Original Release Date: February 26, 2002

Teleplay by:
Jim Hamilton and Joanna Kobylar

Excerpts from:
"Nothing Happened on Thursday" by Sary

"Place Your Vote!" Result:
What event is going to happen to Dan?

Estimated Run Time:




In the darkness, Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" is playing. As the scene comes into focus, Dana is dancing around her office. Her ponytail bounces around as she dances to the beat.

Dana: Walk out that door... walk out that door...

There is a knock on Dana's door, but she doesn't hear it. Dana continues dancing as she solely focuses on the music.

The door opens, and Dan stands in the doorway. He is perplexed as he watches Dana dance around her office.

Dana finally looks up and spots Dan.

Dana: (surprised) Wwwaaa!

Dana stops dancing and starts to catch her breath.

Dan: Hi.

Dana: Hi.

Dan: You were dancing.

Dana: Yes, I was.

Dana starts hearing the music, and she begins dancing her way toward Dan.

Dan: You're continuing to dance.

Dana: Yes, I am.

Dan: Why?

Dana: This is my time.

Dan: You're time?

Dana: My time. I'm taking five minutes out of every work day, and making it my time.

Dana begins snapping her fingers as she dances.

Dan: I can come back later, if you like.

Dana: Come on, Danny. Dance.

Dan: I'm not going to dance.

Dana: Suit yourself.

As the song finishes, Dana walks over to the stereo and turns it off.

Dana: What do you want?

Dan: Is your time over?

Dana: Yes.

Dan: Because I don't want your time interfering with my time.

Dana reaches over to her desk and grabs her bottled water.

Dana: What is it you need?

Dan: I was thinking of having Bobbi's feature on Florida follow her coverage of the SEC.

Dana: You're now producing the show?

Dan: It was just a suggestion.

Dana drinks some water.

Dana: There's not much coverage. Today, they only have two conference games between the twelve teams.

Dan: Plus, three teams playing out-of-conference games.

Dana: So you're thinking of grouping those three games with the SEC recap?

Dan: It's just a suggestion.

Dana: Well, it sounds good.

Dan: Thanks. I was also thinking about putting-

Dana: Eh. Stop right there.

Dan: What?

Dana: You've reached your limit of production input for today.

Dan: It was just one idea.

Dana: And one idea is your limit.

Dan: There's something different about you.

Dana: Nothing's different.

Dan: You've been dragging yourself around for the past week, and now today you are just a bundle of energy.

Dana: Well, coverage of the Winter Games has wrapped up, so I have been able to catch up on some sleep. Plus, I don't have to work with Sally as often, now that she's gone back to producing her own show instead of helping out with "Sports Night."

Dan: You're right. Sally being gone is a great reason to dance.


Isaac is in his office and watching a game on his monitor.

"I would like to report a robbery."

Isaac turns around to find Natalie standing in front of his desk.

Isaac: Are you hurt?

Natalie: Yes.

Isaac: Do you need to go to the hospital and see a doctor?

Natalie: No.

Isaac: When did this happen?

Natalie: When I was in Utah.

Isaac: They broke into your apartment?

Natalie: They broke into my desk.

Isaac: Excuse me?

Natalie: I am missing pens, pads of paper, a stapler, paper clips, rubber bands, and not to mention all of my candy. You name the office supply, it's missing from my desk.

Isaac: Is there anything left in your desk?

Natalie: Yeah. Lots of paperwork. It's the small things that are missing.

Isaac: There wasn't a chance that someone confused your desk with someone's that is no longer with the network?

Natalie: Are you saying I'm fired?

Isaac: No. I'm wondering why so many things would be missing.

Natalie: All of my personal items: photos, a spare t-shirt, some feminine items-

Isaac: No need to go into detail.

Natalie: They are still intact. You open the drawers and 'boom,' there they are.

Isaac: Are you sure somebody isn't playing a practical joke on you?

Natalie: I'm not laughing.

Isaac: Are you sure?

Natalie: I'm sure I'm not laughing, but I'm not absolutely sure it is a practical joke.

Isaac: Okay. I'll have it checked into. In the meantime, Natalie-

Natalie: Yeah?

Isaac: No retaliatory measures need to be taken in the event this is a practical joke.

Natalie: Don't worry about it, Isaac.

Isaac: Good.

Natalie leaves the office and starts walking down the corridor.


Dan is wearing a winter jackets as he walks along a street. He passes a restaurant and a market along the way. He spots a group of people standing at a street corner, waiting to cross the street.

One woman turns around, and Dan recognizes her face. He is just as surprised as the woman who recognizes him. The woman is Rebecca.

As Dan increases his pace, Rebecca lets her group know that she will catch up with them. The two meet, outside of a department store.

Dan: Hi.

Rebecca: Hi, Danny.

Dan: How are you?

Rebecca: I'm great. How about you?

Dan: I'm good. It's a nice, crisp winter afternoon, isn't it?

Rebecca: Yes, it is chilly.

Dan: You look great.

Rebecca: You do, too.

Dan: Listen. I'm sorry I haven't-

Rebecca: I've been meaning to call you, also.

Dan: Yeah.

Rebecca: It's amazing a year has gone by.

Dan: A little over a year.

Rebecca: I'm sorry. I've really got to get back to work.

Dan: Me, too.

Rebecca: Say? How about you and I going to dinner for old time's sake.

Dan: Where did you have in mind?

Rebecca: How about the French Laundry?

Dan: I could go for some good French food.

Rebecca: How about tonight?

Dan: I've got the show tonight.

Rebecca: Right.

Dan: How about Saturday?

Rebecca: Saturday's fine. I'll make the reservation and it will be my treat.

Dan: Great. Thanks.

Rebecca: I'll call to let you know what time to meet.

Dan: Wonderful.

Rebecca: Take care, Danny.

Rebecca leans over and hugs Dan. Dan returns the hug.

Dan: Yeah. See you later.

Rebecca turns and walks back toward her group, as Dan takes a deep breath and puts his hands inside his coat pockets.

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