The Maelstrom, Part II



Inside the control room, the crew works efficiently during the broadcast.

Natalie: Preview 62.

Will: 62 is up.

Chris: FX 62 is ready.

Dana: You guys were reading my mind. (into headset) Okay, Bobbi. Roll it over into the next segment.

As Jeremy enters the control room, Bobbi is seen on a monitor doing a segue from tennis to golf.

Dana: Jeremy, does Dan have the shot sheet for 68 and 70?

Jeremy: I just got it to him.

Elliott enters the control room.

Dana: Elliott, what do you have?

Elliott: The circuits are busy, so I can't make any calls.

Natalie looks surprised.

Natalie: What?

Elliott: The storm has knocked down enough phone lines-

Natalie: Try my cell.

Elliott: Nat-

Natalie: It's in my desk.

Elliott: Okay.

Elliott leaves the control room.

As Jeremy takes his seat, he looks at Natalie.

Natalie: (defensive) What?

Jeremy: You're not preoccupied by the notion that if Elliott is unable make outgoing phone calls, you won't be able to talk with Michael after the show?

Natalie: The storm seems to be dying down.

Jeremy: We've taken a pretty good hit from this tropical storm. We're not out of the woods, yet.

Isaac: Jeremy's right. Some of the rail lines have been flooded.

Everyone looks at Isaac.

Isaac: Did everyone expect they were going right home after the show?

Elliott reenters the control room.

Elliott: Natalie, your desk is locked.

Natalie pulls out her set of keys, selects one, and hands it to Elliott.

Natalie: That should open it.

Elliott: Thanks.

Elliott leaves the control room.

Dana notices Isaac starting to leave.

Dana: Isaac? Where are you going?

Isaac: I thought I would go to my office to watch the rest of the show. Why?

Dana: It's nothing. Just stick around after the show.

Isaac: Did you just hear me? I said some of the rail lines are flooded. I'm not going anywhere tonight.

Dana: Okay, as long as you are in the building.

Isaac shakes his head as he starts to leave the control room. As he opens the door, Kim enters the room.

Kim: Casey's here.

Kim continues to walk through the control room and into the studio.

Isaac holds the door open for a few seconds before Casey appears. He is wearing a saturated rain coat. His hair is smoothed down from the amount of water which fell on his head and his hair drips water onto his coat. His shoes squish with every step he takes. As Casey enters the room, everyone is surprised at his water-logged look.

Dana: Casey!

Casey: I'm fine.

Natalie: Did you think to take an umbrella?

Casey: You mean, this thing?

Casey holds up an umbrella. It is turned inside-out, tattered, and beaten down from the tropical storm.

Casey: I had to use it as a shield for flying debris.

Natalie: You did get the lottery tickets, didn't you?

Casey shakes his head.

Dana: The important thing is that Casey is in good health.

Casey: Thank you.

Dana: And you did get the tickets?

Casey rolls his eyes.

Casey: I'll let you know that I had to stop a mail box on along the way.

Jeremy: I thought they were secured to the concrete.

Casey: They are. The wind blew me into a bunch of them. Well, not a bunch of them- one really big one.

Natalie: Casey-

Casey: I got your stinking lottery tickets.

Natalie jumps from her chair and over to Casey. Casey pulls out the tickets from his inside pocket and hands them to Natalie.

Natalie: They're damp.

Casey stares at Natalie in disbelief.

Natalie: Anyone got a quarter to scratch these off?

Dana: We're still in the middle of the broadcast. We'll distribute them during the next break.

Isaac: Good to see you're still alive, Casey. For the rest of you, I'll be in my office.

Isaac leaves the room.

At the anchor desk, Dan and Bobbi continue their broadcast.

Dan: (on-air) And for those of you still watching, we have a treat for you tonight. We're going to bring you highlights from a kabaddi match which took place earlier today, and I know you are just as excited as me to get to the highlights.

A side monitor shows highlights from the game.

Dan: (on-air) Okay, number 11 has the ball, and it looks like the other team is playing some kind of touch football with him. Ouch. They knocked him to the ground that time. And now we see number 7 from the other team with the ball. I'd tell you what he is doing, but it's much more entertaining just to tell you that he is running for his life. Believe it or not, one of these teams is considered to be a dynasty in this sport, but they were upset in this match. And judging by the smiles on the victorious team, I don't think they are the before mentioned dynasty. Now this looks like highlights from another match. It's either that, of they've changed uniforms, team colors, and decided to change venues.

Inside the control room, Jeremy's jaw is dropping in shock and disgust.

Jeremy: Why isn't he using the shot sheet?! For the love of pete, why isn't he using the shot sheet?!

Dana: Does Danny have it?

Jeremy: Yes! I personally gave him a shot sheet!

Dan: (on-air) And by the way, this segment was produced by Jeremy Goodwin, who by the way spent too much time putting this together. And for you ladies out there, he is single and, from what I've heard, very much available. I've also been asked a question by Dana Whitaker, our executive producer, and the answer is 'no.'

Jeremy: Use the shot sheet!

Dana: He doesn't have it. I just asked him.

Jeremy: Yes, he does! I personally gave him a shot sheet!

Dana: Feed him bullet points, Jeremy.

Jeremy: I'm thinking! I'm thinking!

Jeremy nervously wipes his forehead and cheek while trying to recall each part of the highlight package.

Jeremy: I can't think ahead!

Dan: (on-air) And you may not be able to pick this up at home, but Jeremy is screaming right now. Believe it or not, we are halfway through the highlights, so let's watch them for a few more seconds.

Dan folds his hands and watches the highlights play on the screen. In his earpiece, Jeremy begins to talk about the tape.

Dan: (on-air) That was entertaining. Now, I've been told that kabaddi is an ancient sport played in India. It has been played much longer than baseball, basketball, and even football. It looks to be a timed sport. It also looks to be a cross between football, field hockey, rugby, and- judging by that last knock down- a little bit of wrestling.

Jeremy: Somebody, anybody! What does the teleprompter say?!

Natalie: Nothing. We didn't have time to input your notes.

Jeremy: For the love of pete!

Dan smiles to conceal the piercing sound of Jeremy's voice ripping through his ears. Jeremy suddenly realizes he's miked to Dan.

Jeremy: Sorry, Dan.

Dan: (on-air) And with that segment out of the way, let's go to commercial. I also ask that each of you come back because the show will be more substantial and informative. I promise you.

Bobbi: (on-air) You're watching "Sports Night" on CSC. We'll be right back.

Dave: We're out.

Jeremy jumps from his chair and runs toward the studio.

Dana: It's all right, Jeremy.

Jeremy either ignores or doesn't hear Dana's words as he races to the anchor desk. Dan holds up a piece of paper.

Dan: This was the shot sheet you gave me?

Jeremy: Yes. Why didn't you follow it?

Dan hands Jeremy the sheet. Jeremy adjusts his glasses to read the paper.

Dan: I'm sure you'll notice-

Jeremy: It's incomprehensible.

Dan: It's gibberish.

Jeremy: But how?

Dan: Initially, I thought you typed it in Pig Latin.

Jeremy: This isn't what I typed.

Dan: I'm glad we've come to the same conclusion.

Jeremy: What happened? Is there something wrong with the printers?

Jeremy looks around for a printer to blame.

Dan: Some of the equipment may have been damaged with the power failure and sudden power surge when it was restored.

Jeremy: Kabaddi is a good sport.

Dan: I can tell.

Jeremy: You really can tell?

Dan: No, not really.

Jeremy: I thought you said you could "go with the flow."

Dan: Well, I thought it was a sport from Jeremy-land until I saw the footage. Plus, I thought I did very well with thinking on my feet.

Jeremy: You're sitting down.


Back inside the control room, the lottery tickets have been divided up. Natalie continuously trades tickets with people.

Natalie: This one doesn't feel like a winner.

Chris: Do any of them feel like a winner?

Dave: Just scratch off the ticket.

Natalie hands Dave her lottery ticket. She snatches Dave's ticket from his hand. Dave shakes his head.

Natalie: Any one else want to trade?

Dana: Natalie.

Natalie: Dana!

Natalie forcefully exchanges tickets with Dana.

Elliott enters the control room and holds up a cell phone.

Elliott: I got through!

Natalie's eyes light up from the news. With Natalie being distracted, Dana returns the favor by exchanging tickets with Natalie without her realizing it.

Natalie: Stay on the phone!

Natalie runs over to Elliott and takes the cell phone.

Natalie: (into phone) Hello? Hello?

Elliott: I've already ended the call.

Natalie: (into phone) Hello? (looks around) There's nobody here.

Elliott: I've got the updates, Natalie.

Natalie: I don't care.

In the meantime, Dave, Chris, and Will finish scratching off their lottery tickets.

Dave: I've got nothing.

Will: Nothing here.

Chris: Nothing here either.

Kim: I am one pick away from a hundred bucks.

Everyone watches Kim scratch off her last selection.

Kim: I've got nothing.

Everyone looks at Dana as she quickly scratches off her selections.

Dana: I've got... wait... I've got nothing... I actually got nothing.

Dana seems confused to have a losing ticket. Natalie starts scratching off her ticket.

Natalie: Fifty, One-hundred, one-thousand, one-thousand. Oh my god! I'm one match away from a thousand bucks!

Natalie nervously scratches away another box.

Natalie: Ten bucks.

She holds her breath as she scratches away her last box. She holds it up in anticipation of holding a winning ticket. Natalie looks stunned as she exhales.

Natalie: Ten bucks.

The crew is disappointed to find no one holding a winning ticket.


Isaac is sitting inside his office and watching his monitors. There is a knock on the door. He turns around to see Casey standing in the doorway.

Casey: Hey, Isaac.

Isaac: Casey. It's good to see you.

Casey: Mind if I come in?

Isaac: Have a seat.

Casey walks in and takes a seat in front of Isaac's desk.

Isaac: Let me ask you something. Did Jeremy script that last segment?

Casey: I don't think it went according to plan.

Isaac: Good. And please remind Daniel that when we have to "go with the flow", it doesn't give him the opportunity to try some stand-up comedy.

Casey: You're his boss. You remind him.

Isaac: And you're his friend.

Casey: Yeah, but I think you could phrase it more eloquently.

Isaac: What would you say to him?

Casey: "I could have been killed by a mailbox."

Isaac: What does that have to do with-

Casey: Nothing. I just thought I'd bring up that point.

Isaac smiles.

Isaac: What seems to be the problem, Casey?

Casey: Nothing. Everything is going smoothly.

Isaac: You just don't come in here without some sort of crisis and a need for advice.

Casey: Okay, there is one thing. Plus, I was almost killed by a mailbox.

Isaac: What is it?

Casey: What I did... or what I didn't do by not completing the college credit- was my approach the right approach?

Isaac: And what approach was that?

Casey: I don't know. Just letting it go, hoping no one would notice.

Isaac: Your secret was revealed.

Casey: It's not like my career hinged on the one credit. It was a gym credit. It's not like I'm claiming to be a brain surgeon and never attending medical school.

Isaac: You listed your college degree on your resumé.

Casey: I received my degree. The mistake wasn't discovered until I had landed my first job in L.A.

Isaac: Did you correct it?

Casey: I was busy building my career. If I went to my bosses, they probably would have fired me for lying on my resumé.

Isaac: You did.

Casey: Not at the time, I didn't know.

Isaac: So you're claiming ignorance. Ignorance throughout your career.

Casey: Ye... no. I'm not claiming to be ignorant.

Isaac: I think you're missing the point.

Casey: What is it?

Isaac: I don't think it's the fact you were short one credit. It's the fact you were aware of the situation, and you did nothing about it.

Casey: So, you're saying what I did was wrong.

Isaac: I didn't say you were wrong.

Casey: Because that's what it sounds like.

Isaac: I'm saying that the reason the media is hounding you isn't because of the credit. If you watch other networks, they have rock stars and athletes doing reporting and commentary without ever having taken a correspondence class. They're hounding you because you kept the secret for so long.

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