O For a Muse of Fire...

Written by:
Jim Hamilton

Excerpts from:
"The Life of King Henry the Fifth"
written by William Shakespeare

"Place Your Vote!" Result:
Will a group of investors decide to create a new sports network and more competition for CSC?

Estimated Run Time:



Isaac and Sam are having a closed-door meeting. Isaac is sitting at his desk and reading over some suggestions Sam has proposed. The television monitors behind Isaac each have the same message, "Sports Night, coming up next." Sam leans against the window sill and uses his hands and arms to help balance himself.

Isaac: These are some radical proposals.

Sam: They are just some suggestions.

Isaac: No, I'm saying these are some radical proposals.

Sam: Okay.

Isaac: Has the higher-ups seen these?

Sam: Just you.

Isaac: Do you mind if I ask why the changes?

Sam: Because there is consensus about certain employees being content.

Isaac: At "Sports Night"?

Sam: Yes.

Isaac: Sam, you know that isn't the case.

Sam: Yeah.

Isaac looks at Sam.

Isaac: You've inherited some information.

Sam: I may have come across a little bit.

Isaac: These are some of the conversations taking place behind closed doors.

Sam: Some are my suggestions, some are theirs.

Isaac takes another look at the list of suggestions.

Sam: Do you mind if I make an observation?

Isaac: I don't mind.

Sam: You don't fake ignorance very well.

Isaac: How can you tell?

Sam: Just the way you are holding the paper, and watching you read it. Also, you're not adamant about your objections to the suggested changes.

Isaac laughs.

Sam: You may have a nuance about these suggestions, but I believe we may have reached the same conclusions.

Isaac: We'll see.


Inside Anthony's, the television at the bar airs the live broadcast of "Sports Night," with Tina Lake and Jack Jankowitz anchoring. Two particular people sitting at the bar each have a beer and are in the midst of a conversation while paying little attention to the broadcast.

Dan: So you understand what I'm trying to say?

Casey: Not exactly.

Dan: I'm trying to teach you a valuable lesson.

Casey: You're going at it like Professor Higgins.

Dan: I'll start over. When it comes to interacting with people, it isn't always black and white. There are different shades.

Casey: There's lots of gray.

Dan: Not just gray, different shades of gray.

Casey: What about colors?

Dan: Gray is a color.

Casey: I'm talking about reds, greens, and indigos.

Dan: Absolutely. You're finally beginning to understand.

Casey: I understand the concept of the color wheel, if that's what you are trying to say.

Dan: Casey, when it comes down to women, you have to make it crystal clear to them.

Casey: I thought you said there are different colors.

Dan: There are.

Casey: Then when something is considered to be crystal clear, it could also be said that it's absent of color.

Dan shakes his head.

Dan: I don't know what I'm going to do with you.

A woman, holding a piece of paper and a pen, walks up to Dan and Casey.

Woman: Excuse me? Are you Dan Rydell?

Dan: Yes, I am.

Woman: I would adore it if I could have your autograph.

The woman holds out the pen and paper. Dan graciously accepts it.

Dan: Sure thing. It's my pleasure. What's your name?

Woman: Lisa.

Dan gives Lisa a warm smile and begins to sign the paper.

Dan: That's funny. Casey's ex-wife is named Lisa.

Casey holds out his hand to shake hands with Lisa.

Casey: Hi, Lisa. I'm Casey McCall.

Lisa: Hi.

Lisa barely makes eye contact with Casey as they shake hands, but instead remains focused on Dan.

Dan: There you go, Lisa. A personalized autograph for you. Now I don't want to see this autograph popping up on an internet auction website.

Dan hands her the autograph.

Lisa: Oh, no. I couldn't, I wouldn't do such a thing. Never. Thanks so much. Let me just say that you were so wonderful during the championship fight. The way you presented yourself in such a dignified way...

Dan: Thank you.

Lisa: You're so the best on television.

Dan: Now, if you could convince a few more million people of that fact.

Lisa: And funny, too.

Dan: I prefer charming and witty.

Lisa laughs.

Dan: That's a nice outfit you are wearing. Is it from Banana Republic?

Lisa: Oh, yes it is.

Dan: The color really brings out your eyes.

Lisa: My eyes? I'm wearing tinted contacts.

Dan: Great choice.

Lisa blushes.

Lisa: Thank you.

Dan: You're welcome.

Lisa: You're so much better in-person than on television. Er... you're great on T.V., but you're even better right here. Um-

Dan: It's all right. Thanks for the compliments. It was nice meeting you, Lisa.

Lisa: It was great to meet you, Dan. I can't wait to tell all my friends.

Dan: Have a good night.

Lisa skips away as Dan sits with a smug look on his face.

Casey: She's going to tell all her friends.

Dan: Yes, she is.

Casey: All her crazy, psychotic friends.

Dan: She's a nice girl. I liked her.

Casey: What's not to like about her? She probably has tinted contacts for every outfit on every occasion.

Dan: It works for her.

Casey: Tonight, she wore her special "I'm going to meet Danny Rydell" contact lenses.

Dan: It was just a pure coincidence. Plus, I hope you were paying attention.

Casey: What? Do I need to start shopping at Banana Republic?

Dan: Yes, but that's not the point. The point is this was a lesson. This was a different shade of interaction.

Casey: I take it to be sort of a rosy shade of interaction.

Dan: Exactly. She came over, we talked a little, I complimented and gave her an autograph, and that was it. We both came away perfectly satisfied. There was a natural understanding that we most likely won't see each other ever again.

Casey: Unless she's a stalker.

Dan: She didn't push further any kind of interaction or relationship; and if she had, I would have politely declined and explained that I am currently in a long-term relationship.

Casey: So this was just a lesson? A little staged exercise for me?

Dan: Well, you just happened to be here.

Casey: I see.

Dan: Take this newfound knowledge and put it to good use. You need to be firm with your executive producer, this Alexis woman.

Casey: Why do you always refer to Alexis as "this Alexis woman"?

Dan: She's not a woman?

Casey: Danny.

Dan: Because I want to meet this Alexis woman's plastic surgeon if she or he is not a woman.

Casey: I was going out with her to be friendly and establish a rapport. We went out a few times, and that was that.

Dan: Does she keep asking you out?

Casey: Yeah.

Dan: And what have you been telling her?

Casey: I've been telling her the truth. There hasn't been time to go out; I've been busy; I've been having to go out of town.

Dan: Going out of town to do what?

Casey: I've been taking care of some personal business.

Dan: What kind of personal business?

Casey: Personal.

Dan: So you've been leaving this Alexis woman behind and stringing her along?

Casey: I have not been stringing her along. There is no relationship between Alexis and myself.

Dan: Don't you see what's happening? This is where the different shades of a relationship come into play. You're seeing that relationship as a rosy shade, while this Alexis woman is seeing it as a completely different color.

Casey: What color?

Dan: It doesn't matter what color. She's not seeing it in the same shade, and you need to make that point and make it crystal clear.

Casey: There you go again, mixing your color schemes.

Dan shakes his head and drinks his beer as Casey looks over to the television on the wall and watches "Sports Night."

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