Original Release Date: May 7, 2002

Written by:
Jim Hamilton

Estimated Run Time:


Some of you may read this story and ask, "Where is Dana?"


You pan across what appears to be an empty newsroom. The sound of a drawer opening and closing can be heard. Jeremy sits alone at his desk, and he is holding a piece of paper- a letter addressed to him. He folds the letter and sets it on his desk. He straightens his glasses and opens an application on his computer.

He takes a deep breath and begins typing his letter.

Dear Louise,

I am truly sorry to hear you've broken up with your boyfriend, Sean. I understand why you are questioning everything, including if he ever really loved you. I won't try to lecture you, but instead tell you stories which occurred here at "Sports Night."

Jeremy is interrupted when Dan approaches from behind.

Dan: You heading home soon, Jeremy?

Jeremy stops typing.

Jeremy: Yeah. I received a letter from my sister, and I want to get started on a response.

Dan: How is Louise?

Jeremy: She just broke up with her boyfriend. Actually, she was dumped, and I'm trying to console her.

Dan: Sorry to hear that. Doesn't writing a letter and sending it through the mail take a few days?

Jeremy: I'm sending her an e-mail.

Dan: Ah. An instant response.

Jeremy: That's the best thing to do.

Dan: Yeah. (pause) Say, you didn't read any memos today about the World Cup?

Jeremy: Not today.

Dan: I don't want to be caught off-guard.

Jeremy: I'm sure you'll get an update, if it is necessary.

Dan starts to leave the newsroom.

Dan: Good. And if you-

Jeremy: I'll make sure you know if I receive anything.

Dan: (points toward Jeremy) You're a good man, Jeremy. Night.

Jeremy: Good night, Dan.

Jeremy continues with his letter as Dan exits the newsroom. He recalls a moment as he types on his computer.

Inside the conference room, the crew is in the middle of a rundown meeting. Natalie, Kim, Dan, Bobbi, Jeremy, Elliott, and Isaac are seated around the table. Lindsey, Dave, Will, and Chris are along the edges of the room.

Natalie is running the meeting and handing out notes to Jeremy and Elliott. Dan and Bobbi are listening to Natalie speak as Kim and Lindsey take careful notes.

Natalie: So will somebody make sure everything is put together for this weekend's Preakness?

Kim: I'll make sure Marcus has it completed by the end of the day.

Dan holds up a memo.

Dan: I have a question. When did this happen?

Natalie: When did what happen?

Dan: This memo. Why am I doing voice overs for the World Cup intros?

Natalie: I would think people watching the game would like to hear someone affiliated with the network.

Dan: Since when are we doing the games?

Everyone around Dan lets out a small chuckle.

Dan: What? Did I miss something?

Isaac: Danny, the network has an agreement to cover the World Cup.

Jeremy: We're going to be covering the World Cup live.

Dan: It's like four or five weeks away. We don't have the time to put together the crews to cover-

Natalie: Everything is assembled from the production crews and announcing teams to flight plans and hotel reservations.

Dan: When did we get the television rights?

Isaac: Six months ago.

Dan: Why didn't somebody say something?

Bobbi: We discussed it in here a few months ago.

Dan: Was I here?

Bobbi: Probably.

Dan: I don't remember talking about it.

Natalie: There was a memo about it a while ago.


It was W.H. Auden who once said, "Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator; but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh." I hope you allow me to digress for a moment to tell you about the network's coverage of the World Cup.

Dan begins flipping through all of his notes. He shakes his head and throws his arms in the air attempting to deny that he received prior information concerning the World Cup. Bobbi and Jeremy attempt to point out all the information, research, and segments already prepared in anticipation of the games, but Dan still denies having received anything concerning it.

Dan: No, no, no. There is definitely nothing. I didn't know this was going on. I think I should be excused from this because of the failure to communicate on the part of the network.

Natalie: Danny, who's playing in the WUSA?

Dan: You want me to name players?

Natalie: The teams. Which teams are playing in the games?

Dan: All the teams are playing in the games.

Natalie: Name me one game to be played this weekend.

Dan: I don't have their schedule.

Natalie: We just talked about it five minutes ago.

Dan: We did?

Natalie: Every time we talk about something concerning soccer, you completely zone out.

Dan: I do not. I know this.

Natalie: Who's playing this weekend?

Dan: I just have to name one game?

Natalie: Yes.

Dan: It is... Kansas City and Columbus.

Natalie: Wrong.

Dan: I was testing you!

Natalie: Why?

Dan: I was just seeing if everybody else was paying attention. We did... talk about Kansas City and Columbus, right?

Natalie: Right.

Dan: Right... wait! Why am I wrong?

Jeremy: That's men's soccer.

Dan: Right! Kansas City and Columbus are men's soccer teams. Way to keep your head in the game, Jeremy.

Jeremy: My head and the rest of me never left.

Natalie: Danny, who's playing in the WUSA?

Dan thinks about it for a moment.

Dan: Philadelphia.

Dan looks around the room.

Natalie: And?

Dan: Philadelphia and... San... Diego.

Natalie: Wrong.

Dan: San Francisco.

Natalie: Nope.

Dan: San Francisco and San Diego.

Bobbi: They don't even have teams in the WUSA.

Dan: But Philadelphia?

Bobbi: Yes.

Dan: I got one team right.

Bobbi: And one team wrong.

Isaac: Let's forget about soccer.

Dan: Good.

Isaac: Who are the Royals pitching tonight?

Dan: Paul Byrd is pitching against the A's and Barry Zito.

Natalie: You knew that answer.

Dan: They're playing tonight. Soccer is playing this weekend, which is years and years away in the world of sports.

Natalie: Brush up on your soccer, Danny.

Dan: I'm not even doing those stories!

Isaac: You're still doing the World Cup intros, Danny. Are we done, Natalie?

Natalie: That's all I have. We'll see each other at the next rundown.


Dan has a definite distaste for soccer. Once he learned we were going to be covering the championship of the world's most popular sport, Dan looked as if all of civilization had gone crazy.

The crew gathers up their belongings and start to leave. Dave, Chris, and Will walk out together. Elliott, Jeremy, and Lindsey stand off to the side, compare notes, and divide up their production responsibilities. Isaac quietly leaves the room as Kim and Natalie continue to discuss and plan out that evening's show. Bobbi and Dan collect their notes and walk out together.

Dan holds the door for Bobbi as the two exit.

Dan: I'll tell you one thing, Bobbi. I'll do these intros, and that is that.

Bobbi: Whatever you say, Dan.


Dan only acknowledged the fact the network was covering the round-robin games and final elimination round. He never mentioned the fact he was selected to be in the studio when the games were being shown live between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. on the East Coast. He discovered that memo about a day later.

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