The Unsinkable Dana Whitaker



As you look from behind the anchor desk and between Bobbi and Dan, Sam enters the studio. He stands poised as he watches the broadcast.

Bobbi: (on-air) And we'll get you a head start on this weekend's games in the NFL when we return. You're watching "Sports Night" on CSC.

Dave can be heard over the intercom, "We're out." Sam walks over to the anchor desk.

Dan: Sam Donovan. What brings you to our studio this glorious evening?

Sam: Nothing much.

Dan: If this is about my tie-

Sam: This isn't about your tie, albeit suffice to say the wardrobe's selection of neckwear could be a bit better.

Dan: I selected this tie.

Sam: Doesn't wardrobe get paid to dress the two of you nightly?

Dan: I went on my own on this one.

Sam: Don't.

Dan: Okay.

Sam: This isn't the conversation I was hoping to have when I came in here.

Dan: What did you want to converse about?

Sam: I want to observe.

Dan: Okay. If it's all right to say 'I understand where you are coming from,' then I am there.

Sam: I want you two to pretend that I'm not even here.

Bobbi: That you're not here.

Sam: Carry on your normal conversations. I understand this group has a penchant for being a bunch of chatterboxes, so I just want to fade into the background and observe.

Dan: I can do that. We can do that, can't we, Bobbi?

Bobbi: I suppose so.

Dan and Bobbi look toward Sam as he takes a few steps back.

Dan: You're in the background?

Sam doesn't answer; he just stands and observes.

Dan: It's like he's not even here.

Elliott walks from the control room. He passes by Sam, taking a second glance at him, before reaching the anchor desk.

Elliott: Guys? I've got the latest preseason hockey scores.

Elliott hands each Bobbi and Dan a piece of paper.

Elliott: You'll notice Sebastian scored three goals for the Wild in their win over Ottawa.

Bobbi: Thanks, Elliott.

Dan: Yeah. Thanks.

Elliott leans over and begins to whisper to Dan.

Elliott: What's he doing?

Dan: Who?

Elliott: Sam.

Dan: Where?

Elliott: Right over there.

Dan: Oh, that. He's fading into the background.

Elliott: And doing what?

Dan: Watching, listening, and observing.

Elliott: Okay.

Dan: Pretend he's not even there.

Elliott: He's going to be out of the camera shot when we get back from commercial, right?

Dan: Hey, I'll just let the viewers know that he isn't really there. That Sam is just a figment of their imaginations.

Elliott: Okay.

Elliott leaves the anchor desk. On the way back to the control room, instead of ignoring Sam, Elliott can't keep his eyes off him.

Dan: So, Bobbi.

Bobbi: Yes, Dan.

Dan: What was it you were saying about Sam Donovan?

Bobbi: When?

Dan: A little while ago.

Bobbi: I... I don't recall ever-

Dan: Oh, come on, Bobbi. There's no need to be shy about it. Didn't you say that he was controlling, manipulative, and cold-hearted?

Bobbi: Dan.

Dan: I think you did. And you added that if he were run over by a dump truck, it wouldn't be too terrible of a loss.

Bobbi looks toward Sam.

Bobbi: He's lying.

Dan: Who are you talking to?

Bobbi: Sam.

Dan: Sam? (looks around the studio) Sam? Yoo-hoo, Sam? Sam, come out, come out, wherever you are.

Bobbi: Stop it, Danny.

Dan: Well, it's not like we can't carry on a normal conversation. I think I learned how to do that way back in the second grade. Actually, it may have been in preschool, but what do I know? I just slap words together for a living and hope they make some sort of sense.

Bobbi: Dan? It would be easier if you would just go along with this exercise.

Dan: Yeah- what fun that would be.

Sam: I think I've witnessed enough.

Dan and Bobbi watch Sam walk away and toward the control room.


Inside the control room, the crew continues to work during the commercial break. Dave, Will, and Chris prepare upcoming footage, sounds, and effects. Natalie checks off a few things from her clipboard, Jeremy talks with a correspondent over his headphone, and Dana gives instructions to Chris and Will.

Dana: And 68 is over-the-shoulder.

Chris: 68's over-the-shoulder.

Will: That's what she said.

Chris: And I'm just repeating what she just said.

Dave: Does anybody have some aspirin?

Chris: I've got some in my locker.

Dave: That's not what I meant.

Dana: Cool it, guys.

Chris: I'm sorry.

Will: Me, too.

Dave: Yeah. Sorry.

From the sound room, Elliott enters the control room. Jeremy looks at the sound room with forlorn hope.

Jeremy: I could have had this fixed.

Dana: I don't need it fixed, Jeremy.

Jeremy: But what about tomorrow night?

Dana: What about it?

Jeremy: We'll have similar problems tomorrow night.

Dana: No we won't; and you know why I'm not worried?

Jeremy: Because we'll forego using any sound bytes in tomorrow night's broadcast?

Dana: Because it will be fixed by tomorrow night. We have highly trained technicians. Chris, Will, and Dave can handle it.

Chris: Thank you.

Will: This is where we come in.

Dave: We'll have it working in time for tomorrow night's broadcast.

Dana: The 2 a.m. broadcast, guys.

Chris: That's going to take some time.

Will: A good amount of time.

Dave: In no time at all.

Chris and Will look at Dave.

Sam enters the control room.

Dana: Did you see what you were looking for?

Sam: What's that?

Dana: You said you were going to take a look, thus, you must have seen something in order to be coming back.

Sam: Yeah.

Dana: What is it?

Sam: It's nothing.

Sam starts to exit the control room toward the newsroom when a thought hits him.

Sam: Say, who all is going to your little get-together after the show?

Natalie leans over to Dana.

Natalie: (whispering) See? You shouldn't have asked-

Sam: A show of hands or a collective 'aye' will be enough.

Natalie turns toward Sam.

Natalie: Well, I'm going. So is Jeremy, and Chris, Will, Dave, Elliott, and Kim. Dan will be there with his girlfriend, Casey, and Dana-

Dana: I thought Casey-

Natalie: (to Dana) Casey's not going to be there.

Dana: But-

Natalie: (to Sam) And Dana says she's not going to be there, but between you and me, I think she'll come down eventually.

Sam: So that's everybody.

Natalie: Well, Isaac could join us... uh... as well, as yourself, Sam.

Dana: (whispering) I thought you didn't-

Natalie gently elbows Dana.

Natalie: Everybody's invited.

Sam: You didn't mention your anchor.

Natalie: Dan's coming.

Sam: Not him. The cute one.

Natalie: Well, Dan may debate you on who is the cute one, but Bobbi is always invited.

Sam: Was she invited?

Natalie: Well, uh... she always has an open invitation. I mean, Dan always asks her if she would like to join us.

Sam: Was she invited?

A disgusted Dana leans over into her mic.

Dana: (into mic) Say, Bobbi. After the show tonight, would you care to join the rest of us for a drink down at Anthony's?

Everyone looks at a monitor for Bobbi's response.

Bobbi: I'm sorry, but I have arranged plans. But thank you for inviting me.

Dan: Hey! That turndown 'thank you' was meant for me!

Sam: Okay.

Sam exits the control room, and everyone is bewildered with Sam.


The crew is concluding their broadcast.

Dan: (on-air) And that's going to do it for this edition of "Sports Night." I'll be off tomorrow night, and I hear a trained chimpanzee will be sitting in my place. If arrangements cannot be made, then another anchor will be sitting in my place. The NHRA is coming up next. Have a good night.

Bobbi: (on-air) Good night.

The show's theme music begins to play.

Dave: We're out.

Dan and Bobbi each remove their ear pieces and microphones.

Bobbi: A trained chimpanzee?

Dan: I'm just trying to keep the broadcast light.

Bobbi: I think Dana wanted the broadcast to be tight.

Dan: Tight and light. We can do both.

Bobbi gets up from her seat and starts to leave the anchor desk.

Dan: Hey.

Bobbi: Yes, Dan?

Dan: All joking and prodding aside, would you like to come down with us?

Bobbi: Dan, I've already told you-

Dan: Okay, okay. I just don't want you to think that you're not welcome. In fact, you're welcome anytime.

Bobbi: I've been working here for five years, Dan.

Dan: Yeah, but being here at the anchor desk... okay, okay... you've been here for over a year, but it's like we hardly see you.

Bobbi: That might be because you're always seeing everybody else after the show, on your days off, inside the building-

Dan: I see your point.

Bobbi: I've got plans, Danny.

Dan: All right. Have a good night.

Dan watches Bobbi leave the studio.


The crew has left the control room and wandered into the newsroom. Natalie tags alongside Dana.

Natalie: Just one drink, Dana.

Dana: I've got work to do, Natalie.

Natalie: Just one teeny-tiny drink. In fact, I'll buy.

Dana and Natalie stop in front of the assignment desk.

Dana: No, because one drink will turn into two which will turn into four, and before you know it, it's tomorrow morning.

Natalie: Well, with it being midnight, it's technically tomorrow morning.

Dana: I just can't Natalie.

Natalie: Come on, Dana.

Dan joins the duo.

Dan: What's up?

Natalie: Dana doesn't want to join us at Anthony's.

Dan: Oh, come on, Dana. Casey's going to be there.

Natalie hits Dan on his arm with the backside of her hand.

Dan: What?!

Natalie: Casey's not going to be there.

Dan: Since when?

Natalie: Since I talked to him during the show.

Dana: You were inside the control room for the entire show. In fact, we were inside the control room for the entire show.

Natalie: It was before the show.

Dana looks curiously toward Natalie.

Dana: You're not trying to get me and Casey back together, are you?

Natalie: No, I wouldn't try that.

Dana: Because you keep emphasizing that Casey's not going to be there. Casey's not going to be there. It just gives me the feeling you are trying to set us up.

Natalie: I don't need to set you two up.

Dana: Thank you.

Natalie: Because I know you two will come to your senses and realize you are meant to be together.

Dana: Natalie.

Natalie: I'm not trying anything.

Dana: I've got some work to do. I'll see you later.

Dana walks away, leaving Natalie and Dan behind at the assignment desk. Natalie backhands Dan's arm once more.

Dan: Hey!

Natalie: It's all your fault. She was probably going to come if you hadn't let it slip about Casey.

Dan: You need to notify me the next time you call an audible.

Natalie: She was going to come.

Dan: Yeah, it sure did sound like you had her fooled there.

Natalie backhands Dan's arm one more time.


Inside a packed Anthony's, Chris, Will, Dave, Elliott, and Kim sit at a table. At another table, Dan, JoAnne, Casey, Natalie, and Jeremy sit and have a few drinks.

Jeremy: I could have had it fixed. Thirty minutes tops.

JoAnne: Thirty minutes, for you? Twenty right here.

Jeremy: Fifteen.

JoAnne: Ten.

Jeremy: Eight-and-a-half.

JoAnne: Eight-and-a-half?

Dan: Hey, hey, hey. Although, I love the spirit of competition and enjoy the thought of one person trying to best another, the thought of nerds fixing computers at one in the morning is the furthest thing from my mind.

JoAnne: Yeah, let's talk about something else... like a certain someone's tie.

Dan: I have a high sense of fashion.

Casey: I've seen circus clowns with a higher sense of fashion.

Dan: Your television set was broken.

Casey: And I'm sure many other television sets were broken across the country.

Dan: Anybody else want to gang up on me?

Jeremy: I wouldn't mind getting in a quip or two.

Dan: Jeremy.

Jeremy: You referred to me as a nerd.

Dan: Okay, but Natalie stands tall with me. What do you say, Natalie?

Natalie: There's an empty chair right here. Dana could have been sitting in it right now if not-

Dan: Okay, okay. I'm man enough to take this.

Jeremy notices someone across the room.

Casey: What's up with Dana?

Dan: Natalie had this idea-

Casey: I mean in general.

Dan: In general?

Casey: Yeah. She hasn't returned any of my phone calls or e-mails.

Jeremy nudges JoAnne and nods toward the other side of the room. JoAnne picks up on what Jeremy sees.

Dan: I wasn't aware of that.

Casey: I understand she wanted to take a break from seeing each other, but I didn't understand she wanted a complete break.

Natalie: I'm working on that.

Casey: You're working on that? You mean tonight?

Natalie: Not necessarily. If you can get through to Dana, I can work on it from the inside. I don't need to lock you two inside of a room- which wouldn't be that bad of an idea now that I give it a little thought-

Dan and Casey notice the someone on the other side of the room coming toward their table.

Natalie: -but I've strayed off topic. Dana needs a little breathing room, but she also needs a little reminder of what you two still have together-

The certain someone stands behind Natalie and covers her eyes with their hands.

Natalie: -uh, this is a surprise. Am I supposed to guess who this is? And by the scent of your cologne- Michael!

Natalie leaps up from her chair, spins around, and jumps into an embrace with her boyfriend, Michael. The two kiss, and Natalie wraps her arms around his neck.

Natalie: When did you get back?!

Michael: Just a few hours ago.

Natalie: Why didn't you call me?

Michael: I wanted to surprise you.

Natalie: I'm surprised.

Michael: I see.

Natalie turns around and finally releases Michael.

Natalie: Oh, wait. We've got an empty chair. Sit down, here.

The group moves around a little to fit in Michael at the table. He sits between Casey and Natalie.

Natalie: Michael, you've met the group. Casey, JoAnne, Dan, and Jeremy.

Michael: Hey.

Dan: How's it going?

Casey: Hi.

Jeremy: I thought you were filming?

Michael: We wrapped up yesterday. It's now in the hands of the editors and onto post-production. As soon as we were done, I got the first ticket to New York and flew here.

Casey: You just up and left?

Michael: Pretty much. I got the plane tickets, made hotel reservations- my luggage is there now-

Natalie: You'll be staying at my place.

Michael: We'll need to go get my luggage.

Natalie: To hell with the luggage.

Natalie leans over, kisses Michael, and latches onto his arm.

Dan: It sounds like you're not coming back to New York.

Michael: Excuse me?

Dan: I'm just saying, that with filming wrapping up and with you only packing luggage for your trip back, it just sounds like you are here for a short time.

Michael: I'll be here for a week or two and then I'll be heading back to Hollywood.

Jeremy: So this is going to be a permanent move?

Michael: Only if my lamb chop joins me out there.

Natalie giggles as she holds onto Michael tighter.

Michael: So what are you guys drinking?

Jeremy jumps up.

Jeremy: I'll get it.

Michael: Great. I'll have a beer.

Dan: Get me one also, Jeremy.

Casey: I'll have one.

JoAnne: Get me one, Jer-bear.

Natalie: Make it a round, Jeremy. Thanks so much.

Jeremy: Yeah. Another round of beers and a Mountain Dew.

Dan: Who has the Mountain Dew?

Jeremy: I do.

Jeremy bolts toward the bar.

Michael: So... JoAnne?

JoAnne: Yes.

Michael: Are you and Jeremy... you know?

Dan: She's with me.

Michael: Oh. My bad.

Casey: How did you find us? I'm sure you didn't wander various bars in New York looking for Natalie.

Michael: I stopped by your building, and I talked with Dana. She told me my lamb chop was here.

Casey: First of all, it's no longer my building. Second, when you said 'lamb chop,' you mean Natalie, not an actual lamb chop.

Michael: Yeah.

Dan: Because Anthony's doesn't have lamb chops on the menu.

Natalie: Guys, it's all right.

Casey: We're just having a little fun.

Natalie kisses Michael once again.

Casey: We'll have to grab a fire hose and water you two down before the night's through.


Jeremy sits at the bar. Patrons surround Jeremy, but they pay no attention to him. Jeremy turns his head back toward the table. He sees Michael fitting in with the group, and everybody is laughing. Jeremy turns back toward the bar.

The bartender, Jack, approaches Jeremy.

Jack: What can I get for you guys, Jeremy?

Jeremy: I'm all right.

Jack: Okay. I'll check back with you in a little bit.

Jeremy: Thanks.

Jeremy gives Jack a wave as the bartender moves onto other customers.

Jeremy: All right. I'm all right. All righty. Okie-dokie. And I sit here in a bar talking to myself. I better stop. Stop right now... okay.

Jeremy takes a deep breath. He turns around and sees his table carrying on just fine without him. As he turns back toward the bar, he accidentally bumps into a female just coming up to the bar.

Jeremy: Oh, I'm sorry.

Woman: That's okay. I'm just trying to squeeze in here. It's busy tonight.

Jeremy takes notice of the woman- a bronze-toned, brunette wearing a black tank top and jeans. She looks to be in her early twenties, and her gorgeous figure attracts the eyes of many people this evening.

Woman: I'm Stacy.

Jeremy: Hi, Stacy.

Stacy: And you are?

Jeremy: I'm Jeremy. Jeremy Goodwin.

Jeremy reaches out and shakes Stacy's hand.

Stacy: Good to meet you Jeremy. What brings you out here tonight?

Jeremy: We just finished work for the night, and we came out to have a few drinks.

Stacy: We?

Jeremy: Yeah. That's my friends over there. (points toward the table)

Stacy: (looking at the table) Those are your friends?

Jeremy: Yes. They're also my coworkers.

Stacy: Is that Dan Rydell?

Jeremy: Yes, he is.

Stacy: And Casey McCall?

Jeremy: Yes.

Stacy: You work with them?

Jeremy: I work on "Sports Night."

Another patron tries to squeeze next to the bar. To accommodate, Stacy moves even closer to Jeremy.

Stacy: Oh how exciting. What do you do there?

Jeremy: I help produce the show.

Stacy: Wow. You produce the show?

Jeremy: Well, not exactly. The show is produced by Dana Whitaker. Natalie Hurley, who is over there, is the second-in-command so to speak. I just help produce the show.

Stacy: That sounds so exciting, working on television and everything. Covering breaking stories and having to work around sports every day.

Jeremy: It has its perks.

Stacy: I just love sports. I love volleyball and basketball. I love to play one-on-one basketball. Do you like to play a little one-on-one?

Jeremy: Do I like to? I guess I would if I enjoyed losing.

Stacy: I bet you really like to play.

Jeremy: Dan and Casey, over there, still play at least once a week.

Stacy: Why are you over here at the bar and not with them?

Jeremy: It's a long story.

Stacy: I've got all night.

Jeremy looks at Stacy.

Jeremy: Why are you talking to me?

Stacy: I saw you at the bar, and I thought you looked pretty cute. Now that I know you work with "Sports Night," I'm starting to like you.

Jeremy: Thank you.

Stacy: I'm a student at NYU.

Jeremy: Isn't it a little late for you to be out? Don't you have classes to attend in the morning?

Stacy: My classes tomorrow start in the afternoon.

Jeremy: That's a nice schedule.

Stacy: I also do some modeling part-time.

Jeremy: What kind of modeling?

Stacy: Underwear.

Jeremy: You do some underwear modeling?

Stacy: I've got the physique.

Jeremy: You certainly do. In fact, I've done some modeling myself.

Stacy: What kind of modeling?

Jeremy: Model railroading.

Stacy: You play with trains?

Jeremy: There's a challenge to it.

Stacy: You flip the switch on and watch the train go around in circles.

Jeremy: You just stand around in your underwear.

Stacy smiles.

Stacy: What kind of challenge?

Jeremy: Figuring out the proper grade so the little electric motor has enough power to make it up the man-made hill... made of styrofoam, of course.

Stacy: Of course.

Jeremy: And there's the detailing of buildings and the landscape.

Stacy: Yes.

Jeremy: I've got to get back to my friends.

Stacy: Listen. If you ever want to hang out and do something- (hands Jeremy a business card) - give me a call.

Jeremy reads the business card.

Jeremy: You have business cards?

Stacy: You'll notice it also has my stats.

Jeremy: Yes, it does.

Stacy: It was great having the chance to meet you. I'll see you later, Jeremy.

Jeremy: It was good talking with you, Stacy.

Stacy leaves the bar. Jeremy takes another look at the business card before sliding it into his shirt pocket.

Casey walks up to the bar with an empty glass. He sets the glass in front of Jeremy.

Casey: Hey, barkeep. How about another?

Jeremy: Hey, Casey. (looks at the empty glass) Oh, I'm sorry, Casey.

Casey: There's nothing to be sorry about. I see you were a little distracted there.

Jeremy: Oh, that? That was nothing.

Casey: It looked like it was something. What's her name?

Jeremy: Her name is Stacy.

Jeremy pulls out her business card and hands it to Casey. Casey's jaw drops when he reads it.

Casey: She's an underwear model?

Jeremy: Part time. Plus, she's a student at NYU.

Casey: An underwear model? Dude, we need to talk.

Jeremy: Admittedly, she is cute.

Casey: Admittedly, you are crazy. She puts the moves on you and, yet, you still sit here?

Jeremy: I was on a mission. I had to get you guys another round.

Casey: And we're still waiting for that round.

Jeremy: Things take time. Wait. Was she hitting on me?

Casey: You have her business card with her phone number.

Jeremy: I thought she was being friendly. Wait. She did say I was cute, but now she really liked me. Of course, she said she liked me after I told her I worked for "Sports Night"-

Casey: Yeah, enough with that. She thinks you're cute and she says she likes you. She could be friendly to a million other people in here, but she wanted you. Her business card, dude, she gave you her business card.

Jeremy: I'm sorry. It's not like I come here in anticipation of meeting and going home with someone. Is it all right if I say I will try harder next time?

Casey: You know what? She's probably going over to her friends right now, and they are asking her what is was like to meet the one-and-only Jeremy Goodwin. She probably thinks for a moment and pulls out a quote from when Julia said to Lucetta, "They do not love that do not show their love."

Jeremy: Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Casey: Being the scholar she is, that might be the first thing from her mouth.

Jeremy: And if she is referring to Two Gentlemen of Verona, that would make me Proteus?

Casey: So to speak.

Jeremy: Yes, but Proteus also betrayed his best friend, Valentine, in order to win the affection of Valentine's love, Silvia.

Casey: But in the end, Proteus ended up with Julia because he was reminded of their love. This Stacy girl and let me remind you- underwear model- was hitting on you. "They do not love that do not show their love."

Jeremy: But Shakespeare also said, "Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares."

Casey: Tell me about it.

Jeremy: Yeah, you've got that right.

Casey: So you came up here to get some beers, a gorgeous woman just hit on you, I come up, we dabble in a little bit of Shakespeare, and you are still sitting here.

Jeremy: That's sounds about right. Are you sure you haven't done play-by-play in the past?

Casey: Well, if an underwear model cannot take you away from here. Then there must be something on your mind, and judging by the way you hastily left the table, I would suspect it has something to do with Michael's appearance.

Jeremy: No.

Casey: Jeremy? An underwear model.

Jeremy: Okay, I am a little distracted and quite possibly a little annoyed.

Casey: With Michael?

Jeremy: Look at them, Casey. He waltzes in, and Natalie immediately turns into a school girl with a crush on the captain of the football team.

Casey: They're in a relationship.

Jeremy: But look at their relationship, Casey. He doesn't treat her the way she needs to be treated. He dedicates a play to her, which knowingly embarrasses her in front of the masses, because the play was a load of crap.

Casey: True.

Jeremy: He suddenly goes out to L.A. to work on a movie; one based on one of his scripts, which goes to show you the amount of intellect movie producers have these days. He doesn't call Natalie for weeks on end, but everything is forgiven and forgotten because he can have flowers delivered with a little note. And with that note, there is a conditional that they can continue their relationship only if Natalie moves out there to be with him. Where's the cooperation? Where's the compromise? Where's the love?

Casey: Jealously rears its ugly head.

Jeremy: He just has no clue on what it takes to win Natalie over. And this isn't jealously, Casey. It's just the fact I know Natalie can do better and she deserves better than Michael.

Casey: Is that how Natalie feels?

Jeremy: I think Natalie is reacting and not feeling.

Casey: Maybe you're underestimating Natalie.

Jeremy: That's where you're wrong, Casey. I've seen Natalie by herself. I've seen her worry about this. I've seen her stare out the windows and wonder aloud about her future. I've seen and heard her crying alone in the editing room because she knows her only option is to move out there, and she doesn't want to sacrifice her career to be with somebody who absolutely has no clue.

Casey: What are you going to do?

Jeremy: Hopefully, what's best for Natalie.

Casey: Have you ever thought about talking with Michael?

Jeremy: I thought about punching Michael.

Casey: Well, I know you're not a violent man, Jeremy. You rationalize, reason, and make conclusions to solve problems.

Jeremy: True.

Casey: So maybe it's not that far-fetched of an idea to maybe give Michael a hand. Maybe give him a clue or two.

Jeremy: You mean tell him what he needs to do.

Casey: Now, I'm not saying to tell him where the cheese is inside the maze. Maybe make him a little more aware of the consequences of his actions.

Jeremy: It would be like telling him about the fixed positive setting of the barrier parameter converging with a modified barrier function when solving convex programming problems. That would be the result.

Casey: Uh... yeah, something to that effect.

Jeremy: I have to think about it.

Jeremy and Casey turn back toward their table and see Michael and Natalie sharing a quick kiss.

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