Some Things Old, New, Borrowed, and Big Blue



Dan walks by the editing room , and he stops after what he sees. He opens the door to the room and walks over to Bobbi, who is working on editing a tape.

Dan: What's that?

Bobbi: Yachting.

Dan: I notice that. They're off New Zealand.

Bobbi: Yes, they are.

Bobbi stops the tape and flips through a book.

Dan: The Magic 25.

Bobbi: Excuse me?

Dan: The Magic 25 is the type of sports boat they're racing. It's a fairly popular boat to race.

Bobbi: Thanks.

Bobbi writes down the information.

Dan: You've got the rulebook, there. Several rulebooks.

Bobbi: Yes, I do.

Dan: If you would like, I could go over the rules with you. It would save you the time from looking it up in those books.

Bobbi: Thanks, but don't you have another assignment you should be working on?

Dan: Yeah.

Bobbi: Preseason N.I.T. at the Garden?

Dan: Yup.

Dan thinks of an idea.

Dan: We could trade.

Bobbi: I'm fine doing this.

Dan: And I'm fine heading off to the Garden to cover the basketball games. We might be able to provide a little bit better and more in-depth analysis if we worked on our strengths.

Bobbi: I'm fine covering yachting off the coast of New Zealand.

Dan: I'll check with the assignment desk.

Bobbi: I'm fine doing this, Dan. I've got the tape, some rulebooks, and notes. I think I have all the bases covered.

Dan: I'll just double-check for you. If the assignments were mixed up, I'll be right back.

Bobbi: Fine.

Dan walks off and heads toward the assignment desk.


Isaac, Sam, and a woman are standing inside Isaac's office. The low volume of their conversation along with the looks of seriousness on their faces give the room a somber feel.

With a burst of energy, Dana jumps into the room. She carries a huge smile on her face while she trots to the center of the room and holds up a small, bound book.

Dana: Have you seen this?!

Isaac: Good afternoon, Dana.

Dana: It's unbelievable!

Isaac: I see you've found the ratings book concerning last week.

Dana begins to snap her fingers, spin, and dance around the room.

Dana: Do you know what I am doing?!

Isaac: My guess would be a seizure.

Dana: My dance of joy.

Isaac: Your dance of joy?

Dana: My dance... of joy.

Isaac: There's no music playing in the room.

Dana: That's all right because I have a song playing in my heart.

Isaac: Oh, please don't tell me which song.

Dana: That's all I need, Isaac. A song in my heart and this ratings book. This proves that the times are a changin'.

Dana tosses the book onto Isaac's desk and continues to dance.

Isaac: Could you stop that for a moment?

Dana: Only for a moment.

Isaac: Good.

Dana stops dancing and swipes away the hair from her eyes.

Dana: You're not happy.

Isaac: Dana-

Dana: I mean with news like this... I shouldn't be the only one dancing.

Isaac: There are some issues-

Dana: We beat all the cable networks that night. Not only did we beat ESPN, but also CNN, Nickelodeon, and Oxygen; and let's not forget all the Turner networks. It was our biggest night ever. 11.7 million people! And do you know where we finished for the week?

Isaac: Number two.

Dana: Number two! We were the second-ranked sports network for the week! We were right behind ESPN! Do you know how many times we finished number two?

Sam: Never?

Dana: Never. Until last week. Last week we finished number two!

Dana finally notices the other woman in the room.

Dana: Oh, I'm sorry. I suppose you think I'm completely crazy. I'm normally not this crazy. I'm just a little wound up.

The woman nods her head.

Dana: By the way, I'm Dana Whitaker.

Dana reaches out to shake the woman's hand. After the two shake, the woman serves Dana some papers. Dana takes the top sheet and looks at it.

Dana: What's this?

Woman: It's a subpoena.

Dana: What?!

Dana begins to read it more closely.

Woman: This is an official order for you to appear in court. A formal complaint has been filed against you and a number of defendants. You are not being arrested at this time, but failure to follow the procedures of this summons may result in your arrest.

Dana: I'm being prosecuted?

Woman: Yes. Do you have any questions at this time?

Dana: A million. How? What did I do?

Woman: It's outlined in the charges brought against the defendants.

Dana: I don't think you understand. I didn't do anything wrong.

Woman: It is not my position to make a judgment. I am only here to serve you with the papers. Your case will be heard before a judge, and a date has been set for your preliminary hearing. Do you have any questions concerning the subpoena?

Dana: I'm innocent.

Isaac: Thank you for stopping by and doing your job. That will be all.

Isaac escorts the woman from the office. Dana tries to comprehend the charges being brought against her. Isaac closes the door.

Dana: What is this, Isaac? What did I do?

Sam: Are you familiar with something called "the color of authority?"

Dana: Somewhat.

Sam: Supposedly, a network sent two people inside to capture photos and film during the fight. A security guard proceeded to stop them and seize the film along with all the photography and camera equipment.

Dana: What does that have to do with the color of authority?

Isaac: By seizing the film and equipment, the security guard exerted authority he didn't rightfully possess. The other network feels their first amendment rights have been violated along with what they call "an illegal search and seizure."

Dana: We had exclusive rights to the fight. Nobody had permission to be filming or taking pictures inside the arena.

Sam: True, but that didn't give the security guard the right to stop them and take away their property.

Dana looks over the summons.

Dana: So the people being prosecuted include me, Isaac, the security guard, the network, the arena, the promoters... even the fighters themselves?

Sam: Yeah.

Dana: We're supposedly responsible for this?

Sam: Yeah.

Dana: They're saying this is a conspiracy? This is ludicrous.

Isaac: Peter Sadler and the rest of legal are working diligently on this. I suggest you set up a meeting with them to receive proper counsel.

Dana: I would hope they are working diligently on this. I'm innocent, you know. This is crazy. I've got... I've got a show to produce.

Dana turns and begins to leave the office.

Sam: There is a bright side in all this.

Dana: You actually found a bright side?

Sam: On the subpoena, they spelled your name correctly.


Entering the newsroom, Dan carefully carries some notes and a videotape as he is taking off his scarf and gloves. He notices workers and electricians on ladders throughout the room working on and inside the ceiling. For the workers to create openings in the ceiling, tiles are pushed aside and wires hang down beside each ladder. The newsroom functions as normal, with the exception of people being very careful as they maneuver around the ladders.

"You got the tape?!"

Dan turns toward Elliott.

Dan: Yeah.

Elliott runs over to Dan.

Elliott: Is it done?

Dan: The Preseason N.I.T.? Yeah, it's done. I've got the notes-

Elliott: Great.

Elliot takes the tape and notes and turns away.

Elliott: I need graphics!

Dan makes his way around a worker, who is on top of a ladder.

Dan: Be careful up there. Don't go and electrocute yourself with all of those wires.

The worker either pays no attention to or completely ignores Dan. Dan reaches Jeremy's desk as Jeremy finishes a phone call. Jeremy hangs up the phone and wipes some sweat from his brow.

Dan: What's going on, Jeremy?

Jeremy: The system is down. We're having to call around to get scores, stats, and stories outside of the games being played on our monitors.

Jeremy picks up his rolodex and starts flipping through it.

Dan: Your computer is working.

Jeremy: That's the screen saver.

Dan: I thought the system is down.

Jeremy: The computers can operate, but the system is down. That leaves us with no internet and intranet access. No e-mails, no access to templates to help produce the show-

Dan: I can write my show, can't I?

Jeremy: Yeah.

Dan: But you said the system down.

Jeremy: I thought you meant literally write the show. You know, inscribe some words on actual paper.

Dan: Yeah, but that takes time. This looks to be a pressing matter. I need the system to be up and running because I can't write my show with only pen and paper. What if my hand develops a cramp?

Jeremy: Tech support is going to go around and install word processing applications. In the event the intranet goes down again, you will eventually be able to write and print out your show.

Dan: I need to get somebody from tech support right now.

Jeremy: Dan, look around. I think they are a little preoccupied right now.

Dan: This is an emergency. We are on-the-air in a few hours, I need to write my show, and the sirens are rising.

When Jeremy fails to continue the conversation, but instead focuses on another phone call, Dan begins looking over Jeremy's shoulder. Jeremy stops when Dan starts to shadow over him and block his light.

Jeremy: I'm a little busy here. I'm having to call sources to get the latest updates.

Dan: You're a computer geek. What's causing all the problems?

Jeremy: There's a problem with the wireless system.

As Jeremy picks up the phone and dials, Dan is confused as he looks at all the wires dangling down in the newsroom.

Dan: Would it have anything to do with all these wires?

Dan decides to start working on his script, slowly backs away from Jeremy, and heads toward his office. Just as he reaches his door, Natalie runs into him.

Dan: Pretty busy, Natalie.

Natalie: Huh? Yeah, whatever. I need your copy on the preseason N.I.T.

Dan: I just got back.

Natalie: I still need it.

Dan: Elliott has the tape and all of my notes.

Natalie: Good. Graphics will have it done shortly. You need to have your copy done by the time they are finished.

Dan: Are you okay?

Natalie: I'm doing fine.

Dan: Because the way you've been acting over the last few days-

Natalie: As much as I would like to chit-chat, I may remind you that our system is down and you need to finish your copy.

Dan: Okay.

Dan begins to turn, but stops when he remembers something.

Dan: Hey, what's the deal with denying me the opportunity to cover water sports?

Natalie quietly hides her impatience.

Natalie: Yachting off the coast of New Zealand?

Dan: Yeah. Everyone knows I possess much knowledge regarding this sport. Yet, this sport, along with myself, receives no respect.

Natalie: You had the preseason N.I.T.

Dan: And Bobbi had yachting off New Zealand.

Natalie: What are you saying?

Dan: What I'm trying to say is that we could have traded assignments, and we would have been just has happy, if not happier.

Natalie: Wow.

Dan: Yeah.

Natalie: It must be a real bummer.

Dan: Oh. Okay. Well, keep that in mind the next time you make out the assignments.

Natalie: I will.

Dan: That's all I ask.

Natalie: And if it so happens that you wind up not covering water sports, there is something you can do.

Dan: Great. What is it?

Natalie: Get over it.

Natalie sticks out her tongue at Dan before turning and running off.


Dave, Chris, Will, Kim, several interns, and staffers are inside the control room. They work diligently as they test the control board to make sure the computer problems are not plaguing the room. They are conducting some small talk as the test continues. The small talk ends once Natalie enters the room. She appears confused looking over the room.

Natalie: How's the test?

Dave: None of the system seems to be affected. Production should operate as normal.

Natalie: Good.

The crew continues the test in silence.

Natalie: Once everyone has completed the test, I have assignments for everybody.

Kim: Thanks.

Natalie: What were you guys talking about?

Kim: When?

Natalie: Right before I entered the room.

Kim: It was nothing.

Natalie: Was it a joke? Was it funny? Chris, tell me the joke.

Chris: A blonde, a redhead, and a brunette enter a bar-

Will: There was no joke.

Natalie: Then what's Chris telling me right now?

Chris: I'm telling a joke.

Kim: As opposed to the joke, of which none exists.

Natalie: So you guys weren't telling jokes?

Dave: Nope.

There is a tap on the window of the control room. Everybody watches Dana wave at Natalie for her to come over and pay her a visit.

Natalie: Let's wrap it up, and then come see me.

Natalie exits the room.

Dana: How's it going?

Natalie: The test is running smoothly.

Dana: Okay. I've got something to tell you.

Natalie: I think they are talking about me.

Dana: Who?

Natalie: They are.

Dana: Natalie-

Natalie: They were having a conversation, which abruptly stopped when I entered the room.

Dana: Maybe they were telling a joke.

Natalie: There was no joke.

Dana: Okay.

Natalie: Dana-

Dana: I have more pressing news compared to that.

Natalie: This is my reputation as being reliable-

Dana: We're being sued.

Natalie: We? As in you and me?

Dana: Yes. Come with me.

Dana leads Natalie into the empty conference room.

Natalie: I'm being being sued? I haven't even been served a summons with my name on it.

Dana: Okay, not you, specifically. Me specifically, Isaac specifically, and the network specifically. So it would be you generally.

Natalie: I see. What did we... you do?

Dana: I didn't do anything. A security guard did it.

Natalie: Now, I'm confused.

Dana: So am I.

Natalie: What did this security guard do?

Dana: A rival network sent in a small crew, and they were taking pictures and filming the fight. The security guard at the arena stopped them and took their cameras and film. The network has filed a lawsuit claiming we violated their rights because the security guard was falsely acting under the color of authority.

Natalie: So the guard enforced rules he had no power enforcing.

Dana: Supposedly.

Natalie: Okay.

Dana: Okay?

Natalie: We've got a show to produce tonight. The system is down. We're having to rely on televisions, telephones, and faxes to receive our information. We're having to use notecards and notepads to script the show. At this very moment, there are more pressing matters.

Dana: You're being paranoid over people talking about you.

Natalie: And you're talking about litigation which won't begin to take place for a few days, at the very least. We have a show to produce for tonight.

Dana: I could go to jail.

Natalie: You could go to jail if you're found guilty.

Dana: Yes, if I'm found guilty. I could go to jail.

Natalie: Of course you would go to jail if you were found guilty. If you were found innocent, you would have no need to go straight to jail.

Dana: Yeah.

Natalie: Plus, you wouldn't look good in black and white horizontal stripes.

Dana: Prisoners no longer wear black and white horizontal stripes.

Natalie: They wear orange.

Dana: Bright orange.

Natalie: You could put on a blue baseball cap and look like the mascot for the Syracuse Orangemen.


Dan and Bobbi are at the anchor desk and in the midst of their broadcast.

Dan: (on-air) When we come back, we've got scores and highlights from the night on frozen pond. Plus, there was a trade in Major League Soccer which you will not only be asking "Why?" but also, "Who?" and "What does it matter to me?" You're watching "Sports Night" on CSC. Don't go anywhere.

"We're out. Sixty seconds back."

Dan and Bobbi relax at the anchor desk. Dan takes a sip of coffee, while Alyson comes over to do some touchup work on Bobbi.

Elliott runs over and hands Dan a sheet. Elliott is a little winded as he reaches the desk.

Elliott: Here's... the latest scores for the basketball games... on the West Coast.

Dan: Elliott? Now is not the time to be training for a marathon. Are you okay?

Elliott: The system is still down.

Dan: We have televisions to catch all the games, right?

Elliott: Yes. We have two dozen televisions.

Dan: They're not all tuned into some shopping station, are they?

Elliott: We've got to get the college basketball scores on the West Coast.

Dan: Okay.

Elliott jogs off as Dan reads the latest scores.

Dan turns toward Bobbi as Alyson finishes her work and leaves the desk.

Dan: Crazy night.

Bobbi: It's been a little busy.

Dan: But we've weathered the recent storms.

Bobbi: Yes.

Dan: Yeah. I couldn't even use my computer. Again.

Bobbi: Only the system is down. Tech Support installed applications on the computers in order for us to write the scripts. I was still able to write my portion of the show.

Dan: I had to use pen and paper. My computer isn't working at all.

Bobbi: Is it broken?

Dan: No, it's running perfectly fine for a paper weight. Of course it's broken. It wouldn't even power up.

Bobbi: You did check to see if it was plugged in.

Dan: I did.

Bobbi: And?

Dan: It was, of course.

Bobbi: There have been times-

Dan: It was only one time.

Bobbi: Yes.

Dan: If my girlfriend was here, this wouldn't be happening. She knows these computers like the back of her hand. All this would have been fixed by now.

Bobbi: In your eyes, I'm sure she is an extraordinary and extremely talented woman.

Dan: Why, yes she is. In fact... hey...

Bobbi gives a polite smile as Dan finally catches onto the sarcastic remark.

"Back in 3, 2, 1..."

Bobbi: (on-air) Welcome back.

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