Jeremy stops by Natalie's desk. Natalie is taking inventory of all the items in her desk.

Jeremy: Natalie.

Natalie: Jeremy.

Jeremy: Please?!

Natalie: I'll do it... later.

Jeremy: Why not now?

Natalie: How much would a box of paper clips cost?

Jeremy: I don't know. A couple of dollars?

Natalie: The jumbo clips.

Jeremy: I don't know.

Natalie writes something down.

Jeremy: Why can't you do it now?

Natalie: Because we're at work, and I've got work to do.

Jeremy: What are you doing?

Natalie: I'm taking inventory of all the items missing from my desk.

Jeremy: What?

Natalie: Items are missing from my desk, and I'm taking inventory of them.

Jeremy: I understood you the first time.

Natalie: Well, you see... I've got work to do.

Jeremy picks up a tape on Natalie's desk.

Jeremy: But this thing... this is work!

Natalie: This is a musical.

Jeremy: This is art!

Natalie: We work in sports!

Jeremy sits on the edge of Natalie's desk.

Jeremy: This is an important part of the things that are associated with the sports which we love. The pageantry. The excitement. The dedication. The beauty.

Natalie: Those are the things which we love?

Jeremy: Natalie.

Natalie: I'll watch your feature, Jeremy.

Jeremy: This isn't timeless, you know.

Natalie: It's a feature, right?

Jeremy: Yes.

Natalie: On a sport that has been around for a while and will be around for a while more?

Jeremy: Yes.

Natalie: And the next time anything even close to this sport will be televised will be at the Summer Games two years from now, right?

Jeremy: Right.

Natalie: I'd say it is kinda timeless, little man.

Jeremy: Little man?

Natalie: It kinda' rolls off the tongue.

Jeremy: Aah.

Natalie: Go away.

Jeremy: Dan?!

Jeremy leaps from the desk as Dan passes by.

Jeremy: What do you think?

Dan: What do I think?

Jeremy: Yes.

Dan stops walking.

Dan: I think there are times of opportunity. Times when unanswered questions are answered and can finally become a part of the solution called 'life.'

Jeremy: That is what you think?

Dan: That is the question, my friend. That is the question.

Jeremy: You're still wondering about Rebecca, aren't you?

Dan: Two days and then I will have the answers.

Jeremy: Well, I wasn't asking you what you thought about Rebecca. I was referring to the kur.

Dan: The huh?

Jeremy: The musical freestyle.

Dan: In what?

Jeremy: Dressage.

Dan: Which is what?

Jeremy: It's a sport.

Dan: Is it?

Dan and Jeremy begin walking toward Dan's office.

Jeremy: It's a respectable sport.

Dan: In which the players...

Jeremy: Ride horses. It is considered the truest form of communication between horse and rider.

Dan: It's like saying "giddy-up"?

Jeremy: No.

Jeremy and Dan enter Dan's office.

Dan: Do they jump?

Jeremy: It's not about excitement and risk. It's about the quieter thrill of truly discovering something about yourself as a rider and as a human being.

Dan: So, they jump?

Jeremy: No.

Dan: And you want to do...

Jeremy: A feature.

Dan begins flipping through the mail left on his desk.

Dan: Sounds a little boring.

Jeremy: Well, I've completed it already, and it isn't boring. It's not boring at all, yet Natalie still hasn't watched it.

Dan: When did you give it to her?

Jeremy: Almost two hours ago.

Dan: And you want me to do...

Jeremy: I'd like for you to watch it and give me your opinion of it.

Dan: It's boring.

Jeremy: No, it's not. Just give it a chance.

Dan: I couldn't view it anyway.

Jeremy: Why?

Dan: You have to understand our job responsibilities, Jeremy. For instance, I am an anchor.

Jeremy: Yes.

Dan: I do writing and reporting. I do segments and work on features.

Jeremy: Which is why you would be perfect.

Dan: But I have no input if a feature should be aired. So even though my opinion may count for something, it will basically have no influence if your feature will see the light of day or if it will end up in a dump bin.

Jeremy: Well, could you convince Natalie to watch it?

Dan: I could try.

Jeremy: That's all that I needed. Thanks.

Jeremy leaves the office.


Elliott sees Chris and Will standing outside of the newsroom.

Elliott: Hey, could you guys give me a hand over here?

Will: Sure.

Chris and Will follow Elliott into the newsroom and to his desk.

Chris: What seems to be the problem?

Elliott: The drawers to my desk will not open.

Will: Is it jammed?

Elliott: They're all jammed.

Will and Chris begin examining the desk.

Chris: Have you tried using a wedge?

Will: Or a flat-head screwdriver?

Chris: A flat-head screwdriver can be used as a wedge.

Will pulls on the drawer handles, and they don't budge.

Will: Something seems to have sealed them shut.

Kim walks over to Elliott's desk.

Kim: What's up guys?

Elliott: I can't open my desk.

Kim: Why not?

Will tries to jiggle a handle as he takes a closer look.

Chris: The drawers aren't opening.

Will: I think they are glued shut.

Kim: Someone glued your desk shut?

Elliott: Apparently.

Will pulls really hard and manages to rip off a handle. He hands it to Elliott.

Will: It's definitely glued shut.


Dana is sitting at her desk doing some paperwork when there is a knock on her door. She checks her watch.

Dana: Come in.

The door opens and Casey walk in. He is carrying a paper bag.

Casey: Hey. I've got your lunch.

Dana: Great. Thanks. You can set it over there.

Casey sets the bag on the edge of her desk.

Casey: Have you heard back from the doctor?

Dana: About?

Casey: The tests.

Dana: It was a chorionic villus sampling.

Casey: Yeah. The results are due back today.

Dana: They were due back yesterday.

Casey: And?

Dana: I haven't called.

Casey: Why?

Dana: Casey? I've got a lot of work to do. If there was a problem, they would have called.

Casey: But you're eleven... (softens his voice) you're eleven weeks along.

Dana: I'm fine. I've only gained two pounds. My exhaustion seems to be subsiding, and I've hardly had any effects of morning sickness. I'm fine. The doctors say I'm fine. If there was a problem, they would have called.

Casey: But Dana-

The door opens and Casey straightens up. Natalie walks in.

Natalie: Hey, Casey. Dana.

Casey: Hey, Natalie.

Natalie: What's this? You're bringing Dana her lunch again? This is becoming a regular occurrence.

Casey: I'm making sure Dana is eating healthy.

Dana: So. What's up with Jeremy and this horse segment-feature-thing he's concocted?

Natalie: I don't know.

Dana: You haven't watched the tape?

Natalie: I tried.

Dana: And?

Natalie: It was really boring.

Dana: Uh-huh.

Natalie: Yes.

Dana: Did you tell him?

Natalie: Yes.

Dana: What did he say?

Natalie: He said, and I quote, "Natalie, Natalie. You just don't understand the monumental amount of precision training and conditioning that go into such a splendid exhibition. Would it help if I added a section on that to the tape?"

Dana: He's really that certain?

Natalie: He's nervous. So what should I tell him?

Dana: What did you tell him?

Natalie: I told him we weren't airing it.

Dana: And?

Natalie: He chose not to believe me.

Dana: Okay. Casey? You need anything for your show?

Casey: Didn't we just go through some allegations that I was taking away your features to focus them on my show?

Dana: Yeah, but when it's crap like this, I'll offer it to anybody.



Back in the newsroom, Elliott pushes a button and hangs up his phone.

Elliott: Natalie? You have a call on line two.

Natalie: Who is it?

Elliott: William Kirk, the assistant A.D. at Virginia.

Natalie: I'll take it.

Natalie walks over to her desk. She sees Jeremy holding a tape in his hand and quickly approaching her desk.

Jeremy: I've added some more to the tape!

Natalie: Not now, Jeremy. I've got a call.

As Natalie watches Jeremy, she quickly picks up the phone. The receiver is stuck to the base as Natalie smacks the side of her head with it. Natalie falls to the floor, basically giving herself a "technical knock-out."


Dana is on the phone while she is sitting at her desk.

Dana: (on phone) That's good. Everything turned out negative. (listens) I understand I need to be strict when it comes to the medical time line, but I have priorities at work I need to keep. (listens) I understand my employers need to know what is going on, but I work in a business... okay, I know you are just giving me advice and I have taken heed of it.

There is a knock on Dana's door. She looks up and sees Isaac standing outside.

Dana: (on phone) I've got to go. I'll try to do a better job of following what is recommended. (waves Isaac to enter) I promise. (listens) Have a good day.

Isaac closes the door after he enters.

Isaac: I hope that was Robert Dennard on the phone.

Dana: No, it wasn't. I was taking care of something else.

Isaac: It's strange that we have not heard back from him.

Dana: Maybe something came up.

Isaac: He's our source inside the Yankee organization. All the other networks are running features on the trade rumors. We've ended up reporting what ESPN and Fox Sports have already reported.

Dana: I know. We'll work on it.

Isaac: I don't like our programs saying, "ESPN is reporting" and "Fox Sports is reporting." We do have reporters here who can do some investigating, don't we?

Dana: I'm sure everyone is trying their best. Marcus has been trying to get sources outside of Dennard to comment on the rumors.

Isaac: You've heard about all the damage being done to the newsroom, haven't you?

Dana: I am aware of Elliott's desk being glued shut and Natalie knocking herself in the head, among other things.

Isaac: This has been going on long enough.

Dana: I'm in total agreement. I'll mention it during rundown.

Isaac: Good.


Dan unlocks the door to his apartment. The two enter. Dan flips on the light and closes the door behind them. JoAnne takes off her jacket and throws it on the couch.

JoAnne: Small crowds, no lines, hardly any waiting.

Dan: The seats at the show were great.

JoAnne: It allows us to get back earlier.

Dan: What should we do with the extra time?

JoAnne wraps her arms around Dan and gives him a seductive kiss.

JoAnne: Did you have any suggestions?

Dan: There's probably a few games still playing on television.

JoAnne pushes Dan away.

JoAnne: The cable is broken.

Dan: No, it's not. It's perfectly fine. Let me show-

JoAnne kisses Dan.

JoAnne: Trust me. The cable... is out.

Dan: No television.

JoAnne: None.

Dan: And I suppose the radio...

JoAnne: Nothing worth listening to.

Dan: That doesn't leave much for us to do.

JoAnne: I can think of only a few things to do.

Dan: I'm thinking of one.

JoAnne: Really?

Dan: We can't do it in here. We'll have to go to my bedroom.

JoAnne: Who said we can't do it in here?

Dan: Go ahead and get ready. I'll meet you in there.

JoAnne: Okay.

JoAnne slowly walks into Dan's bedroom. He longingly watches her emphasize her shape as she walks and closes the door. Dan is beside himself.

Dan: Okay. Two minutes... starting now.

Dan takes off his jacket and opens his coat closet. He searches for a hanger, but can't immediately find one. He tosses his jacket inside the closet and closes the door as the jacket falls to the floor.

Dan straightens his clothes out as he prepares to enter his bedroom. He looks over and notices a light blinking on his answering machine. He walks over and presses the button. The machine begins to rewind itself.

With his bedroom door closed, Dan can hear JoAnne.

JoAnne: I'm ready for you, stud muffin.

Dan smiles and opens his bedroom door. He looks inside the darkened room, unable to see where JoAnne is hiding.

"BEEP. Hey, Danny. It's Rebecca. I've made reservations at the French Laundry-"

Dan lunges over trying shut off his answering machine.

"-for Saturday night at 8 P.M. It will be great to see you again and have a chance to talk with you-"

Dan finally unplugs the machine.

JoAnne's head appears as the door hides the rest of her body.

JoAnne: What was that?

Dan: I didn't want you to hear about this that way.

JoAnne: And what way would have been better?

Dan: I was going to tell you once Rebecca made the reservations.

JoAnne closes the door, leaving Dan outside of his bedroom.

JoAnne: Have you been seeing her?

Dan: No. No! We bumped into each other on the street the other day. We haven't spoken to each other since we broke up, and we thought it might be nice to do it over dinner... uh... talk... it might be nice to talk over dinner!

JoAnne: Were you going to see how dinner went before you told me?

Dan: I was going to tell you as soon as I found out.

JoAnne opens up the bedroom door. She hastily walks out, dressed exactly as when she entered.

Dan: I didn't know if she was actually going to make the reservations. I thought she was going to bail out on it.

JoAnne: Well, I'm glad you have something to look forward to on Saturday night.

Dan: It isn't that way.

JoAnne: You bump into your ex-girlfriend and you ask her out to dinner?

Dan: She's the one who did the asking.

JoAnne: And being the perfect gentleman, you graciously accepted.

Dan: Come on, Jo. Nothing is going to come of it. We go out, eat dinner, catch up on a few things, and that is it.

JoAnne: How can I be so sure?

Dan: I'm just a little surprised you are acting like this.

JoAnne: You're surprised? Well excuse me, if I am a little surprised myself.

Dan: For pete's sake, you have Dr. Beefcake as a roommate. I thought you would be a little more understanding.

JoAnne: First of all, I haven't slept with Dr. Beefcake, as opposed to you sleeping with your ex-girlfriend.

Dan: It's just dinner. Nothing more is going to come of this. I never did anything with you when I was dating Rebecca. We only went out for dinner, remember?

JoAnne: And when you broke up with Rebecca, you ended up with me. And now you are going out for just dinner with her.

Dan: I just want to clarify... our first date was one in which you won as the highest bidder at a charity auction. You made the first move on me.

JoAnne: And now, Rebecca is asking you out to dinner.

JoAnne starts to cry. Dan walks over and holds her.

JoAnne: It's just I remember the way you talked about Rebecca. I remember the way you said you loved her. I know you had feelings for her. I know you wanted that relationship to work.

Dan: That was before I started dating you.

JoAnne: I remember what you said.

Dan: What I said was about a relationship that was destined to fail. I wasn't going to be able to completely trust Rebecca. She left the first time, she came back, and we got back together; but it wasn't the same. I didn't have the same relationship with Rebecca because the circumstances had changed. The trust that was there the first time wasn't there the second time around. Jo? You've got to trust me on this. You are not going to lose me.

Dan kisses JoAnne on her forehead.

JoAnne: I can make your life truly miserable, if you screw up.

Dan: Well, I'm not going to screw up.

Dan and JoAnne hug.

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