Change and Consequences

Original Release Date: January 22, 2002

Written by:
Jim Hamilton

"Place Your Vote!" Result:
With Felicity Huffman expecting her second child, will Dana become pregnant?

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"Previously on Sports Night..."

Stan Graham, executive producer of Casey's HBO show, walks around his office as Casey sits in a chair.

Stan: I'm going to handle a lot of the behind-the-scene happenings with your show. I'm going to make sure you have the best crew, best interviewees, best set- the best people in the business.

Casey: Great.

Stan: We take all of our programs very seriously here, and we are competitive. It's a tight cable market out there, and we are at the top of it, Casey.


Dana looks distraught as she sits in her chair. Casey stands in front of her desk.

Dana: Casey... I'm late.

Casey: Late for what? A deadline? A meeting?

Dana: Late-late.

Casey: Late-late?

Dana: Yes.

Dan and Bobbi are in the midst of their broadcast.

Dan: (on-air) After the game, the Patriots celebrated in their locker room, with many of the players talking about their game-winning drive and thanking God for giving them their victory. No word from the Raiders locker room if God or any other deity was held responsible for their last-minute defensive collapse.

We've got to take a break right now. We'll be back in two minutes to wrap up this edition of "Sports Night." Don't go anywhere.

Inside the control room...

Dave: We're out.

Elliott: Two minutes back.

Isaac: Dana, I must say you've been running the show very smoothly over the past week.

Natalie: Smooth as a baby's bottom.

Dana lets out an uncomfortable laugh.

Dana: We've been running a tight show for the past week, Isaac.

Natalie: Tight as a drum.

Dana: Thank you for your visual interpretation, Natalie.

Natalie: Not a problem. I'll provide color commentary whenever I feel it is necessary.

Jeremy walks in.

Jeremy: The Bulls have shot 12 for 58 from the floor tonight through 3 quarters.

Dana: That's not good.

Jeremy: They're close to setting a record.

Natalie: Nothing of which to be proud.

Jeremy: That nothing translates into a field goal percentage of 20.6, with the record being a 19.3. Let's just say, if the Bulls shoot 3 for 20 in the fourth quarter, they will set a new record for futility.

Elliott: And tossed enough bricks to build me a new house.

Dana: Natalie? Jot down that we need to check on Tommy Castro's MRI tomorrow. The medical press conference is scheduled to take place between two big press conferences.

Natalie: So there's three big press conferences tomorrow.

Dana: No. Two large ones and Castro's small one sandwiched in the middle.

Natalie: Okay.

Natalie grabs her clipboard and tries to pull off the pen. She again pulls at the pen, which is stuck to her clipboard. She leans in front of Dana to speak into the microphone.

Natalie: (into mic) Dan? Did you glue my pen to my clipboard?

Dan can be seen through the monitors.

Dan: Maybe. Maybe not.

Natalie: (into mic) You're clever little plot of revenge isn't going to work, Danny.

Dan: This is only the beginning, Natalie.

Natalie: (into mic) Bring it on.

Dana: Natalie.

Dan: Hey! I thought I was going to die!

Dana: (into mic) You're fine Dan.

Dan: I was peeing blue for three days!

Everyone inside the control room stops and looks at an embarrassed Dan in the monitors.

Dan: I... I thought it was something serious... something terminal.

Natalie: (into mic) It was to teach you a lesson.

Dana: Enough Natalie.

Dan: I already explained what happened. It wasn't my fault!

Dana: (into mic) That's enough, Danny.

Dan: (mumbles to himself) It wasn't my fault... I thought I was going to die...

Dave: Thirty seconds back.

Isaac: Dana, what do you think the chances are of getting the interview?

Dana: With Hammerin' Hank?

Isaac: Yes.

Dana: I wouldn't bet against me.

Isaac: That's what I like to hear.

Dana: We'll know for certain tomorrow. We're finalizing the details for the interview.

Jeremy: It will be an exclusive, right?

Dana: Yup.

Dave: Back in ten.

Dana: Let's wrap this one up people.

Dave: In 5, 4, 3, 2...

Dan: (on-air) Welcome back...

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