Original Release Date: January 8, 2002

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"More Than Friends" by Danielle
"The L-Word" by Gemini
"Nothing Happened on Thursday" by Sary

Estimated Run Time:



"Previously on Sports Night..."

Isaac, Dana, Sam, Dan, and executive Donna Kendrick are seated in Isaac's office.

Sam: The decision is a tough one, and we were hoping you could sway us in one direction or another, Dan. So we've decided we are going to select Bobbi.

Dan: Wait. I'm going to be working with Bobbi?

Dana: Yes.

Dan: Bobbi Bernstein?

Sam: Yeah.

Donna: You two have good on-air chemistry.


Elliott, Chris, Will, and Dana are in the newsroom.

Elliott: We were wondering when the assignments for the Winter Games will be handed out.

Dana: Dana: I'm compiling a list of recommendations for Isaac. I'll give him the list today, and he'll get final approval in the next few days.

Chris: Do you think we'll get to go to Salt Lake?

Dana: There's the possibility.

Casey is walking toward Dana's office. He is wearing a winter jacket, and the jacket's pockets bulge out because they are holding his gloves. He sees Dana's door open and he peeks in.

Dana sits at her desk and is looking diligently over her paperwork. She crosses off a few lines and writes in the margin of the page.

Casey quietly knocks on the door.

Dana slightly jumps at the sound.

Dana: Hey, Casey!

Dana gets up from her chair.

Casey: You looked so cute.

Dana: What?

Casey: Sitting there and looking over the papers. You looked cute.

Dana: Thank you.

As Casey walks into the office, Dana grabs some paperwork from a table.

Dana: Oh, Casey- I just wish you got here a little earlier.

Casey: What's up?

Dana: It will have to wait until after the show.

Casey: Can't you give me a hint?

Dana: No.

Casey: You're going to leave me hanging here?

Dana: If I gave you a hint, then I would be leaving you hanging. Instead, I'm not going to speak a word of it.

Casey: Just a little clue.

Dana: No.

Casey: It's about the triple date.

Dana: No, it's not.

Casey: You, me, Dan, JoAnne, Natalie, and Michael- we'll have a good time.

Dana: Aren't triple dates considered to be worse than double dates?

Casey: No. A triple date is triple the fun.

Dana: And you own a gage which measures the amount of fun?

Casey: As a matter of fact, yes.

Dana snickers.

Dana: Well, it looks like you've got to patent and market your little fun barometer.

Casey: Well... just you wait. I've got it all lined up. We'll go out, have a great time, and you'll be thanking me for it.

Dana: Do I get my money back if I don't have fun?

Casey: You'll have a good time- a great time.

Dana: Okay.

Casey: But you didn't want to talk about the triple date?

Dana: Right.

Casey: Then what is it?

Dana: It can wait.

Casey: Dana, c'mon.

Dana takes a deep breath as she clenches her fists.

Dana: It's exciting, Casey.

Casey: It is?

Dana: Yes.

Casey: Tell me.

Dana: After the show, sweetie. Oh... once I tell you, you'll be psyched.

Casey: I'm psyched, I'm pumped, I'm primed, I'm ready.

Dana: Later.

Casey: Dana!

Dana: Patience is a virtue, my good man.

Casey: Well, I'm not feeling very virtuous right now.

Dana: I can't tell you anyway.

Casey: Why?

"Five minutes to air. First team to the studio."

Dana: That's why.

Casey: You drug me down here just to wait?

Dana: You're late. If you were here earlier...

Casey: Fine.

Dana: Either you can wait here or you can wait in the green room.

Casey: I'll wait here.

Casey sits on the couch.

Dana: I'll see you in an hour.

Casey: I'm setting my watch.

Casey sets his watch.

Dana: See ya.'

Dana leaves her office.

Casey folds his hands and leans back on the couch. He then looks at his watch. Casey jumps up and runs out of the office, trying to catch up to Dana.


At his desk, Jeremy is standing hunched over his computer and clicking the mouse. Natalie walks up from behind. She is wearing a very thick, insulated winter coat, a winter cap, and snow goggles.

Natalie: How do I look?

Jeremy watches Natalie hold her arms out and spin around.

Jeremy: Like you ate the Michelin man.

Natalie: Jeremy!

Jeremy: You look fine.

Natalie: I need to be prepared for Salt Lake.

Jeremy: You do realize you will be working inside a building where there will be amenities like, for instance, heat and indoor plumbing?

Natalie: I have to leave the building sometime.

Jeremy: Okay.

Natalie: I need to get some new insulated boots tomorrow.

Jeremy: What's wrong with your old ones?

Natalie: They're not Salt Lake material.

Jeremy: Ah, yes. Nothing like being prepared with snow boots which are built to the caliber of the Winter Games.

Natalie looks over to the side of the newsroom. She hears a commotion and moves toward it.

Dana and Casey enter the newsroom.

Casey: You've got to give me something.

Dana: No.

Casey: Please.

Dana: No.

Natalie: Guys, what's up?

Casey: Dana's keeping a secret.

Natalie: Really?

Dana: It's not a secret.

Casey: She brought me here to tell me something, Natalie. Now she's going to make me wait an entire hour.

Natalie: You were late.

Casey: So?

Natalie: You'll just have to wait.

Dana: Natalie? Why are you dressed like that?

Natalie: I assume you meant to say "You look good, Natalie."

Dana: You look overdressed.

Casey: Why are you dressed like that?

Natalie: I'm gearing up for Salt Lake.

Casey: I see. You look good.

Natalie: Thank you. I think I'll be able to handle the winter elements with this double-layered goose down jacket with my spiffy thermal gloves-

"She looks like she ate the Michelin man!"

Casey, Dana, and Natalie look over and see Jeremy standing in the doorway of the control room.

Jeremy: The show?

Dana and Natalie start walking toward the control room. Natalie takes off her gloves and throws them at Jeremy. The gloves bounce off his back.


Dan and Bobbi Bernstein are seated at the anchor desk. Alyson finishes her final touches on Bobbi.

Bobbi: Thanks, Alyson.

Bobbi straightens out her papers as Dan leans over.

Dan: There was this girl...

Bobbi looks over her papers.

Dan: There was this girl last night...

Dan looks frustrated as Bobbi takes a sip from her mug.

Dan: You're not listening to me.

Bobbi: Excuse me?

Dan: Never mind.

Dan straightens up and fixes his papers.

Bobbi: You were saying something?

Dan: Yes, I was.

Bobbi: I'm sorry. I wasn't listening.

Dan leans back over.

Dan: There was this girl last night...

Bobbi looks over her sheets.

Dan: Bobbi?

Bobbi: I'm still listening.

Dan: Okay. There was this girl I met at Anthony's last night-

Bobbi: Wait.

Dan: What? I haven't said anything.

Bobbi: You're not going to brag about some innocent girl whom you think is infatuated with you?

Dan: No.

Bobbi: Okay.

Dan: She came up to me-

Bobbi: Hold on a second. What's my name?

Dan: Bobbi.

Bobbi: Right. It's not Casey or Jeremy or Natalie or anyone from your little troupe.

Dan: I don't belong to a troupe-

Bobbi: And I don't need to hear the intimate details of your personal life.

Dan: I'm just trying to develop a rapport between us.

Bobbi: So... how are you doing?

Dan: I'm fine.

Bobbi: Have you received an update on the Eagles?

Dan: Not yet.

Bobbi: There's your rapport.

Dan: That's not rapport... that's... that's work.

Bobbi: And you'll notice we're not at Danny's Funland or at any of the bars with which you hang out.

Dan: Fine. I was just trying to ease the tension.

Bobbi: I'm fine, Dan. Thanks for your concern.

Dan: Okay.

Dan looks around as Bobbi looks at her papers.

Dan: Casey!

Bobbi: I'm Bobbi.

Dan: No, Casey- over there!

Dan points over as Casey walks to the anchor desk.

Casey: So how's it going?

Dan: Pretty good.

Casey: How are you, Bobbi?

Dan: She's fine.

Bobbi: I'm doing quite well. Thank you, Casey.

Dan: What brings you here with two minutes before airing?

Casey: Dana's making me wait.

Dan: For what?

Casey: I don't know. Say... she hasn't told you, has she?

Dana: (over intercom) I haven't told him anything, Casey.

Casey looks toward the control room.

Casey: (to the control room) Thank you! (to Dan) Have you heard anything?

Dan: Nothing.

Casey: Okay. Anything with you?

Dan: Yeah. There's this girl.

Casey: A girl?

Dan: Yeah.

Casey: A girl you met last night?

Dan: Yeah.

Casey: Where did you meet this girl last night?

Dan: Are you gonna let me tell you my story?

Casey: No.

Dan: It would go much quicker if you did.

Casey: Don't I know it.

Bobbi coughs. Dan and Casey momentarily look toward her.

Dan: A girl at Anthony's last night-

Casey: And there's a boy, too?

Dan shoots Casey a look.

Dan: Yes.

Elliott walks through the studio.

Elliott: You guys need anything?

Dan: How about somebody willing to listen?

Elliott: We're doing live television, Dan. Nobody listens to us.

Elliott walks to the control room.

Casey: Have a good show, Danny.

Dan: Thanks.

Casey: You too, Bobbi.

Bobbi: Good seeing you again, Casey.

Natalie: (over intercom) Camera one. There seems to be a giant bug hovering... oh hey, it's you Casey.

Casey: I'm leaving, Natalie!

Natalie: (over intercom) Roger that.

Casey steps away from the anchor desk.

Casey: And if anyone wants to know where I'll be, I'll be sitting in the green room! And... I'm going to eat all the fruit because Dana is making me wait!

Natalie: (over intercom) There's no longer any fruit in the green room. There's a vending machine.

Casey: Well, I'll just get my fill of potato chips and I'll leave crumbs everywhere!

Casey walks through the studio and toward the green room.


Inside the control room, everybody is working as the VTR is on and there is a less than a minute until the show goes live.

Dana looks over at Natalie, who is still wearing her coat.

Dana: Would you take that off?

Natalie: On the first c-break.

Dana: You know, the building in Salt Lake is going to be heated.

Natalie: Jeremy has already pointed that out.

Jeremy: I also added that there will be indoor plumbing.

Natalie: Thank you.

Will: Chryon one on stand-by.

Chris: The same with sound two.

Dana leans into her microphone.

Dana: Danny, I might need you to fill twenty seconds on the Bruins game.

Dan: No problem.

The show's theme song begins to wrap up.

Dave: In five, four, three, two...

Bobbi: (on-air) Good evening, I'm Bobbi Bernstein with Dan Rydell. We've got those stories plus the NFL, the NHL, and more things with N's and L's

Dan: (on-air) We've got the highlights and lowlights from the NBA. And what's this? There was a major in the world of curling, and if you know nothing about curling, it is time for our late-night, after school special. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so stick around.

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