Behind Closed Doors



Dan and Casey are hanging out in Dan's office. Casey is standing in the middle of the room, while Dan is seated at his desk.

Casey: I kind of like this.

Dan: Just hanging out?

Casey: Yeah. The familiar sights and sounds. The feel. The smell. This is good.

Dan: You no longer work here. You don't do any work in this office.

Casey: Yes, but there are memories abound.

Dan: I have work to do.

Casey looks toward the newsroom.

Casey: No, you don't.

Dan opens his laptop.

Dan: Yes, I do.

Casey: Sally's coming.

Dan: Great.

Dan closes his laptop.

Sally enters the office.

Sally: Good afternoon, gentlemen. Casey McCall- it's a pleasure to see you again.

Casey: Yes, it is.

Sally: Working for HBO and on the New York Times Best-seller List. You've rebounded nicely after being let go from the network.

Casey: I saw where you were named one of the hottest women in sports television.

Sally: Yes, I was. Thank you.

Dan: I'm trying to work here.

Sally: What brings you back to CSC, Casey?

Casey: I have some tickets for Dan.

Dan perks up as Casey pulls out the tickets.

Dan: Now, you got what I was asking for?

Dan gets out of his chair and walks toward Casey.

Casey: They're pretty good seats.

Casey hands the tickets to Dan.

Dan: Fourth row, center. These are good. Thanks, man.

Casey: My pleasure.

Sally: What are they for?

Dan: The middleweight championship of the world. Hector Luis versus Tony Maxwell.

Sally: Those are good seats.

Dan: Casey's covering the fight, so he was able to get me these... these awesome seats.

Sally: Isn't that a little bit of conflict of interest?

Dan: What do you mean?

Sally: I mean, a member of one sports network giving tickets to a member of another sports network.

Casey: I considered it a friend getting tickets for a friend.

Dan: Plus, I'm not part of the fight coverage.

Sally: Why not?

Dan: I'm not asking for credentials. I am just going as a fan- a true spectator of the sport. By the way, what did you need?

Sally: I was looking at the piece for Tennessee and North Carolina State, and I think it could use a little polishing.

Dan: I'd be happy to look at it.

Sally: Great. Also, if you get a chance later, I'd like to talk some more.

Dan: You're here, I'm here- we can do this now.

Sally: It can wait.

Casey: Would you two like some privacy?

Dan: No!

Sally: It's not necessary.

Casey: Whatever you guys say.

Sally: Casey, you look really good.

Casey: Thanks. I've had some free time over the past few months. You still look great Sally.

Sally: Thank you and still a gentlemen. We should do lunch sometime.

Casey: I guess so.

Sally: Great. When would be a good time for you?

Casey: Around lunchtime.

Sally: I mean, which day?

Casey: I guess any day next week.

Sally: How about Wednesday?

Dan: That's it. I'm stepping in. I don't need to hear the sordid details of your secret rendezvous.

Casey: Danny-

Dan: Ah! Not another word.

Casey: Wednesday's good.

Dan: No! I'm trying to work here!

Sally: Great. I'll meet you down at the front desk around 1.

Dan types at a furious pace on his computer.

Sally: We'll talk later, Dan.

Sally leaves the office.

Dan gets up and closes the door.

Dan: What are you doing?

Casey: Scheduling lunch?

Dan: No! That... that... that was scheduling a date with disaster.

Casey: It's just lunch.

Dan: Her fangs were showing and there was drool coming from her mouth.

Casey: We'll be in a public area. It's not like I'll be having lunch at her place.

Dan: You need to cancel. You already have other plans.

Casey: What plans?

Dan: Plans that do not include Sally.

Casey: Danny-

Dan: I'm telling you right now, Dana will not be happy.

Casey: Who's going to tell Dana?

Dan: Aren't you?

Casey: No.

Dan: Why?

Casey: Because she wouldn't be happy.

Dan: Boom. The path to disaster, my friend. Whatever you do, you cannot have lunch with Sally.

Casey: I don't need your permission.

Dan: Are you telling Dana?

Casey: I don't need Dana's permission either.

Dan: Ffffffssshhhhuuuu. Boom!

Casey: You are totally overreacting.

Dan: Am I?

Casey: Yes.

Dan: Then tell me, when was the last time you saw Sally?

Casey: Probably when I was working here.

Dan: Right. And has she tried to contact you over the last five months?

Casey: No... but that's because she was probably busy.

Dan: She didn't contact you because you were an out-of-work aspiring writer.

Casey: That status didn't stop you from hanging out with me.

Dan: That's because I'm your friend. Sally's... Sally's just Sally. You are with another network, and your book is successful. She's looking out for herself, and when she's on the prowl- watch out.

Casey: It will just be a casual lunch and we'll talk. It will only be a few hours, then it will be over with.

Dan: Don't do it.

There's a knock on the door. It opens and Dana walks in.

Dana: You two are certainly having an animated conversation.

Dan: Yes, we are.

Dana: What about?

Dan looks at Casey, and Casey looks at Dan.

Dana: What? You can't tell me?

Dan: The fight. We were talking about the fight. Casey got me some great tickets.

Dana: Let me see.

Dan picks up his tickets and shows them to Dana.

Dana: Those are some really good seats, Danny. What did you have to do for Casey for him to get you these?

Dan: Nothing at all.

Dana: Danny, aren't you lucky? Casey? Natalie and I switched our days off next week. I switched mine from Thursday to Wednesday. If it's not a problem, we can make plans for Wednesday.

Dan: It shouldn't be a problem.

Dana: What are you? His secretary?

Casey: We can do something on Wednesday night. I have some plans earlier in the day, but I'll be free later.

Dana: Great.

Dana leaves the office.

Dan: Boom. I'm covering for you already.

Casey: I didn't ask you to cover for me. You were the one who said we were talking about the fight.

Dan: Only because you weren't making a peep.

Casey: So? Does your girlfriend know everything you do?

Dan: No.

Casey: Well, what's the harm?

Dan: I can't be involved in keeping secrets, Casey. Soon, a barrage of lies will have exploded. We've started with the first one-

Casey: We?

Dan: It's started, and now the only way to stop it is for you to tell Dana the truth.

Casey: I haven't even lied to her. It is only a lunch.

Dan: Be very careful, Casey. Be very careful.

Casey: More memories are abounding. I am reminded of the times you constantly drove me crazy.

Dan: I'm only looking out for your best interests.

Casey: I'll take that into consideration. I'll catch you later.

Dan: See ya'. Don't do it!

Casey shakes his heads as he leaves the office.


Jeremy and Natalie are walking through the newsroom.

Jeremy: Have you learned anything else?

Natalie: That there is a bruise on my knee from falling into Isaac's office.

Jeremy: Besides that.

Natalie: Oh, I'm doing fine. The bruise will eventually heal.

Jeremy: I had earlier asked if you were okay.

Natalie: That was then. I'm injured now.

Jeremy: I didn't notice you limping a second ago. You seem to be walking pretty normally.

Natalie: You look fine, but is your brain functioning normally?

The two continue walking down the hallway.

Jeremy: We need to work together on this.

Natalie: About the new anchor?

Jeremy: Yes.

Natalie: Yes, we should.

Jeremy: Any clues on who it will be?

Natalie: I think they might pick Dan's new on-air partner today or tomorrow.

Jeremy: Who?

Natalie: I need to get a little more information.

Jeremy: From Dana?

Natalie: You betcha.'

The two walk into Dana's office. Dana stops what she was doing.

Dana: Can I help you two?

Natalie: You can leave now, Jeremy.

Jeremy: I thought we were a team.

Natalie: We are.

Jeremy: But right now?

Natalie: Not so much.

Dana: What's going on?

Natalie: I need to talk to you, and Jeremy has a ton of work to do.

Dana: Jeremy-

Jeremy: Hodges has a contusion on his wrist, which should not limit his playing time tonight.

Dana: And?

Jeremy: Andrew Gibson will be starting in place of Daryl Wilkerson because Wilkerson failed to qualify academically.

Dana: What-

Jeremy: A point-eight GPA this past semester.

Dana: Also-

Jeremy: And the release of the 2002 baseball schedule has been pushed back one month.

Dana looks at Jeremy, she then looks at Natalie.

Dana: Sorry, Natalie. Jeremy's caught up on all his work.

Natalie leans toward Jeremy.

Natalie: Jeremy? Go see what Dan has to say.

Jeremy: Why can't I stay?

Natalie: Time's a ticking. Tick-tock.

Dana: For you two coming in here and attempting to work as a team, you are failing miserably.

Natalie: Don't listen to Dana, Jeremy. We need to spread our resources right now.

Jeremy: I think I'll go speak with Dan.

Natalie: Good.

Jeremy: Because Dan is much less annoying.

Natalie: That'll work.

Jeremy leaves the office.

Dana: Okay, Natalie. What's going on?

Natalie: I hear you have inside information on the new anchor.

Dana: If you are asking, I am a part of the selection committee.

Natalie: Good. So, you'll be able to comment on who is in and who is out of the running.

Dana: Who gave you the authority to come in and attempt to sponge information off me?

Natalie: I did.

Dana: I have no comment.

Natalie: Dana... we share everything.

Dana: Not everything.

Natalie: Some things.

Dana: Yes, some things. And I cannot reveal information from our behind-closed-door meetings.

Natalie: Yes you can.

Dana: No-

Natalie: You can't keep secrets.

Dana: Yes, I can.

Natalie: We already know that the network is looking inside for the new anchor.

Dana: And I heard about you and Jeremy crashing into Isaac's office during a meeting.

Natalie: Jeremy pushed the door wide open, not me.

Dana: I'm not saying anything.

Natalie: Just give me a clue.

Dana: No.

Natalie: A hint?

Dana: No.

Natalie: I guess Sam was right.

Dana: What about Sam?

Natalie: He said that you really don't have much input on the selection, you are basically just a figure-head on the committee.

Dana: It's my show, and I do have input.

Natalie: Not according to Sam.

Dana: Listen. That sexist pig knows darn well that I've been trying to evaluate strong candidates-

Natalie: Sexist pig. Now we're getting somewhere.

Dana: We're getting nowhere, Natalie. This selection is just a farce.

Natalie: So, they already know who is going to be the new anchor? And with two women outside of the network turning down the position, it sounds like Sam is aiming for a woman.

Dana: He says a woman would attract more male viewers.

Natalie: I would hope.

Dana: They might be trying to get a pretty girl in there. Soon we'll have to change the anchor desk to just a table, just so all those men can get a good look at her legs.

Natalie: Are you serious?

Dana: Not yet. But I bet that is what they'll eventually do.

Natalie: Why are you so hot about this?

Dana: Because the network is taking the approach that we have to hire a woman.

Natalie: It's about time.

Dana: Whatever happened to just hiring the most qualified person? What do you mean by "it's about time"?

Natalie: I mean, it's about time we get a woman in there doing sports. We do everything else at the network level, why shouldn't we have a permanent female anchor?

Dana: I'm not saying that we shouldn't hire a woman. I would want a qualified woman to take the position, but I keep hearing discussions about "chemistry with Dan" and "improving the ratings."

Natalie: Well, maybe if we get a woman in there, she'll do really well. Besides, if they are looking inside the network, you already know they are looking at qualified candidates.

Dana: Qualifications is the third item they are checking- after 'woman' and 'chemistry.'

Natalie: I see.

Dana: If they were examining male candidates, then they would be looking at 'qualifications' first.

Natalie: Dana, calm down.

Dana: It's not fair, Natalie. This is a serious business, and the hiring practices throughout are just wrong.

Natalie: You hired me, right?

Dana: Yes, but that was different.

Natalie: I took some ribbing as being a kid since I had just graduated from college, and I'm sure there were guys who thought I was just a 'cutie pie.'

Dana: But you've done a really good job.

Natalie: Exactly. I overcame the 'cutie pie' image and I'm considered a tough associate producer.

Dana: You're right.

Natalie: Just give the new anchor a chance to prove herself. You can't add the pressure of having to succeed. They already know that. Heck, everybody has the pressure to succeed. Just don't intensify it.

Dana: Give her a chance, huh?

Dana smiles.

Natalie: And if she does a horrible job-

Dana: Set her on fire?

Natalie: Exactly.

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