A Good Time Was Had by All

Original Release Date: May 21, 2002

Written by:
Jim Hamilton

"Place Your Vote!" Result:
Will Sam Donovan stay with the network or will he once again walk away?

Estimated Run Time:



"Five minutes to air. First team to the studio."

Dan is standing behind the set and adjusting his gray jacket. As soon as he sees Bobbi walking toward the anchor desk, he walks over to her.

Dan: Ready?

Bobbi: Yes, Dan.

Bobbi smooths out her cornflower outfit as the two walk together.

Dan: You look good tonight.

Bobbi: Thank you. Wardrobe did a really fine job this evening.

Dan: Say, are you still dating that Rob guy?

Bobbi: I think we've been over this before Dan.

Dan: That was a few weeks ago. I am just trying to keep up-to-date with current events.

Bobbi: My personal life is something with which you need periodic updates?

Dan: I'm just seeing how things are going for you.

Bobbi: Fine.

The two walk into the studio.

Dan: When do you anticipate Rob coming back into town?

Bobbi: I don't know.

Dan: You don't know?

Bobbi: Just like you, the White House has to keep up-to-date with current events. Things can change in a moment's notice.

Dan: Well, let's just say that nothing major happens. It's a boring week, and Rob calls you up to tell you that he's coming to town to visit you.

Bobbi: Politics isn't boring, Dan.

Dan: And that's where we agree.

Dan and Bobbi reach the anchor desk.

Bobbi: What are you saying?

Dan: I'm just saying that it would be interesting to possibly meet Rob.

Bobbi: You want to meet him?

Dan takes his seat and begins putting on his microphone.

Dan: Yeah. It will be one of those "make a good first impression," chit-chat kind of things.

Bobbi: You just want to meet Rob... just to chit-chat?

Dan: It would be nice, especially if you just have him swing by the set.

As Bobbi takes her seat, Alyson comes over and applies a last-minute touch-up on Dan with her makeup brush.

Bobbi: Okay.

Dan: So you'll have him swing by the next time he's in town?

Bobbi: I'll think about having him swing by.

Dan: Great. Alyson? Is that a new kind of perfume you are wearing?

Alyson: It's the same one I wear every night.

Dan: Hmm. It smells good, but something smells different.

Alyson: Yeah.

Elliott stops by the anchor desk as Alyson begins working on Bobbi.

Elliott: Hey, guys.

Dan: How's it going, Elliott?

Elliott: Fine.

Bobbi: Dan wants to keep up-to-date with current events.

Elliott: Dan, I ate a danish since the last time we saw each other.

Dan: Oh-kay. What do you need?

Elliott: Just a few changes on the Lakers and Nets.

Dan starts flipping through his hard copy.

Elliott: Initially, after sixteen, Kelly was going to throw it back to you. There's the possibility we may have a live interview, so be prepared to keep it in L.A.

Bobbi: What will we drop?

Elliott: We'll just flash the scores of the college baseball and softball games instead of showing some highlights.

Dan: Is there anything else we'll drop?

Elliott: Natalie will make the call if the interview runs long.

Dan: Of course, it will run long.

Elliott: Then Natalie will make the call.

Dan: Thanks, Elliott.

Elliott: No problem.

Alyson hops off the set as Elliott begins to walk away from the anchor desk.

Dan: Say, Elliott? Do you smell something different?

Elliott: No, I can't smell a thing.

Dan: Is it just me?

Bobbi: I smell it also.

Elliott: What is it?

Dan: You can't smell it?

Elliott: I said I can't smell anything.

Dan: You mean... you lost your sense of smell?

Elliott: No. I'm congested because of my allergies.

Dan: Well, does anybody smell anything up here?

Elliott: What does it smell like?

Dan: Like... I don't know. It's like when you turn on the heater for the first time in the winter. All the dust that collected in the air ducts starts to burn and release a scent- the same scent I'm smelling right now.

Elliott: I'll check to see if anyone has turned on the heat.

Dan: Yeah. It's odd that they would be doing this during the summer. And make a note to make sure they also clean out the air vents. That might be why your allergies are bothering you.

Elliott: Okay, I'll check back with you.


Inside the control room, the crew is getting ready for the show.

Natalie: Let me hear Kelly in L.A.

Chris leans over to whisper toward Will.

Chris: It will be nice when Dana comes back.

Will: It will certainly be nice.

Natalie: Does anybody have the status of the interview?

Elliott enters the control room.

Natalie: Elliott?

Elliott: Natalie.

Natalie: Are you working on the interview?

Elliott: Which one?

Natalie: L.A.?

Elliott: I just forwarded the message to Dan and Bobbi.

Natalie: Are you working on it?

Elliott: Do I have to do everything around here?

Dan can be seen and heard through the monitors.

Dan: Guys? Are you picking up on this?

Natalie: (into microphone) What are you looking for Danny?

Dave: I'm not picking anything up.

Dan: It smells like something's burning.

Natalie: (into microphone) We don't have smell-o-vision here, Danny. We can only tell you what's going on through the monitors.

Dan: And?

Natalie: (into microphone) We don't see a fire.

Elliott: I'm having them check the heating ducts to see if they are burning off excess dust.

Everyone looks at Elliott.

Elliott: It's a possibility.

Kim enters the control room.

Natalie: Preview 12 and 12a. Kim? What's the word with L.A.?

Kim: We got the interview?

Natalie: I'm asking you.

Kim: I thought you knew the answer.

Natalie: I wouldn't be asking you if I already knew the answer.

Kim: Well, I'm not working on it.

Natalie: Is anybody working on it?!

Chris: (whispering to Will) It will really be nice when Dana comes back.

Will nods his head in agreement.

Dave: (into microphone) One minute VTR, two minutes live. (to Chris and Will) What are you two talking about?

Will: Nothing.

Chris: Nothing much.

Will: It was just an observation.

Chris: Just a small observation.

Dave: Okay.

Chris: It will be great when Dana comes back.

Dave: Yeah.

Jeremy enters the control room via the studio. He stands next to Dave.

Chris: We'll be reunited again.

Will: Like a big family.

Jeremy: What are you guys talking about?

Dave: Dana coming back.

Jeremy: She's coming back?! It will be wonderful when she returns. This place hasn't been run the same without her.

Jeremy looks over and catches a nasty glare from Natalie.

Jeremy: What I mean is... everyone has done a fine job with the show. In fact, I declare that no one could have done a better job. I'll be happy when Dana comes back because our workloads will be less strenuous and hectic.

Natalie: That sounds better.

Jeremy: Also, we received clearance for the interview.

Natalie: That sounds even better.

Kim: Has Dana said when she is coming back?

Natalie: She hasn't given me a date.

Kim: Speaking of dates, it would be nice to go on one once she gets back.

Elliott: Like you have trouble getting dates.

Kim: I have trouble because I'm helping produce two shows. Once Dana comes back, I can be out of here by 8 and on a date by 9.

Elliott: What are you doing now?

Kim: I'm out by midnight and in bed by 1.

Elliott: If it would help, some of us could take you out after work.

The men in the room each volunteer to take Kim out.

Kim: Are any of you buying?

The men shake their heads "no" or are unsure if they should pay.

Kim: Then I'm not going.


As Bobbi and Dan sit at the anchor desk, the taped introduction can be heard playing in the background.

Dan is looking at Bobbi as she writes down some notes on her hard copy.

Dan: So, you'll think about it?

Bobbi: I don't have time to think if you keep pestering me about it.

Dan: Could I give you a gentle reminder?

Bobbi: No.

Dan: What if you forget?

Bobbi: Then I guess you and Rob will never have a chance to meet.

Dan: I'll remind you once a week, tops.

Bobbi: If I promise you I'll ask him, will you stop bugging me about it?

Dan: Sure.

Bobbi: I'll ask him the next time I speak to him.

Dan: Great. Show mode. Time for show mode.

Bobbi: You got the changes?

Dan: Yeah.

Bobbi: Because you were talking to me as Natalie was talking in our ears.

Dan: Yeah. We're just showing the scores on college baseball, college softball, ATP, and WTA.

Bobbi: Good.

Dan: I'll just have you know that I didn't just go to college just to party. I picked up a few things while I was there.

Dave: (over intercom) In 5, 4, 3, 2...

Dan: (on-air) Good evening. From New York, I'm Dan Rydell sitting alongside Bobbi Bernstein. Those stories plus...


Isaac is sitting inside his office and watching the broadcast feed and Dan through one of his monitors. Sam stands in front of his desk.

Isaac: They want both of us at the meeting tomorrow.

Sam: They've been pretty tight-lipped about it.

Isaac: Any idea what they are going to talk about tomorrow, Sam?

Sam: I figure they'll want to talk about the future.

Isaac: Specifically your future, my future, and the show's future.

Sam: And the network's future.

Isaac: Twenty-fours hours from now, do you think everything will be different?

Sam: Nah.

Isaac: I like your confidence.

Sam: We could always threaten to quit and walk away.

Isaac laughs.

Isaac: Confident and daring.

Sam: You understand how I feel about the working environment.

Isaac: If you leave, you can walk into a number of jobs. If I leave, I'm walking into retirement.

Sam: A number of networks would come calling for someone of your caliber.

Isaac: At my age? I appreciate your vote of confidence, Sam.

The two watch Dan and Bobbi on the broadcast.


Later in the broadcast, Dan is covering a story.

Dan: (on-air) Darryl Underwood will miss his scheduled start against the Rockies tomorrow after his arrest for indecent exposure and public urination outside of a Denver nightclub. Underwood, Underwood's agent, and a spokesperson for the team each declined to comment, but I think it is safe to say that Underwood didn't have a successful relief opportunity.

Bobbi: (on-air) We're going to switch gears and go to the highlights on the fields tonight...

Inside the control room, Jeremy notices something in a monitor.

Jeremy: Natalie?

Dave: I can see it.

Natalie looks at the monitor.

Natalie: We'll fix it during the break.

Chris: What is it?

Will points to the monitor, and Chris sees the problem.

Chris: We probably lost power there.

As Bobbi continues to do her story, Dan sits quietly and follows along through his hard copy. While glancing over the page, Dan notices something out of the corner of his eye.

Chris: Natalie?

Natalie: We'll fix it during the break.

Will: We might have a serious problem.

Natalie looks at the camera three monitor and sees a shot of Dan looking very worried.

Natalie: How much time, Dave?

Dave: Probably fifteen seconds.

Natalie: Elliott and Jeremy?

Elliott and Jeremy each get up from their chairs.

Jeremy: We're on it.

Elliott and Jeremy quickly leave the control room and enter the studio.

Bobbi continues to do her story. She focuses on camera one, but she is clearly distracted. Dan quietly pushes his chair away from the desk.

Bobbi: ...and we'll have more highlights later in the broadcast. We'll be right back.

Dave: We're out.

Dan: FIRE!!!

Dan starts to dump his mug of water on the front of the anchor desk. Jeremy and Elliott run over with fire extinguishers and shoot them toward the burning CSC logo on the anchor desk.

Jeremy: Dan, it's an electrical fire!

Dan: FIRE!!!

Dan drizzles water from a water bottle on the fire. Bobbi walks away from the anchor desk.

When Jeremy and Elliott stop spraying the extinguishers, the fire is clearly out.

Dan: I told you I smelled something!

Elliott: I thought it was the heat.

Dan: The desk was on fire. The desk was on fire! You're making me broadcast from a death trap!

As Chris and Will leave the control room, Isaac and Sam quickly enter.

Isaac: Did the anchor desk just catch on fire?

Natalie: Apparently so.

Isaac: How did this happen?

Natalie: It looks like an electrical fire. Jeremy noticed the logo went dark, then we saw the little flames shoot up from the 'C' in front of Dan.

Dan enters the control room.

Dan: The desk was on fire! Isaac?! I'm so glad you're here. I want a new desk- metal and covered in asbestos.

Sam: Asbestos is deadly, not to mention illegal.

Dan: Well, look at what I was sitting at: kindling!

Isaac: Calm down, Danny.

Dan: How can I calm down? I was sitting there following the copy, when I saw a little flame shoot up in front of me. What am I supposed to do? Say, "what a cute little fire!" The flames were literally lapping at my feet.

Elliott enters the room.

Elliott: It looks like there is slight external damage. They're cleaning it up right now. Chris is cutting the power to the desk, so we can still broadcast the rest of the show.

Dave: I can buy you two more minutes.

Natalie: Good. Kim, let's set everybody back a couple of minutes.

Will comes back into the room.

Dave: We're setting everyone back two minutes.

Will: Okay.

Dan looks around the room in shock as Kim, Natalie, Dave, and Will reset the times and push back the outside feeds.

Dan: I could have been killed!

Sam: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah? No "I'm sorry you could have been killed"-

Sam: I'm sorry you could have been killed.

Dan: You didn't mean that.

Sam: Right.

Isaac: Danny? Calm down, and we'll continue the broadcast.

Dan: Okay.

Dan walks into the studio.

Dan: I could have been killed!

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