It Don't Mean a Thing, If She Ain't Got That Ring



Dan leads Kim from the control room and into the audio room.

Dan: I want to show you something.

Kim: What is it?

Dan pulls out a velvet box, opens it, and shows Kim the engagement ring.

Dan: What do you think?

Kim: I've received marriage proposals before from complete strangers, but I didn't expect this.

Dan: Why does everybody think the ring is for them?

Kim: It's your presentation.

Dan: I'm seeking advice on proposing to Jo. Since you hang out a little bit with her, I figure you would be someone I could turn to.

Kim: The ring is beautiful.

Dan: Thanks. And I'm not going to hold Connor against you.

Kim: You can if you really want to.

Dan: Let me rephrase-

Kim: You're not upset because Jo met Connor through me, and now they're roommates.

Dan: That sounds better.

Kim: Are you really serious about this?

Dan: Yes.

Kim: I don't know, Dan.

Dan: Why?

Kim: Is this a way to get Jo from Connor?

Dan: No. I don't mind them living together.

Kim: Because a few weeks ago, you were suggesting either I get Connor as a roommate or I get Jo as a roommate. It sounded like you were plotting something to get those two apart.

Dan: I'm not plotting against Connor.

Kim: Dan, I think its too soon to be taking you very seriously.

Dan: But I am being serious.

Kim: It's too soon.

Dan puts the ring back in his pocket.

Dan: You won't say anything?

Kim: About?

Dan: Our conversation.

Kim: What conversation?

Dan: The conversation we're having right now.

Kim: We're having a conversation? I don't remember us having a conversation.

Dan: Oh... okay.

Kim: Thanks, Dan.

Kim rubs Dan on the arm and then leaves the room.


Natalie is standing in the newsroom and checking items off her clipboard when Lindsey approaches.

Natalie: How's your progress?

Lindsey: Good. I outlined today's rundown. I used different colored markers for each type of segment. For instance, blue is a feature, red is a segment used in an earlier edition, green means we'll be receiving a live feed, orange is highlights-

Natalie: Where did you use the colors?

Lindsey: On the index cards. It will be easier to spot things right away. For instance you can just glance down and know that you can't put three highlight segments together.

Natalie: How are we supposed to know what color stands for what?

Lindsey: I also created a handy key to follow. I made one for you, one for Dana, one for Jeremy, and one for Isaac.

Natalie: Lindsey.

Lindsey: Yes?

Natalie: I know it was very competitive to become an intern here and you are trying really hard to impress us, but there are times when you need to just listen and do as you were told.

Lindsey: You don't like the color-coding?

Natalie: I didn't say if I liked it or hated it. I don't want to stop your creative process, so don't take this the wrong way. When you think of something new, please run it by myself or Dana before you take the initiative to do it yourself.

Lindsey: All right.

Natalie: Now Elliott and Dan are finishing up the preview of the National League West, and you'll need to check with them to see if they need anything additional.

Lindsey: All right.

Natalie: You're doing a good job here. Keep it up.

Lindsey: Thank you.

Lindsey walks off in search of Elliott.

Natalie checks one more item off her checklist and heads toward Dan's office.

Dan is typing at his computer as Natalie enters his office.

Natalie: Bobbi's leaving for the Final Four tomorrow.

Dan: I know.

Natalie: Also, Tina and Mike are rotating your co-anchor position while she's away.

Dan: I already know that, too.

Natalie: And baseball is starting up this weekend.

Dan: I was planning on catching the game at Yankee Stadium. The Orioles and the Yankees.

Natalie: Yeah, and Tina and Mike are rotating the anchor position because Bobbi will be away.

Dan: I already knew that before you entered, but you still insist on telling me.

Natalie: Tina has Thursday, Saturday, and Monday. Mike has Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday.

Dan: Bobbi's not back on Tuesday?

Natalie: Bobbi is off on Tuesday. And Mike is covering the Mets and Pirates home openers.

Dan: Good thing Mike isn't covering the openers and doing the show.

Natalie: I know.

Dan: Wait. Mike is covering the openers?

Natalie: Yeah.

Dan: And Tina is anchoring with me on Monday.

Natalie: Yeah.

Dan: I was scheduled to be off on Monday.

Natalie: That was before the network decided to send Bobbi down to the-

Dan: The Final Four, yeah. The Yankees and Orioles open on Monday night. That only gives me 30 minutes to get from Yankee Stadium to here, and you know how bad traffic can be leaving the stadium. Plus, if the game goes extra innings, then we might have a problem.

Natalie: Not really.

Dan looks at Natalie.

Dan: I'm not going to the game.

Natalie: I'm sorry to give you the bad news.

Dan: It's the opening game.

Natalie: If it's any consolation, you have Wednesday off. You can catch the third game of the series.

Dan: It's not the first game; it's the third game. It doesn't have the first cracks of the bat, dirt on the uniforms, and the red, white, and blue bunting. Who has bunting on the third game of the season? Nobody, because it's the third game and not the first game of the season.

Natalie: It's a long season.

Dan: I know.

Natalie: Each team plays 162 games.

Dan: And only one first game- it's opening night, Natalie.

Natalie: I am well aware of that.

Dan shakes his head.

Dan: You're not going to change the schedule.

Natalie: I'm just delivering the message. I don't have any control over the schedule.

Dan: Where's Dana?

Natalie: She has a doctor's appointment.

Dan: Where's Isaac?

Natalie: In a meeting.

Dan: So that leaves you in charge.

Natalie: And they'll be back in charge when they come back. I'm not changing the schedule.

Dan: Natalie-

Natalie abruptly leaves the office. Dan jumps from his chair and catches up to Natalie in the newsroom.

Natalie walks quickly through the newsroom, but Dan keeps in step with her.

Natalie: I'm not doing it, Dan.

Dan: I don't ask you for many favors.

Natalie: You ask me for plenty of favors.

Dan: Okay. Important ones. This is an important one.

Natalie stops.

Natalie: Does this have to do with the ring?

Dan: Ring?

Natalie: You're going to propose to Jo on opening night at Yankee Stadium. Now I understand. Danny, it's not terribly romantic, but if she is a huge baseball fan-

Dan: I'm not proposing to her on opening night.

Natalie: Then when are you planning on popping the question?

Dan: I'm seeking people's advice before I ask her to marry me. I'm going to do this right.

Natalie: Okay.

Natalie looks annoyed as she walks away.

Dan: What?

Dan again catches up to Natalie, this time, outside of the control room.

Dan: What is it, Natalie?

Natalie: I'm not talking to you.

Natalie walks into the control room and Dan follows.

Dan: What? I should propose to Jo at the game?

Natalie: No.

Dan: Then what is it?

Natalie: You didn't seek my advice.

Dan: I saw you last night. You had to leave.

Natalie takes some notes. Dan holds the door for her as the two leave the control room and walk onto the set.

Natalie: When was the first time you saw me today?

Dan: I don't know. Just right now, I guess.

Natalie: Right. And how long have you been here today?

Dan: A little over three hours.

Natalie: And in that three-hour time span, you didn't attempt to seek out and find-

Dan: Okay, so I didn't find you right away.

Natalie: And you didn't even call me or try to leave me a message last night.

Dan: I've learned my lesson that I should have come to you sooner.

Natalie: No, you haven't.

Dan: We've all been pretty busy. What do you want me to do?

Natalie: Beg.

Dan looks at Natalie. He folds his hands and leans over toward her.

Dan: Please, Natalie. What do you think I should do?

Natalie: Do you have the ring?

Dan rolls his eyes, but he still reaches into his pocket and pulls out the engagement ring. He shows Natalie, and she closely examines it.

Natalie: I think you should hold off on it.

Natalie hands the ring back to Dan. Then, shewalks through the studio and leaves Dan stationary and momentarily stunned.

Dan: What?

Natalie: Don't do it!

Dan runs up to Natalie as the two walk outside of the editing bay.

Dan: You didn't like the ring? I know the mounting should help make the diamond look bigger, but it is one-and-three-quarter carats.

Natalie: It's not the ring.

Dan: Then-

Natalie: I don't think you're ready.

Dan: But-

Natalie: And I know you've given Jeremy your little black book, but I think you need to give it a little more time. I'm sorry.

Dan slides the ring into his pocket.

Dan: This is because I didn't come to you sooner.

Natalie: No, it's not.

Dan: Working on Monday won't be a problem. I'll miss the game.

Natalie: That's fine, but I think you need to hold off. Sorry, Dan, but I've got to go.

Natalie leaves Dan standing outside of the editing room.


Dana enters the lobby of the building. She is carrying a large cardboard box as she approaches the security checkpoint and metal detectors. She sees the security guard waiting to scan her I.D. badge.

Dana: Afternoon, John.

John: Good afternoon.

Dana sets the box down and reaches into her pocket.

Dana: Hold on a minute.

Dana goes off to the side and frantically searches her pockets. Security continues to scan other I.D. badges and have people walk through the detectors. Dana opens up her purse and searches through it. She lets out a frustrated growl and gathers her belongings. She tries to go through the checkpoint.

Dana: I don't seem to have my I.D. badge on me today.

Dana tries to go through the detector, but the security guard stops her.

John: I'm sorry, but I can't let you go in.

Dana: I work here.

John: I need to swipe your badge so it can record your time.

Dana: I don't have it with me.

John: I can't let you go through.

Dana: John, I see you every morning and every evening. You recognize me. I'm Dana Whitaker, executive producer for "Sports Night." I'm running late for a meeting, so if you could just let me through-

Dana tries to squeeze around the security guard, but he finally grabs hold of her.

John: I'm sorry, Ms. Whitaker, but I cannot let you enter without an official I.D. badge.

Dana: But I work here!

John: I know that miss, but we are under strict guidelines when it comes to security.

Dana: I don't believe this.

John: If you could step aside, I'm sure we can resolve this situation.

Dana: I'm not stepping aside, and we can resolve this by letting me through.

John: I can't do that, miss.

A second security guard approaches.

Second Security Guard: Is there a problem here?

Dana: Keith! I've somehow misplaced my badge, and I'm just trying to get through.

Keith: We can't do that unless you have your badge.

Dana: I don't have it!

Keith: Well, we could always give you a temporary badge and let you in as a visitor.

Dana: But I work here. You know me, and I know you. I'm not a visitor, I work here. I work here!

Dana drops her box on the floor. As Keith goes to pick it up, Dana tries to scoot around him. John stops her once again.

John: Miss Whitaker, I'm sorry.

Dana: Get your hands off me.

John releases Dana, and Keith hands the box back to Dana.

Keith: You can call upstairs and have someone come down to escort you to your floor. We can issue a temporary badge-

Dana: I'm late for a meeting; I don't have time.

Keith: We have strict policies, ma'am.

Dana: You and your policies. Look. I am having a terrible day. I just got back from the doctor and she had some concerns. I'm late for a meeting and my feet hurt. My back hurts and my legs hurt. Please, I beg of you to kindly let me in.

Keith: Ma'am, we can't do that.

Dana: I know, I know... because you can't scan my badge.

John: Yes, miss. We can arrange a phone call-

Dana: Look! I'm looking for some understanding and some kindness and some generosity! I am fifteen weeks pregnant, and I am very moody! You don't cross a woman who is borne with child!

Onlookers begin to gather around.

Dana: Now, you're going to let me walk through that detector right now, and we'll go about our day!

Keith: Ma'am, I'm sorry-

Dana: You're not sorry! Yeah, I'm sure I'm a security risk! A pregnant woman is a risk! Hold on a minute, maybe I'm not really pregnant! Maybe a bomb was planted in my womb and I'm going to blow up the building! The second I walk through the detectors all the lights and sirens are going to go off because I've made myself a lethal weapon! Damn it! Let me in!

As the onlookers look in horror, the two security guards flank Dana on each side as they reach inside their back pockets.


Inside the conference room, the rundown meeting is ready to begin. The chair at the head of the table is empty, but seated around the table is Natalie, Dan, Bobbi, Jeremy, Sam, Chris, and Will. Dave, Elliott, Lindsey, and Isaac stand along the wall of the room.

Natalie: Well, we've waited long enough.

Elliott: Go ahead, Isaac.

Isaac sits in the empty chair, which was reserved for Dana.

Sam: The show has been very crisp over the past week. It hasn't reflected in the ratings, but Rome wasn't built overnight.

Dan: I thought the saying is "Rome wasn't built in a day."

Sam: I wasn't trying to use the saying.

Dan: And I assume the Rome you thought of wasn't in Italy.

Sam: It was.

Natalie: Okay, we've got our baseball previews focusing on the National League West.

Dan: Everything is coming together, and it should be ready within the next hour.

Natalie: Good. Jack called from spring training to say a couple of veterans may be released today, so Elliott keep a close watch on the wire to see what happens.

Elliott: Got it.

Natalie: Jeremy, how's the playoff run shaping up?

Jeremy: It's looking good. I'm doing an interesting piece on free throw percentage and victories in close games. It will give a good analysis of what the teams will be up against.

Natalie: Okay, Bobbi. You're still doing the NCAA Final Four. You'll be taping segments from the site starting tomorrow. We've arranged an interview with All-American Richie Flowers, so we're hoping you can put together a good piece on him.

Lindsey: He's going to be a superstar in the NBA.

Natalie: He'll definitely be a lottery pick.

Bobbi: I think he'll be drafted in the first round, but he'll probably have an average career at best.

Lindsey: He's led his team to the Final Four. He averaged 24 points and 11 rebounds during the season, and he's been averaging 27 points and 12 rebounds in the tournament. He's going to be awesome.

Bobbi: He can score and rebound at the college level, but his 6' 7" frame will make it difficult to play his natural power forward position in the pros.

Lindsey: If Richie Flowers is overrated, then why are we promoting him by doing an interview?

Bobbi: He's still a tremendous college basketball player.

Sam: Plus, it will receive positive ratings.

Natalie: Moving on, Mike is doing the NFL draft preview. He's been scouring around trying to get information. It's three weeks away, but we need to be on top of everything. (to Chris and Will) Guys, how are the profiles coming along?

Chris: We've got graphics and images ready of most of the players at the combines. What's the word on the new graphical interface?

Will: They've been talking about this for almost a year.

Natalie: I haven't heard anything about it. Sam?

Sam: It's not coming.

Chris: Okay.

Dan: Hasn't the network already spent a lot of money developing the new systems?

Sam: And it needs more money to implement and run them. They've stopped funding for now, but they plan to resume the development in the future. That's the official word.

Will: When?

Sam: I don't own a crystal ball.

Chris: Have they set up a timetable?

Sam: The network's stance is that they will have it out in the future. Between you and me, its never coming. The network is going to spend the money elsewhere.

Isaac: Sam, this is all very interesting. Why haven't I been informed of these changes?

Sam: There hasn't been a meeting. I'm just going on a hunch.

Isaac: And you are usually right on your hunches.

Sam: I have a favorable percentage of being correct.

Kim enters the conference room.

Kim: Guys? We've got to go.

Natalie: We're in the middle of a meeting.

Kim: They're evacuating us out of the building.

Isaac: What is it?

Kim: Something with security. We need to go now.

Everyone gets up and starts leaving.

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