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You can receive future "Sports Night on CSC" webisodes through e-mail. Each new webisode will be sent to you in HTML format, which can be opened and viewed with a web browser. The most common web browsers are Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Other browsers should be able to read the file without any expected problems.

Each webisode is premiered first on the site, then the webisode will be sent out on the next day. Please keep in mind you will not receive an e-mail every week- only on the weeks when there is a new webisode.

Privacy Policy
All e-mail addresses will be kept confidential, and no addresses will ever be purposely given away or sold.

FIle Attachments

By signing up to receive e-mail from this site, you must be able to receive attatchments in your e-mail. It is always recommended you inspect each file before opening it. This may help prevent receiving a virus in your e-mail.

The subject of your e-mail will always be the listed webisode production number. If you were to receive the sixth webisode of the third season, "No Joy in Mudville," the subject listed in your message would be:

Webisode 3-6

The attatched file you receive will always end with ".html". If you receive an attatchment which ends with ".exe", ".src", ".pif", or any other extension, DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.

These are just some helpful tips to make sure you can enjoy this series. I can't guarantee everything will work perfectly, but I am doing my best to try to make it work perfectly.


Just click the link below to sign up. It should create a new message for you to send. There is no need to type any special instructions or messages in the body of the message because you will be signed up based on the subject title. If this link doesn't work properly, you can always sign up by sending e-mail to SportsNightonCSC@aol.com and using the subject: Webisodes-Via-E-mail.

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By clicking on the above link or signing up to be on this mailing list, you accept the terms and conditions listed on this page.

The terms and conditions listed on this page may change in the future. You will be notified through e-mail of any future changes.

Removal from Mailing List
If you wish to no longer receive future webisodes, please send an e-mail to SportsNightonCSC@aol.com and request to be removed from the mailing list. Your address will be permanently deleted and will not be kept on file.