Inside the editing room, Natalie is sitting on the couch while Jeremy is trying to do some work on the editing machine.

Natalie: It's just strange.

Jeremy: Natalie, leave her alone.

Natalie: She's was sick a couple of days last week. She seems to be stressed out one minute and the next, she's fine.

Jeremy: Natalie, leave her alone.

Natalie: She's been like this for over a week. Why wouldn't she tell me?

Jeremy: Because she wouldn't.

Natalie: But-

Jeremy: Drop it.

Natalie: She always tell me things.

Jeremy: She said not this time.

Natalie: Something has to have happened. Something bad.

Jeremy: Oh, I see.

Natalie: You see what?

Jeremy: You're not upset because she wouldn't tell you what happened. You're upset because you don't know what happened.

Natalie: No, Jeremy, I'm really worried about her.

Jeremy: Really?

Natalie: Yeah.

Jeremy: Why? She seems the same to me. I know she's been sick, but the flu has been going around. I haven't really noticed these mood swings you've been mentioning.

Natalie: You don't think...

Jeremy: What? She's pregnant?

Natalie: Yes. I'm going to ask her.

Jeremy: Then what explains Casey's behavior?

Natalie: What behavior?

Jeremy: He's been acting very assertive, almost aggressive-like. He and Dana seem to be under a lot of stress. I don't think a pregnancy would generate this kind of animosity between the two of them.

Natalie: Casey's under a lot of stress. He's been putting together his new show.

Jeremy: Can we assume their jobs may be causing stress in their relationship, and not necessarily a pregnancy is causing all the problems?

Natalie: I'm going to find out, Jeremy.


Casey and Dan are playing basketball at a gym. Casey is dribbling the ball toward the hoop. He stops as Dan is playing tight defense. Casey nudges Dan a little to create some space between the two. Casey shoots the ball and makes the shot.

Casey: Eighteen, four. Check ball.

Dan: Foul.

Casey: What?

Dan: You've been pushing off the whole game. I'm calling you on it.

Casey: You were practically mugging me.

Dan: I was playing regular defense.

Casey: A fourteen point lead says you've been playing a lack of defense.

Dan: Foul. I'm calling the foul. You pushed off.

Casey: Make it, take it.

Dan: You make the shot, you keep the ball. You miss and I get the ball.

Casey shoots a three-pointer and makes it, hitting nothing but net. Dan grabs the ball and passes it back to Casey.

Dan: This isn't your normal game.

Casey: I usually don't beat you this easily.

Dan: Uh, check that. You rarely beat me. I'm talking about this pent-up hostility you've been releasing.

Casey: What hostility?

Dan: You've hardly said a word throughout the game, and you're acting like this is the seventh game of the NBA finals.

Casey: I've got a lot going on.

Dan: With your show.

Casey: That too. Check ball.

Casey bounces it to Dan. Dan flips it back to Casey.

Casey dribbles the ball to his right, fakes driving down the lane, and jumps back beyond the three-point line. Casey takes the shot as Dan screams. Casey hits the three-pointer and wins the game.

Casey: That's game.

Dan: Some game. You killed me.

Dan grabs the ball, and the two start walking off the court.

Dan: What else is going on?

Casey: Nothing.

Dan: You're acting very different, and I know it isn't because of the new show. Is it Charlie?

Casey: Charlie's fine.

Dan: Dana?

Casey: Wh...

Dan: It is Dana.

Casey: Well, yeah. So what if it is?

Dan: What's wrong?

Casey: Nothing. I'm just playing along with her plan.

Dan: What plan?

Casey and Dan stop walking.

Casey: Dana and I have refrained from sex for two months.

Dan: Why?

Casey: I don't know. She says it will improve our relationship because it will cause us to focus on the important things.

Dan: Like?

Casey: Anything not involving sex.

Dan: Okay. How long has this plan been going on?

Casey: A week.

Dan: Wait. You're like this after a week?

Casey: It's a little stress and some pent-up sexual frustration.

Dan: You have to tell Dana.

Casey: I've tried. She's determined that we do this together.

Dan: Your pledge of celibacy.

Casey: Yes. I've joined her on her level of lunacy.

Dan: Okay.


Jeremy knocks on Isaac's door. He walks in and notices a chess board set up on a small table. Jeremy tries to turn around.

Isaac: What is it Jeremy?

Jeremy: I've got the statistics for the college juniors declaring for the NFL draft. I was just wondering where you would like me to put them.

Isaac: I'll take them and pass the copies along to Kim, Sally, and Dana.

Jeremy: Thanks.

Jeremy hands Isaac the papers.

Isaac: Jeremy?

Jeremy: Isaac-

Isaac: Sit down, right now. You've been avoiding me for over a week.

Jeremy: Sir, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you. I don't want you to think badly of me if I beat you.

Isaac: The only reason I think badly of you is when you try to avoid the issue at hand.

Jeremy: Which is playing you in a game of chess.

Isaac: One game, Jeremy, and then I will leave you alone.

Jeremy: Just one game?

Isaac: One game.

Jeremy drops his head.

Jeremy: All right. I'll do it. Let's play.

Isaac: Great.

Isaac and Jeremy walk over to the table. Isaac sits in a chair next to the table while Jeremy pulls up a chair.

Isaac holds out his closed hands.

Isaac: Pick one.

Jeremy picks Isaac's left hand. Isaac opens it to reveal a black pawn.

Isaac: You're black, I'm white. I'll go first.

Isaac spins the board around and has the white pieces at his end of the board.

Isaac: I want you to play your normal game, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Okay.

Isaac moves a pawn forward two spaces.

Isaac: That's Bird's Opening.

Jeremy: I see that. I thought you weren't good.

Isaac: I haven't played in a while.

Jeremy moves a pawn forward two spaces. Isaac moves another pawn forward, and Jeremy moves his knight.

Isaac: This is good.

Jeremy: Yes.

Isaac: Getting the feel of the competition and developing your own strategy.

Isaac and Jeremy exchange moving pawns, and then they exchange moving their bishops.

Isaac: I didn't have anybody here to play, until you started working here.

Jeremy: I've been here for almost three-and-a-half years.

Isaac: I know.

Isaac slides his king over.

Jeremy: I just think it's a little strange that you are asking me to play after all this time.

Isaac: Just like chess, things take time to develop.

The two continue to make their moves as they talk.

Isaac: I remember when you first started working here. You were eager to learn, but you were scared of what lied ahead.

Jeremy: Are you attempting to throw my game off by trying to distract me?

Isaac: No, just having a friendly conversation.

Jeremy: Okay. This was a new job for me. I wanted to impress you... and not get fired.

Isaac: Well, you've done a good job of that.

Jeremy: I'm still employed here, so thank you.


Natalie is sitting on the sofa in Dana's office. She's watching Dana sleep with her head down on her desk.

Natalie: Dana?

Dana: Huh? Wha? Hey.

Dana wipes her eyes and sits back in her chair.

Dana: Good morning.

Natalie: It's afternoon.

Dana: I've been asleep all this time?

Natalie: It's ten minutes after twelve.

Dana: Oh. Good afternoon then. How long have you been watching me sleep?

Natalie: Long enough to know something is wrong.

Dana: Natalie.

Natalie: What happened?

Dana: I fell asleep.

Natalie: Where did you sleep?

Dana: On my desk.

Natalie: On... your desk?

Dana: Not completely on my desk.

Natalie: Why did you sleep on your desk?

Dana: Because it was closer to me than my sofa and I didn't want to sleep on my floor.

Natalie: Why didn't you go home?

Dana: Because I was asleep.

Natalie: Why were you sleepy?

Dana: Because I'd been awake for a very long time.

Natalie: How long had you been awake?

Dana: Probably less time than it seemed.

Natalie: Dana?

Dana: What?

Natalie: What happened between you and Casey?

Dana: Nothing.

Natalie: You have to talk to him.

Dana: Why?

Natalie: Because things are never going to be right unless you do.

Dana: Things are never going to be right anyway.

Natalie: You two are fighting.

Dana: No. We're not fighting.

Natalie: So what's wrong?

Dana: You know why we're not fighting?

Natalie: Why?

Dana: Because we're not talking... I want to... I want to go back to sleep.

Natalie: The sofa is right here.

Dana: The desk is right here.

Natalie: Your neck will be stiff.

Dana: Your hair is messy.

Natalie: Okay.

Dana: Why should I talk to him if we're not fighting?

Natalie: You realize that sentence made little if any sense?

Dana: Why are you telling me to talk to him if you know we're not fighting?

Natalie: Because things aren't right between you two, and you're both miserable.

Dana: What happened with the feed from Las Vegas?

Natalie: I'll have it in half an hour.

Dana: Thank you.

Natalie: No problem.

Natalie gets up.

Dana: Just talk to him?

Natalie: Yeah.

Dana: What should I say to him?

Natalie: Hello.

Dana: Hello?

Natalie: Hello. Hi. Good morning. Whatever feels natural.

Dana: What feels natural is going back to sleep.

Natalie: Then do that first. But please talk to him today.

Dana nods her head.

Dana: He thinks the plan was a bad idea.

Natalie: What plan?

Dana: My plan to improve our relationship.

Natalie: You had a plan, and you failed to confide in me?

Dana: Yes.

Natalie: I would be able to spot potential problems with your plans.

Dana: I realize that now.

Natalie: Good.

Dana: Natalie? You got a sec?

Natalie: Sure.

Natalie walks over and sits on the edge of Dana's desk.


Bobbi is in the conference room. She has papers laid out on the table and she is checking them over.

Dan walks in carrying a box and some papers.

Dan: You started without me?

Bobbi: I've got the different conferences laid out here. The men's teams are on this side and the women's teams are on this side.

Dan: Do you have any room for my stuff?

Bobbi: Sure.

As Bobbi clears off a space, Dan sets his papers in a chair and sets the box in the space.

Dan: That's yours.

Bobbi: What is it?

Dan: Open it.

Bobbi: Before we get started and before I even open this, I need to make myself clear.

Dan: Shoot.

Bobbi: I don't fraternize with co-workers. I don't go out to clubs, go shopping, or hang out with them.

Dan: Okay.

Bobbi: I like to keep my professional relationships strictly professional. I am more comfortable working in that type of environment.

Dan: Message received.

Bobbi: Are we clear?

Dan: Crystal clear.

Dan pushes the box toward Bobbi.

Bobbi: Dan-

Dan: Just open it.

Bobbi: All right.

Bobbi opens the top of the box. She folds down the sides and reveals a birthday cake with a single candle on top.

Dan pulls out a lighter and lights the candle.

Dan: Just because we don't hang out, doesn't mean we can't care and look out for each other.

Bobbi: Thank you, Dan.

Dan: Happy birthday, Bobbi.


Casey walks into Dana's office. Dana is sitting at her desk and has a small shopping bag sitting on the center of it.

Casey: Hey.

Dana: Hey.

Casey: Are you all right?

Dana: I think so.

Casey: I came as soon as I could, but I know the show will be starting up in less than thirty minutes. Are you sure you're all right?

Dana looks distraught as she sits in her chair. Casey stands in front of her desk.

Dana: Casey... I'm late.

Casey: Late for what? A deadline? A meeting?

Dana: Late-late.

Casey: Late-late?

Dana: Yes.

Casey: In the bag... is that a...

Dana: Yes.

Casey: Have you taken it?

Dana: Not yet.

Casey: Okay.

Casey stands next to Dana and puts his arm around her shoulder.

Casey: Do you want to find out?

Dana: I don't know.

Casey: Come on. Let's go.

Dana: Okay.

Casey helps Dana from her chair. Casey keeps him arm around Dana as she grabs the bag. Dana and Casey leave the office.


Jeremy walks in to Isaac's office.

Isaac: Are you ready to finish?

Jeremy: I've got a little time before the show.

Jeremy and Isaac go back to the chess board. Each side has lost several pieces, but Jeremy has more pieces than Isaac.

Jeremy moves his rook and takes Isaac's rook. Each side starts taking each other's pieces with each move.

Isaac: This is a pretty good game.

Jeremy: You do realize I'm going to win.

Isaac: Yes, I do.

Jeremy: It will be over in less than five moves.

Isaac: Aren't you supposed to say "check"?

Jeremy: It's not proper behavior.

Isaac: Really?

Jeremy: It's considered rude to say "check" or "checkmate." It is assumed that chess players recognize the position they are in.

Isaac: I don't mind if you say it.

Jeremy: Okay. Check.

Isaac makes a move, then Jeremy counters it.

Jeremy: Check.

Isaac makes another move, and Jeremy counters that one.

Jeremy: Check.

Isaac makes his final move. Jeremy moves his queen.

Jeremy: Checkmate.

Isaac looks at the board and smiles.

Isaac: That was a good game.

Jeremy: Yes, you are much better than I originally thought.

Isaac: Good.

Jeremy: I could teach you if you would like.

Isaac laughs as he walks back to his desk.

Isaac: That would be great.

Jeremy: We've got a show to do tonight.

Jeremy gets up to leave.

Isaac: So chess can teach one about life?

Jeremy: Not life itself, but life in general. It teaches you to look at the whole board. It makes you think of several moves ahead. One move can affect many other moves.

Isaac: I know.

Jeremy: Why did you ask?

Isaac: Jeremy? When you came to work here, did you expect you would be perfect in your job?

Jeremy: I hoped I would be perfect.

Isaac: But there were times when you made some mistakes- you made some bad moves.

Jeremy: Well, yes.

Isaac: This time that we've been playing, did you play a perfect game?

Jeremy: Technically, no. I should have been able to capture your king in fewer moves.

Isaac: Because you didn't make perfect moves.

Jeremy: That's correct.

Isaac: But you still won the game.

Jeremy: Yes.

Isaac gets up from his desk and walks toward Jeremy.

Isaac: Jeremy? I've been playing this game for years, and I've become good at it.

Jeremy: You mean chess?

Isaac: I mean running this show and all the shows.

Jeremy: You are good at what you do, sir.

Isaac: And its my job to see the big picture and make moves that would be advantageous for the show and this network.

Jeremy: That's correct.

Isaac: I've been looking over the various assignments and duties for the network, and I do have one position open for the Winter Games. Congratulations, son. You're going to Salt Lake.

Isaac shakes Jeremy's hand.

Sports Night

"On the next Sports Night..."

Dana is running down a corridor.

Dana: We've got him!

Dana is in Isaac's office as he sits at his desk.

Isaac: We've got him?

Dana: Yes!

Natalie is in the newsroom.

Natalie: We got him.

Casey and Dana are walking outside.

Casey: I got him.

Dana: You what?!

Dana, Isaac, Sam, and Donna Kendrick are in Isaac's office.

Isaac: Casey got him?

Sam: Casey got him.

Isaac: How?

Dana: I don't know.