161 Days

Original Release Date: December 4, 2001

Written by:
Jim Hamilton

Estimated Run Time:



Dana and Natalie are standing outside of the control room.

Natalie: Is it true?

Dana: Isaac's finding out.

Natalie: Because we could certainly use the help.

Dana: Now do me a favor-

Natalie: This would definitely help ease our workload.

Dana: -and not tell anybody.

Natalie blankly looks at Dana.

Natalie: Okay.

Dana: Not a word.

Natalie: Nothing from this point on.

Dana: Thank you.

Jeremy walks up.

Jeremy: Is it true?

Dana: What's true?

Jeremy: The rumors that our budget is being-

Dana glares at Natalie.

Natalie: What?

Jeremy: -increased, which will allow us... am I missing something here?

Dana continues to glare at Natalie.

Dana: No.

Natalie: I haven't said a word.

Dana: Then what is he talking about?

Natalie: He is asking a question.

Dana: What would have made him ask such a question?

Jeremy: You two do realize-

Natalie: Maybe he is inquisitive.

Jeremy: -that I am standing right here.

Dana: Maybe someone told him when I specifically asked no one be told.

Jeremy: I guess not.

Jeremy waves his hands and catches Dana's and Natalie's attention.

Dana & Natalie: Later!

Jeremy: Okay.

Jeremy backs away into the newsroom.

Dana: Natalie-

Natalie: You can't ask me to keep a secret.

Dana: You need to be able to keep confidential matters private.

Natalie: You didn't ask me before.

Dana: I've asked you many times.

Natalie: No, you haven't.

Dana: Remember the secret about Quo Vadimus?

Natalie: No.

Dana: Yes, you do.

Natalie: I choose not to.

Dana: And my secrets about Kevin and I... and those were personal secrets, too.

Natalie: Not ringing a bell.

Dana: And about lingerie and panties and such.

Natalie: About those personal items?

Dana: Yes.

Natalie: If they were personal, then why did you tell me?

Dana: I trusted you and I asked you not to tell anyone.

Natalie: Well, to be honest, you really didn't tell me about some of those secrets.

Dana: Then how-

Natalie: I did a little investigating on some of those.

Dana: Natalie.

Natalie: It helped me hone my skills as a producer. It helped me with stories- not to take everything superficially and dig below the surface to find the real, true story.

Dana: So my personal life is your training ground?

Natalie: Would I be as good of an associate producer if it wasn't for you?

Dave walks by.

Dave: Hey, Dana? Have you heard-

Dana: Not a thing. I haven't heard a thing!

Dave: Oh-kay.

Dave walks into the control room.

Dana: The point is that I share things with you in confidence, and I expect you to keep it quiet.

Natalie: You can tell me about it, and then three hours later tell me to keep it quiet? I can only do what you specifically ask me to do, and you asked me not to tell anybody. I haven't told a single person since the moment you told me to keep the budget meeting quiet.

Dana: When?

Natalie: Right now. You told me not to tell anybody right now.

Dana: Yes-

Natalie: And in the past minute, I have not told a single person.

Dana: When did I tell you about the meeting?

Natalie: Hm?

Dana: When did I tell you about Isaac's meeting?

Natalie: This morning.

Dana: I didn't tell you.

Natalie: Oh. That's right. I was looking over your agenda for today.

Dana: Natalie-

Natalie: I need to make sure things run smoothly.

Dana: That's my job, Natalie.

Natalie: Yes it is, Dana. I also like to keep informed of what is going on.

Elliott walks by.

Elliott: Have you guys heard the rumor-

Dana: Yes, Elliott. We both have heard the rumors. In fact, it was Natalie who started the rumors.

Elliott looks confused.

Elliott: Really?

Dana: Yes, and I'm sure Natalie could elaborate further considering her resourcefulness as a Nosy Rosy.

Elliott: Okay.

Dana: So, from this point on, you can refer your questions about this rumor to Natalie. It is out of my hands.

Elliott: Okay.

Dana: Go ahead. Ask away.

Elliott looks at Dana and then at Natalie.

Elliott: Natalie, who was your source on the possible trade between the Bucks and Sonics?

Natalie: Huh?

Dana: Hold on there. That's not the question.

Elliott: That's the rumor.

Dana: Your rumor is about a basketball trade?

Elliott: Yes.

Dana: And its not about Isaac's budget meeting?

Elliott: What about it?

Natalie: Possible good news.

Dana: (to Natalie) Hush. (to Elliott) You didn't hear that. There is no rumor about it.

Elliott: Are they going to increase the show's budget?

Dana: (to Natalie) Now look what you did.

Natalie: I didn't do anything.

Elliott: Is is alright if I just avoid this and try to forget this conversation?

Dana: Yes, that is the objective of this conversation. Forget everything you have heard.

Elliott: Okay.

Elliott starts to walk away.

Dana: Oh, Elliott?

Elliott: Yeah?

Dana: I haven't heard about the basketball rumor.

Elliott: Okay. I'll work the phones and try to turn the rumors into confirmations.

Dana: Good.


Kim and Marcus are by a desk in the newsroom.

Kim: What have you got?

Marcus hands Kim a tape.

Marcus: A lot of editing and little substance.

Kim: What's that supposed to mean?

Marcus: They've been giving me the run-around on some questions and ignoring the rest of them.

Kim: So we're going to need to rework the segment with other resources?

Marcus: Yeah.

Kim: You've been having a tough time lately.

Marcus: It's like pulling teeth to get good answers to simple questions. If the question comes from another reporter, they answer it precisely. If I ask the question, then it becomes a complicated situation.

Kim: Is it something you said?

Marcus: I've been trying to do my job. I haven't been saying anything to offend them. These are "softball" questions.

Kim: Try asking football questions instead of softball one.

Marcus: Funny. These questions have been simple. I don't understand it.

Kim: Well I'm going to have to find out what is going on.

Elliott walks by.

Elliott: You guys have any info on the Bucks and Sonics?

Kim: They play basketball.

Elliott: I know that. There's a possible trade between the two teams. I'm going to work the phones.

Kim: Hold up, Elliott.

Elliott stops and Kim hands him a tape.

Kim: I need you to edit this down into something we can use.

Elliott: What is it?

Marcus: Coach Bradley's press conference on the upcoming Syracuse-Boston College game.

Elliott: I'll try to work it in.

Kim: You know you're still my man-slave, don't you?

Elliott: No, I'm not.

Kim: Yes, you are.

Elliott: I'm busy today.

Kim: It's going to get busier.

Elliott: I'll try and get it to you in a couple of hours.

Kim: I want it in less than an hour.

Marcus is standing behind Kim and he is making a face and pointing at Elliott. Kim quickly turns around, and Marcus straightens up and becomes serious.

Marcus: Yes, Kim, yes. An hour should be plenty of time to get the tape done.

Kim: Good. And you can give Elliott a hand also.

Marcus: Okay.

Elliott: I'm working the phones.

Elliott walks away.

Kim leans over and reads a computer screen. During that moment, Marcus "checks out" Kim and attempts to be charming.

Marcus: You know, Kim... I could be your man-slave.

Kim looks at Marcus from the corners of her eyes.

Kim: Yes, you could.

Kim straightens up, and the two are now face-to-face.

Marcus: Have you ever thought about going out and getting a drink? Just you and me?

Kim: Yes, I have.

Marcus: And?

Kim: You don't have the time.

Marcus: I've got plenty of time.

Kim: You don't because you've got to get me the Big East and ACC previews in the next hour.

Kim hands Marcus a handful of papers.

Kim: And you're helping Elliott, and you still have to prep for MSG.

Kim starts to walk away.

Marcus: You're just a slave-driver, aren't you?

Kim: You wanted to be my man-slave.

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