L.A. Chronicles

Written by:
Jim Hamilton

Lyrics from:
"Why So Silent"
written by Andrew Lloyd Webber

"Prayer" by Anonymous

"Place Your Vote!" Result:
Between Natalie and Jeremy, who is going to visit Los Angeles?

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"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"You're not playing another game with me, are you?"


Dan stands casually dressed inside the newsroom. Jeremy is walking away from him.

Dan: Now why would I do something like that?

Jeremy: Because the last time, you were playing a game.

Dan jogs and catches up to Jeremy, and the two continue walking.

Dan: Okay. The last time was a game, but it was a memorable and fun game. Everybody laughed.

Jeremy: At my expense.

Dan: They weren't laughing at you-

Jeremy looks at Dan.

Dan: Okay, they were laughing at you.

Jeremy: Then why should I believe you?

Dan: I'm being serious this time.

Jeremy: You said you were serious the last time.

Dan: But I'm being really serious this time.

The two stop in front of the conference room as Jeremy carefully examines the seriousness on Dan's face.

Jeremy: Okay.

Dan: Great. Because the general public see us as general sports figures, I'm thinking we should go away from a sports theme and have all of us dress up as historical characters or maybe even nonfictional characters from books-

Jeremy: I'm not dressing up as Harry Potter.

Dan: I wasn't suggesting-

Jeremy: The last time I played along with your game, I ended up dressing as Harry Potter.

Dan: Yeah, a lot of work that took, Jeremy.

Jeremy: I was the only one in costume!

Dan: And it was memorable. Plus, you pulled it off really well.

Jeremy: Yeah.

Jeremy opens the door and the two enter the empty conference room.

Dan: Come on, Jeremy. This should be a team effort. We should have a common goal.

Jeremy: All of us dress up as fools and goblins for the public's pleasure.

Dan: Yes.

Jeremy: I haven't seen the invitation.

Dan: What invitation?

Jeremy: The invitation concerning the costume party. I am willing to bet a substantial amount of money the network costume party is designed for the on-air personalities and not the people working behind-the-scenes.

Dan: The party is for everybody.

Jeremy: Twenty bucks.

Dan: I'm being really serious here.

Jeremy: Thirty.

Dan: Do it for the team, Jeremy.

Natalie enters the room, followed by Chris, Will, and Dave.

Dan: Natalie? Tell Jeremy he needs to attend the costume party dressed appropriately.

Natalie: Dressed appropriately?

Dan: In costume.

Natalie: Jeremy you need to attend the costume party.

Dan: Dressed appropriately.

Natalie: That isn't what the invitation stated. On-air personalities and producers need to come dressed in costume.

Dan: Ah-ha!

Natalie: It doesn't apply to associate producers.

Dan: But you and Jeremy are associate producers aspiring to become producers.

Natalie: Aspirations remain aspirations until they become actuality. Until then, I'm not dressing up.

Dan: We need to do this as a team. Everybody needs to dress in costume for this party. It should be a common goal.

Chris: I'll dress in costume.

Will: It will be fun.

Dan: See? Chris and Will are willing to do their part. Thanks guys. Dave?

Dave: Are you crazy?

Dan: Never mind Dave.

Elliott and Kim enter the conference room. Elliott hands Dan a piece of paper.

Elliott: Just got it off the wire for you, Danny.

Dan: Thanks. You're going in costume to the party, aren't you, Elliott?

Elliott: I haven't seen an invitation.

Dan: Why does everybody need to see an invitation? Isn't word of mouth good enough? I'm inviting each of you to personally join me in costume.

Kim: In the same costume?

Dan: Preferably in different costumes.

Kim: All right.

Dan: That's three!

Everybody is taking their seat around the table as Dana and Isaac enter the conference room. Isaac sits at the far end of the room, while Dana tosses her notepad onto the table.

Dana: Okay, people. Let's get started. (takes a quick head count) Is Bobbi back, yet?

Dan: There was bad weather in Chicago. Her flight was delayed, but she should be landing any minute now.

Dana: I guess we can continue without her.

Dana flips a page on her notepad as she takes her seat.

Dana: First off, a report is coming off the wire that Tyrone Brown may have to pull out of the title fight with Hector Rivera.

A chorus of groans come from the rest of the group.

Dana: I know, I know. We're supposed to be covering the championship bout, but these things happen from time to time.

Dan: Why is he pulling out?

Dana: He pulled a muscle.

Elliott: I heard it was a strain.

Kim: I heard it was a tear.

Elliott: The wire report says it was a strain.

Kim: I have sources saying it was a tear.

Dana: Anyway, it is tentatively reported that he pulled a muscle.

Dan: Doing what?

Dana: Jogging.

Dan: Was he running from something?

Dana: Yes, a pack of overzealous reporters were tracking every step. I don't really know, Danny.

Elliott: He did it during his eight-mile jog.

Kim: It's eight miles from his house to his gym.

Elliott: I thought it was four miles; he ran to the gym and back.

Kim: Then he would be back at his house for the beginning of his workout.

Dan: Tyrone Brown does realize he's fighting in a ring? I don't think there's a situation calling him to run for eight straight miles.

Elliott: He might if he's running from Rivera.

Dan: What are we going to do?

Dana: I suppose I could give him my undivided attention and make sure he's taking aspirin and properly alternating heat and cold compresses, but instead, I'm just going to sit around and wait.

Dan: The fight is three weeks away.

Dana: I know. Jeremy? Keep a close eye on the wire to see if anything else comes across regarding Brown's condition. Elliott? I need you to do some research on the next top three contenders, in case Brown officially pulls out and they need somebody to step in his place.

Jeremy: Are we still going to have a fight?

Dana: I'm sure something will materialize.

Isaac: Millions of dollars have been invested in this title bout, not including this network's involvement covering it. Nobody is about to walk away with nothing.

Dan: At the expense of providing a less intriguing and compelling match?

Isaac: Yes.

Dan: That's it? Yes. Isaac, I'm sure-

Isaac: I'm sure they're not going to trot out a washed-up, no-talent tomato can to get his brains knocked in the first round.

Dan: Hector Rivera deserves the chance to defend his title against the best contender available, who happens to be Tyrone Brown.

Dana: Well, if Brown isn't available, the next contender should be made available. Next, we need to keep an eye on the John Bowers football coaching situation.

Natalie: Are they going to fire him?

Jeremy: He's posted back-to-back 2 and 9 seasons to go along with his 2 wins and 8 losses this season with one game remaining.

Dan: There's something to be said about consistency.

Dana: Rumor has it the university is going to call a press conference later this afternoon. Keep a watch on it, Natalie. Kelly Kirkpatrick is about 50 miles away from the school, so we can easily send her if the situation calls for it.

Natalie: I'll also check to see if the university needs to buy out the remaining years of his contract.

Dana: Great. We also want to check on the list of baseball players filing for free agency today. I want comments from players and their agents the moment they declare. Finally, lets keep tabs on the NHL and NBA. It's early in the season, but there are some pretty intriguing match-ups. Is that all?

Dan raises his hand.

Dan: I've got something.

Dana: Yes, Danny?

Dan: This costume party for this upcoming weekend.

Dana: What about it?

Dan: I think it would be for the collective good if we all dressed in costume.

Dana: Yes. You, me, Isaac, and Bobbi are going to be-

Dan: I mean everybody, including the behind-the-scenes talent.

Dana: You want to include everybody?

Dan: Yes.

Dana: Have you seen the invitation?

Dan: What's the big deal about the invitation?! It doesn't exclude anybody from dressing up. I believe the people appearing in costume should include, but not be limited to those mentioned on the invitation.

Dana: Yes, I agree with you there, Danny; but the public is buying tickets to this event, and they generally want to see those of us who are on-air and the front-runners of the programs they watch.

Dan: Well, we should change that trend. Let them know that many people diligently work on producing their programs.

Dana: Does anybody disagree with this?

Dan: Chris, Will, and Kim are willing to make this a common goal.

Dana: And I do recall Jeremy pulling off a pretty good Harry Potter.

Jeremy: Don't remind me.

Dana: Who are you going as, Isaac?

Isaac: Usually, people my age only get dressed up for church, funerals, and trips to the hospital.

Dana: Okay. Isaac will be going in a hospital gown.

Dan: You may want to wear something underneath that gown; I hear it's going to be chilly outside.

Dana: Danny?

Dan: Yeah?

Dana: Who are you going as?

Dan: I have no idea.

Dana: There's plenty of ideas out there. Football players, superheroes, cowboys, an army ranger.

Dan: I would feel more comfortable with my selection if I knew everybody else was attending in costume.

Dana sighs and rolls her eyes.

Dana: Okay, fine. Everybody attending needs to wear a costume.

Dan: Thank you!

Dana: This meeting is done. We'll check back here at 6.

Everybody gets up and starts leaving the conference room.

Dan: Remember the common goal! Team morale! Don't do it for yourself, do it for the show! Or don't only do it for yourself-

Dana: I think they get the point.

Dan: Right.

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