The Value of Water

Written by:
Jim Hamilton

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Dana and Sam are inside a quiet, quaint hotel restaurant. They are seated on barstools up against the bar and next to a suspended television. They watch the television, which is airing a program from their network. Sam nurses his ginger ale, while Dana picks at her shrimp cocktail.

Dana: You'd think a place like this would only receive local stations.

Sam: They use a satellite dish.

Dana: You'd think a place like this - in the middle of nowhere - wouldn't have a satellite dish.

Sam: Judging by the appearance of the place, I believe they can afford to splurge on their guests.

Dana: Yeah.

A bartender approaches the two.

Bartender: Can I get you two anything more?

Sam: Nah.

Dana: We're fine. Thank you.

The bartender leaves the two alone and goes back to drying some glasses.

Dana: This is a beautiful location for a work retreat.

Sam: It's not being conducted at the hotel bar.

Dana: I'm speaking of the area in general. It's very peaceful.

Sam: Yeah.

Dana lets out a small laugh.

Dana: This is some celebration.

Sam: I didn't realize we were celebrating.

Dana: I believe we need to recognize our accomplishments.

Dana holds up her glass. She looks over at Sam, and he slightly raises his glass. They quietly toast each other with a small clink of glasses.

Dana: Congratulations.

Sam: Congratulations.


Anthony's is packed with people on a late evening. A celebration is taking place, and the people celebrating throughout the bar are from CSC.

Casey and Natalie find themselves having a quiet moment as they sit across from each other in a booth.

Natalie: Second place.

Casey: Yeah.

Natalie: For the entire quarter. Can you believe it? Second place.

Casey: I'm certain if you say it several more times, you'll find yourselves in first place.

Natalie: Then I'll be saying, "first place."

Casey: Just work on staying in second.

Natalie: Do you know what it will take for us to move into first place?

Casey: The addition of a few successful networks, a magazine, some restaurants, a clothing line, and a flavored drink named in the network's honor?

Natalie: Besides that.

Casey: The people in Bristol going completely insane and selling their assets to open a nationwide chain of bait shops?

Natalie: Besides that.

Casey: I know what you're going to suggest.

Natalie: Let me hear it.

Casey: You're going to suggest "me."

Natalie: Exactly.

Casey: I appreciate your encouragement-

Natalie: Encouragement? You're lucky I don't tie you up and drag you into Isaac's office.

Casey: I appreciate you trying less persuasive measures.

Natalie: You're welcome.

Jeremy walks back to the booth and carries three drinks.

Natalie: (to Jeremy) Leave.

Jeremy: Is this the result of me considering-

Natalie: It's not. Leave.

Jeremy: I brought you your drinks.

Natalie: Okay. Drop off the drinks- then leave.

Jeremy: Could I please have an explanation?

Casey: This second-place thing has brought out an aggressive side of Natalie.

Natalie: Casey and I are having a private conversation.

Jeremy: You two are having a private conversation... in a public restaurant?

Natalie: You have until the count of three to set down our drinks and leave, or I'm going to have to do something you will regret.

Casey: I would heed Natalie's advice.

Natalie: One.

Jeremy: So this is not because I'm considering-

Natalie: Two.

A worried Jeremy looks to Casey for some help. All Casey can offer is a shrug of his shoulders.

Natalie: Th-

Jeremy: Okay.

Jeremy sets down two drinks and walks away.

Natalie: Thank you!

Casey: I'm sure Jeremy appreciates it.

Natalie: Later, he'll appreciate it more.

Casey: I'm sure he will.

The two each grab their drink. Natalie takes a sip of hers, while Casey sets his on a cocktail napkin.

Natalie: Okay, Casey. Let's talk about you and "Sports Night."

Casey: That's a very complicated situation. In fact, I shouldn't be talking to you about it.

Natalie: Then you just need to shut up and listen.

Instead of putting up a fight, Casey gives in to Natalie.

Natalie: Danny needs a new partner. Who better to work with Danny than someone who has worked with him in the past?

Casey: You're forgetting about Rob Landers.

Natalie: Forget Rob. You had a critically-acclaimed show and received several nominations. Anybody not willing to add you to their network is crazy.

Casey: Your crazy network is the one who released me, which allowed me to develop my critically-acclaimed show. So tell me, who's really crazy?

Natalie: You're crazy for not asking for an interview.

Casey: First, I'd have to get out of my current contract.

Natalie: Do it.

Casey: Second, I'd have to take a chance on the network which let me go.

Natalie: Yes.

Casey: Natalie, when I was with CSC, I did my job and I did it well. The powers-that-be decided that wasn't good enough and chose not to renew my contract. Now, if I was good enough five years ago, but not good enough two years ago, what makes you think I would be good enough right now?

Natalie: You'd be surprised.

Casey: What happens if I get out of my contract, and the network decides to go with somebody else? I would be deeply hurt knowing I left a secure job to chase after a dream. I'm not certain I want to take a chance on a network which felt I was no longer needed. I don't know if I can trust those people.

Natalie: People make mistakes, and people run networks.

Casey: Yes, they do.

Natalie: Maybe you need to let them atone for their mistakes.


Jeremy has relocated to the table where Chris, Will, Elliott, Kim, and Dave are seated. His conversation has garnered everyone's attention.

Will: I wouldn't do it.

Chris: I wouldn't do it.

Dave: I believe you need to be firm in your decision.

Elliott: Is there a chance you will be seeing her naked?

The focus has turned to Elliott.

Kim: (to Elliott) You're an idiot.

Jeremy: It would only be a dinner.

Dave: With the potential of developing into something more.

The group turns back to Elliott and waits for another "naked" comment.

Elliott: You're all thinking it, but I'm not saying it.

The focus returns to Jeremy.

Jeremy: Besides, I believe it might persuade her to stop pursuing me.

Dave: What if she likes you even more after your dinner?

Jeremy: That's the great thing: she won't. She'll realize we don't even possess the proper chemistry to start dating and then decide to move on to somebody else.

Kim: Or more like stalk somebody else.

Jeremy: I'm just curious to learn what she finds so appealing in me.

Elliott: So are we.


Dan is sitting inside his office and looking over some paperwork. Isaac, who is in the process of leaving the workplace for the evening, is curious to know why Dan is still working well after his show has concluded.

Isaac, with his coat draped over his arm, walks into Dan's office.

Isaac: I see I'm not going to be the last one to call it an evening.

Dan: Hey, Isaac. It looks as if your streak of staying late and being the last one to leave is ending at seventeen days.

Isaac: Everybody else has been down at Anthony's for over an hour.

Dan: Yeah, I'm looking over some of these notes. I just want to finish this up, and then I'll be down there with them.

Isaac: Putting together your fantasy baseball team?

Dan: No, it's nothing like that. I was looking through some of Bobbi's old paperwork-

Isaac: You were scrounging for stories.

Dan: Yeah, I was hoping she had something interesting which hadn't been developed. I hadn't found much until I came across this story.

Isaac: What is it?

Dan: It involves youth soccer-

Isaac: Hold it right there. I never thought I'd live to see the day where you would relate an interesting story with soccer.

Dan: It's more of a human-interest story. More about their safety and well-being.

Isaac: Go on.

Dan: Over the last two years, 11 children have been killed from the same freakish accident.

Isaac: What's that?

Dan: They ran into a goal post.

Isaac: That's horrible.

Dan: I would really like to develop a story concerning this.

Isaac: Bring it up during our development meeting, and we'll see what we can do.

Dan: Thanks, Isaac.

Dan continues to scour over the notes as Isaac puts on his coat.

Isaac: Have a good night, Daniel.

Dan: Good night, Isaac.

Isaac: Don't forget about the celebration.

Dan: I won't.

Isaac exits the room as Dan goes back to his research.

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