Bodies of Work

Written by:
Jim Hamilton

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There is a packed crowd at Anthony's restaurant. A table, which normally seats six, is occupied only by Jeremy and Natalie. The two are in the midst a debate, and Natalie is trying to make her case by using a particular article from that day's newspaper.

Natalie: It's right there, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Okay.

Elliott walks, with beer in hand, over to the table.

Elliott: Where's everybody?

Natalie: Dan, Casey, and Dana are in the other room watching Casey's broadcast.

Elliott looks toward Dan, Casey, and Dana. He sees the trio huddled around a television and closely watching Casey's program. Elliott turns back to Natalie and Jeremy.

Elliott: Yeah. Have you guys heard about the rumors?

Natalie: They are coming true.

Elliott: It's official?

Jeremy: Natalie's citing unnamed sources.

Natalie: It's here in black-and-white.


Dan, Casey, and Dana continue to watch Casey's broadcast.

Dan: Who chose your wardrobe?

Casey: It's bad lighting.

Dan: I think they chose not to light that hideous outfit you are wearing.

Casey: It's bad lighting. We had to bring in some new lighting technicians.

Dan: Apparently they are cross-eyed and have difficulty figuring out angles and the on-off switch.

Casey: You just drive people insane, Danny. No wonder Dana has to rotate anchors working with you.

Dan: I think Dana drives them insane all by her lonesome.

Dana: Don't drag me into this. You two continue on with your tête-à-tête.

Casey: Mais oui.

Casey takes a sip of beer.

Dan: This is a really good show.

Casey: Thank you.

Dan: The storytelling is riveting, but there is one aspect I'm particularly focused on.

Casey: Which is?

Dan: Your tie. Is that polka-dots?

Casey: It is not polka-dots. It is a dotted-pattern.

Dan: Polka-dots.

Casey: It is not polka-dots.

Dan: Whatever. That tie is bound to start some rumors.

Casey: Are you suggesting I can't dress myself? I'll let you know I own an extensive wardrobe, and I can go from casual to professional to laid-back very easily.

Dan: Ah. So you're stuck in transition.

Casey: Danny. I can dress myself.

Dan looks over Casey and checks out his attire from head to toe. Dan smiles, knowing Casey is wrong and he is right.

Dan: Yeah. Browns shoes, blue socks, and brown pants. Pretty sharp, I say.

Casey: Well... it's laundry day.

Natalie interrupts the gentlemen by thrusting the newspaper article within their sight.

Natalie: If either one of you were to read this article, what would you be led to believe?

Dan: I'd be led to believe your being a little obsessive over it.

Natalie: I am showing concern for our professional futures.

Casey: Is that the article saying CSC is in talks to start a new series with a couple of new hosts?

Natalie: Exactly.

Casey: Ah. More anchors for Danny to drive insane.

Dan: Yeah.

Dana: They're just rumors. The quote new series unquote would fall under Isaac's guidance, and Isaac and I haven't started conducting formal interviews, much less making contract offers.

Casey: I thought you wanted to remain free of this conversation.

Dana: I only jumped in because those rumors are not true.

Dan: Case, if Dana waited until now to jump in, that means only one thing.

Casey: What's that?

Dan: She agrees with me about your hideous outfit.


Inside his office, Sam Donovan is flipping through some paperwork at his desk. Sam continues reviewing, even after there is a knock on his open door.

Sam: Yeah.

"Good evening, Sam. Am I interrupting something?"

Once he recognizes Isaac's voice, Sam stops his work.

Sam: Nah. You know, I'm just doing... stuff.

Isaac: Checking over the latest numbers?

Sam: We've got some new cable markets: Allegheny Cable and Chimney Rock Communications. Even though the numbers are minute, they help add to the national average.

Isaac: Good. Anything helps. (pauses) Did I see Lorie Allen and Jarrod Burke walking through the newsroom?

Sam: I suppose. I've been in here most of the evening, so there is a distinct possibility you may have witnessed Loni and Jerry.

Isaac: Lorie and Jarrod.

Sam: Yeah.

Isaac: Have you read the articles regarding those two?

Sam: I tend to shy away from the news. I find that the print media slants stories in a certain direction just to attract a larger readership.

Isaac: Doesn't that fit your job description: attracting a larger viewership?

Sam: Yeah, but this is television.

Isaac: So you haven't read any memos or been in attendance at meetings regarding a new series involving those two.

Sam: I've heard there have been ongoing negotiations.

Isaac: Why haven't I been involved?

Sam: You were fairly ill last week.

Isaac: I had the flu. I was out for two days.

Isaac takes a deep breath and reflects on the possible new series.

Isaac: Is there going to be conflict with my shows?

Sam: That's not their intentions.

Isaac slides his hands into his jacket pockets.

Isaac: Yeah. Thanks for the information.

Sam: No problem.

Sam watches Isaac leave the office.


Casey, Dana, and Dan join Jeremy and Natalie at their table.

Natalie: How was the show?

Dan: Casey certainly can't dress himself.

Casey: It was bad lighting.

Dana: We're just trying to support Casey's show by watching it and encouraging others to watch - which, may I remind you, neither of you even took a gander during the previous hour.

Natalie: That's because Jeremy and I saw its original broadcast.

Jeremy: Plus, this restaurant isn't a part of the Nielsen family, so what Anthony's airs is fairly irrelevant.

Dan: I just can't wait until it comes out on DVD. I could add it to my collection - twelve hours of nothing but Casey McCall.

Casey: First of all, it's not twelve hours, it's thirteen.

Dan: You mean there is a missing episode?

Casey: Second, it's not me all the time. It's just me most of the time. And third, Danny, there will be no DVD release. The network doesn't do a video release on informative and time-sensitive programming.

Dan: I guess I can stop trying to think of what to wear to your release party.

Natalie: And speaking of release parties...

Four sets of eyes focus in on Jeremy.

Jeremy: What? It was a release party for her upcoming pictorial.

Dan: Yeah. In order to go to a Lorie Allen pictorial release party, one has to know people.

Casey: (to Dan) Obviously, Jeremy knows people.

Jeremy: It was tastefully done. She was wearing clothes... mostly.

Dana: Are you sure you didn't ask her to apply for a position with the network, our network?

Jeremy: I swear on my mother, Dana.

Dan: Hey, hey, hey. There should be no swearing of mothers in here.

Casey: Let's not leave "Mr. Underwear Model" Jarrod out in the cold.

Dan: Hold on, Case. I heard that Jarrod was trying to be a serious actor - a serious B-movie actor - but a serious actor nonetheless.

Jeremy: The article of their contract offers is speculation.

Dan: At least the network won't have to spend a lot of money on their wardrobes.

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