162 Days

Original Release Date: December 5, 2001

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"Top Ten Movies of All-Time" by Killash

"Place Your Vote!" Result:
Which job will Casey accept?

Estimated Run Time:



Dave, Will, Chris, and Elliott are around the reference table inside the newsroom.

Dave: Just don't turn into one of them.

Elliott: I won't.

Chris: You say that now.

Will: Just wait until you get the job.

Elliott: We'll still hang out.

Dave: Remember what happened to Kim?

Chris: Yeah.

Will: Kim is a perfect example.

Elliott: No, she isn't.

Chris: Kim hung out with us until she got her promotion.

Will: Now, she barely acknowledges us.

Elliott: She's producing her own show. She's usually long gone by the time we're done with our show.

Dave: See? She's leaving us behind.

Elliott: We will still hang out.

Dan walks up to the foursome.

Dan: Hey, guys. What's going on?

Dave: Nothing much.

Chris: Not a whole lot going on.

Will: Everything's going fine.

Dan: Good. Elliott?

Elliott: Yeah?

Dan: How is it going?

Elliott: all right.

Dan: Good. Since there isn't anything major going on here, I'll just be in my office.

Elliott: Okay.

Dan starts walking through the newsroom.

Dave: Now observe what will take place.

The four watch Dan walk into his office.

Chris: Here comes Jeremy.

Jeremy walks into Dan's office. He is seen talking and handing Dan a video tape.

Will: Now Natalie.

Natalie walks into Dan's office. She lightly hits Jeremy in the back of the head with her clipboard. Jeremy grabs the back of his head.

Jeremy: (in the distance) Hey...

Natalie, Jeremy, and Dan continue their conversation.

Dave: Dana should be coming around any second now...

Dana is seen walking from a corridor and in to the newsroom. She looks around and sees the three in Dan's office. She walks into Dan's office. Dana closes the door behind her.

Dave: There you go.

Elliott: What?

Chris: Their little group is together.

Will: And they're talking about their little personal stuff.

Chris: While we are out here working our tails off.

Elliott looks at Dave, Will, and Chris.

Elliott: Aren't we really just hanging around and talking about our personal stuff?

Will: Yeah, because there isn't anything else better to do.

Elliott: And Chris- haven't you and Melanie gone out with Natalie and her boyfriend a few times?

Chris: Just a few times.

Will: Not that many.

Chris: Nothing too memorable.

Elliott: And Dave- didn't Jeremy drive you to and from work when your car broke down last month?

Dave: Yeah.

Elliott: I don't see them isolating themselves from us.

Chris: They do have their little clique though.

Will: Almost like a cult.

Dave: A cult?

Will: I take that back. That was a bit harsh.

Chris: Just a bit.

Will: A little bit.

Kim walks by.

Kim: Hey guys.

Elliott: Oh, Kim!

Kim stops.

Kim: I prefer 'good morning,' but your enthusiasm will do.

Elliott: You still like to hang out with us?

Dave: Like we used to?

Kim: Why?

Elliott: Those three have a fear that if I get the associate producer's job, I will no longer hang around them.

Chris: He'll be too good for us.

Kim: I used to be an associate producer.

Elliott: Yeah.

Kim: I used to hang around you guys.

Elliott: Yeah.

Kim: And I was too good for you even back then.

Kim smiles at the four.

Elliott: But you still want to hang out with us, right?

Kim: Are you quitting your jobs?

Will: No.

Kim: Then I don't see how I can hang out with you considering that I get out significantly earlier than you four.

Dave: You could have us join you.

Kim: No.

Chris: Why not?

Kim: I can't be seen with you guys.

Will: See? This is what happens when you get promoted.

Kim: No. (points to Chris) You can't sing. (points to Will) You can't dance. (points to Dave) You don't know how to hit on women. (points to Elliott) And you Elliott... you always pick lousy places to eat.

Chris: You do that, Elliott.

Will: Yeah.

Dave: Chuckie's Italian Chop House and Grille.

Chris, Will, Dave, and Kim nod in agreement.

Elliott: I read where it got four stars.

Kim: Where?

Elliott: I don't remember... but it got four stars!


The five look over and see Dana standing outside of Dan's office.

Dana: Elliott- could you meet me and Natalie in my office?

Elliott: Oh... okay.

Dana: Great.

Chris leans over to Elliott.

Chris: Remember, Elliott... don't turn into one of them.

Kim rolls her eyes and shakes her head as she walks away.


Marcus is in Isaac's office.

Marcus: Please don't take me away from my assignment.

Isaac: I'm sorry, son. The call has already been made.

Marcus lets out a sigh.

Isaac: We would be able to handle it if you were having conflicts with one coach, but there is conflict with six coaches.

Marcus: Okay, but I don't think it's fair.

Isaac: Well, how would you handle it?

Marcus: I would let me continue to cover college football.

Isaac: Marcus? Sit in my shoes and be objective. What would be the best decision for the network?

Marcus: If I was being objective, the best thing for the network would be to give this kid a break.

Isaac: So we should let you continue doing what you've been doing?

Marcus: Yes. I'm not doing drugs, and the test results will prove that.

Isaac: Is this about your drug tests?

Marcus: That's why you are taking me away from my assignment. They make up lies, and you believe them.

Isaac: So, you think we should give you a break?

Marcus: Yes. I guess so.

Isaac: You guess so?

Marcus: Yes. Yes, I deserve a break.

Isaac shakes his head.

Isaac: Maybe you deserve a break.

Marcus: Thank you, sir.

Isaac: And everyone else deserves a break.

Marcus: Yes.

Isaac: You deserve a break because of the pressure you've been under.

Marcus: If you want to call it pressure- yes.

Isaac: Tell me about it. Tell me about the pressure you've been under. As I recall from our conversation from yesterday, you've been clean for... 161 yesterday... so today would be 162 days. You've been clean for 162 days.

Marcus: That's correct, sir.

Isaac: What about it?

Marcus: Sir, you have to understand that this problem is an everyday battle. One may think that after all this time, that it would be easy- but it is not. Believe me, it is not easy. Every single day, I have to overcome any temptation. Some days, it is easy. Some days, it is difficult- but I've made it through.

I never realized how often I smoked a little weed until I needed to quit. I initially smoked it to relieve stress. Then it was happening a little more often. It wasn't until I was caught that I realized how often I was smoking it. A little here, a little there- it didn't seem like much.

I fight this everyday, and I need all the support I can get. By not supporting me, you are saying you no longer trust me- even though I've passed all the tests over the last six months. I don't know what I have to do to regain your trust, but I feel that a decision shouldn't be made because of my past habits. I've worked hard to come back, and I think I deserve the right to cover these games.

Isaac: So, by taking away your games, you are saying we are not supporting you. By making you take drug tests, we are saying we don't trust you.

Marcus: Yes.

Isaac: I understand you have problems. We all have problems.

You see, I had to go through physical therapy for nine months after I suffered my stroke. There are still days when I feel lethargic, but I come to do my job. I do receive more support now because people are looking out for me.

Marcus: That's what I want, too.

Isaac: I didn't ask for any breaks. There comes a time when people have to stop giving you pity and start giving you responsibility. We're not taking you away from college football because we think you are doing drugs. We're taking you away from college football because your relationships with many teams have seriously deteriorated. I need somebody who can get in there and not cause any problems.

Marcus: They're the ones causing the problems.

Isaac: You're not listening to me.

Marcus: You're not listening to me either... sir.

Isaac: You're believing what you want to believe. Not everybody is against you. If I give you a break because you are overcoming addiction, then I should give somebody else a break because they have personal problems, or they have financial problems, or they have some other disorder. Soon nobody will be doing a good job because a line wasn't drawn on how people need to do their profession. There cannot be excuses for poor-quality work. If you are working for me, you are working for the team, and you are here to play. You need to stop feeling bad for yourself and expecting everybody to feel bad for you.

Marcus slowly nods his head.

Isaac: Now, if you excuse me, I have another meeting to attend.

Isaac gets up and leaves his office.

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