed as Dana steps into the control room.

Dana: We've got it!

Natalie: We heard.

Dave: We're on standby.

Dana: Darryll Scoggins! Do you know what this means?

Jeremy: It means we have Darryll Scoggins?

Jeremy shrugs his shoulders.

Dana: It means that we are special. It means we have the integrity and professionalism they are looking for when we showcase their Heisman candidate.

Isaac: It means we are doing a good job.

Dana: Yes, Isaac. It means we are doing a good job.

Dana looks around and notices Dave, Will, and Chris smoking cigars. Jeremy is twirling one in his hand, and Natalie has hers sticking out of her shirt pocket.

Dana: Cigars? Why are you guys smoking? Why does everyone have cigars?

Chris: We've got Darryll Scoggins?

Dana: Yes, but... wait. How did you know? We can't be smoking in here.

Will: Actually, Chris is being taken off the market.

Dave: Chris and Melanie are getting married.

As Dana stands, everyone else cheers.

Dana: That's great. When?

Chris: No date has been set. We're just engaged.

Dana: Well let me tell you, that this is a very big commitment, and worthy of a celebration. But could we please refrain from smoking in the control room? This is a smoke-free environment... wait... did Dave say we were on stand-by?

People start putting out their cigars.

Chris: The Penguins and Bruins are still playing.

Will: It's two-nothing Pittsburgh with a couple minutes remaining.

A quick cheer can be heard from the other room. Elliott, with cigar in hand, walks out of the room and into the control room.

Elliott: Benoit just scored for Boston. It's two-one with one-forty to play.

Dana: Elliott, please put it out.

Elliott: The game?

Dana: The cigar.

Elliott starts putting out the cigar.

Elliott: Hey, did you hear that Chris and Melanie are getting married?

Dana: Yes, I did. Congratulations, Chris.

Chris holds a cigar out toward Dana.

Chris: Cigar?

Dana: Why... yes, thank you, Chris.

Chris hands Dana the cigar.

Dana: Now we can't be smoking these because they are bad for you.

Natalie: But you smoke.

Dana: When I was nervous-

Natalie: Which is a lot of the time.

Dana: Yes, but I've quit. I'm learning to handle my nervous tendencies better. For instance, instead of smoking, I could sing.

Jeremy: Or you could breakdance.

Everyone looks at Jeremy.

Jeremy: It's just a suggestion.

Dana: I take my nervous, negative energy and turn it into something positive.

Dan: (off screen and on microphone) Natalie, what's the update?

Natalie: (into mic) Still on standby, but Dana is telling us how she is quitting smoking by singing.

Dan looks confused.

Dan: Is that some sort of arm patch?

Natalie: (into mic) No, it's part of the twelve-step program.

Dan: Well, it sounds like a misstep to me.

Dana walks over to her chair and sits down.

Isaac: You were gone a long time today.

Dana: I was in negotiations.

Isaac: I've known peace treaties which could be worked out faster.

Dana: It was a delicate situation. Coach Bradley wants to keep the Syracuse practices closed to the media.

Isaac: Couldn't we do the story without attending and filming during their practices?

Dana: I thought it would be a nice touch. Anyway, we got it, so it is a major coup.

Isaac: What do we have to do?

Dana: Nothing much. It's rather insignificant.

Isaac: Dana.

Dana: Do a special on Scoggins. That's all we have to do.

Natalie: You mean have a "Inside the Life" episode on him?

Dana: Yes. Just one program. We could focus on his practices, his classes, and the media pressure.

Isaac: You're making programming decisions outside of your show?

Dana: We could do it in a few weeks. Plus, it was in the best interests-

Isaac: Did you run it by Sam?

Dana: Why do I need to run it by Sam?

Isaac: Because I am fairly certain that if you did run it by Sam, he might have a difference of opinion.

Dana: Sam's a little busy-

Isaac: Then again, he might like having the network feature Scoggins for 30 minutes. It would certainly boost ratings for the network.

Dana: See? I am helping the network.

Isaac: Then again, he might not like having you go over his head on a decision like this- assuming, of course, you did not run it by him.

Dana ignores Isaac.

Dana: Natalie? Are we all set?

Natalie: Tight as a drum.

Isaac: Dana, did you run it by Sam?

Dana shakes her head.

Dana: Noooo... I didn't run it by Sam.

Dana shows a fake smile.

Dana: He doesn't know, yet.

Isaac: Dana-

There is another small cheer in the other room. Elliott walks into the room and then back into the control room.

Elliott: The Bruins just tied it with eight seconds left. They're going to overtime.

Everyone in the control room groans.

Isaac: I'm sure this gives you plenty of time to go down and inform Sam of recent events.

Dana: Right now?

Natalie: The show is scripted.

Natalie shows Dana the shot sheet. Dana grits her teeth.

Dana: Thank you. Speak to me later about teamwork, Natalie.

Isaac: I'll be in my office. Let me know if anything else comes up.

Isaac leaves the control room.

Dana: We get Scoggins, but we have to him in a special. Isaac is mad at me for not running it by Sam. My show, which is supposed to be airing right now, is on standby because Pittsburgh can shut Boston out for 58 minutes, but not the final 2. And now I have time to go down and explain my actions to Sam.

Natalie: It doesn't sound good.

Dana: Yeah. And yeah, thanks for helping.

Natalie: Don't accuse me of not backing you up.

The phone rings.

Dana: All I'm saying is that a little fib-

Natalie: Hold on a second.

Dana: -to back me up would-

Natalie answers the phone.

Dana: help me out when it comes to dealing with Sam.

Natalie hands the phone to Dana.

Natalie: It's Sam. He's wondering when you were made Vice-president of Program Development.

Dana sets the phone down.

Dana: I am not the President of-

Natalie: Vice-president.

Dana: Whatever.

Dana picks the phone back up.

Dana: Sam? Hiiiiiiii. What's up? (listens) Uh-huh. (winces) I see. But... (listens) I did what I felt was... right now? You want to see me right now? (listens) But we're going to go on-air any minute. (rolls her eyes) Okay. Give me five minutes to get everything situated, and then I'll see you.

Dana hangs up the phone.

Natalie: He wants to see you?

Dana: Yeah.

Natalie: We're on stand-by.

Dana: I know.

Natalie: What are you going to do?

Dana looks around the room.

Dana: Everyone still have their cigars?

Everyone responds "yes" or nods their heads.

Dana: Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Anyone got a light?

Dana pops her cigar in her mouth.

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