Original Release Date: September 25, 2002

Written by:
Jim Hamilton

"Place Your Vote!" Result:
From last season's cliffhanger,
does JoAnne make the shot to control the destiny of their relationship,
or does she miss it and she and Dan get married?

Estimated Run Time:



Dana and Casey are walking through the "Sports Night" studio. Casey looks around to once again familiarize himself with his former workplace. Dana wears a small grin, caused by the feeling she gets when she's in Casey's presence.

As the two walk into the newsroom, a flurry of activity is taking place. Jeremy is standing next to his desk as he talks on his phone. Elliott weaves his way through the newsroom. He hands a tape off to Kim before exiting the room. Kim holds the tape as she crosses something out on her notepad. Various reporters, associates, and crew members work frantically, all trying to get their tasks done. No one seems to notice Dana and Casey walking through the room. Dana starts to become focused and looks around for Natalie, while Casey brushes up against Dana.

Casey: How much time do you have left?

Dana: Time's up.

Casey: You didn't even look at your watch.

Dana points toward the wall.

Dana: There's a clock over on the wall.

Casey: You're ready to get back to work.

Dana: You know, it's my job, Case. You understand that, don't you?

Dana smiles at Casey.

Casey: Go get 'em, tiger.

Dana laughs.

Dana: Tiger?

Casey: Well, yeah. I thought it was cute.

Dana: It wasn't.

Casey: What was it?

Dana: Silly.

Casey: I was just trying something new.

Dana: Assigning new nicknames?

Casey snaps his fingers.

Casey: Lamb chop.

Dana: That's a main course.

Casey: Pooky bear?

Dana laughs again.

Dana: You'd better stop. I've got work to do.

Casey: Okay.

The two share a quick kiss.

Casey: Have a good day.

Dana: You do the same.

Dana gives Casey a quick wave, and she begins heading toward her office. Casey stands and watches her leave the newsroom. Once Dana is out of his sight, Casey turns and looks toward his old office. He gives a sly look as he spots Dan sitting at his desk. Casey walks over to the office.

Dan is sitting at his desk and typing on his computer. Casey quietly walks in, and Dan doesn't seem aware of Casey's presence. Dan scratches his head as he looks at his monitor.

Dan: Let me ask you this. In what home stadium are the 49ers playing this year?

Casey: The last I checked, Danny, they were still playing in San Francisco.

Dan looks surprised when he hears Casey's voice.

Dan: I thought you were Jeremy.

Casey: I'm not.

Dan: Jeremy knows these things.

Casey: I'm here. We've worked San Fran together.

Dan: Okay. What stadium are they in?

Casey: 3Com.

Dan: It's no longer 3Com.

Casey: How can you be sure it's not 3Com when you're not even sure of the name?

Dan: Because it's not 3Com. It's something-something Candlestick.

Casey: Candlestick Park?

Dan: No.

Casey: It was Candlestick Park for nearly 40 years.

Dan: Before the name change. Jeremy knows these things.

Dan gets up from his desk.

Casey: Before you go running off to your search for Jeremy, I need to know something.

Dan: Okay.

Casey: And I need the answer.

Dan: Casey, I don't have all day here. Bobbi's called out sick, and Tina's flying in from Dallas. I'm doing a rough of her copy to go along with mine. Whatever you have to say, say it.

Dan walks over to the bookcase, pulls out a book, and begins flipping through it.

Casey: Did you happen to mail my producer a letter about some college infractions?

Dan: What infractions?

Casey: Did you mail the letter?

Dan: What school?

Casey: Danny.

Dan snaps the book shut.

Dan: This football book is outdated. It says its 3Com. I need Jeremy.

Dan places the book back on its shelf.

Casey: Did you mail this letter?

Dan: I don't know what you are talking about.

Dan leaves the office and Casey follows him. The two walk and talk through the newsroom.

Casey: I think you do.

Dan: Casey, I don't have time for games here.

Casey: I'm just saying that the last time I started receiving letters, it was a prank on your part.

Dan: Yeah.

Casey: You pretended to be a fan-

Dan: Of the female nature.

Casey: And you sent me undergarments.

Dan: I do recall that.

Casey: And when I asked you if you were responsible for it, you adamantly denied it.

Dan: Yeah.

Casey: Why?

Dan: That would have ruined the joke, partner.

Dan spots Chris and stops him.

Dan: Chris? Have you seen Jeremy?

Chris: Today?

Dan: Yes, today. I would prefer most recently.

Chris: No.

Dan: Okay. Thanks.

Chris continues his course as Dan and Casey continue theirs.

Casey: Are you now sending letters to my show?

Dan: No.

Casey: You're sure?

Dan: What do I have to prove to you, Casey?

Casey: Maybe a copy of your fingerprints and a possible blood sample.

Dan: I didn't send you a letter about college infractions.

Casey: Because I'm going to start investigating it, and I don't need for it to be a waste of my time.

Dan and Casey head down a corridor.

Dan: You got an anonymous tip. If I were you, I'd check it out.

Casey: I actually have the name of the source.

Dan: Then why are you accusing me of writing the letter? If you have the name of the source, that's half the battle right there.

Casey: Because I recall a Stephanie O'Malley writing me and saying that, and I quote, "I am such a huge fan of you and your show"... and oh yeah... "enclosed you will also find a pair of panties."

Dan: Ah good ol' Stephanie.

Casey: Yes.

Dan: I'm sorry to say that it's not me this time.

Dan sees Elliott walking down the corridor.

Dan: Elliott?

Elliott stops and looks up at Dan.

Elliott: Yeah? What do you need, Dan?

Dan: I'm trying to locate Jeremy.

Elliott: I think he's in the editing room. Hey, Casey.

Casey: Hey, Elliott.

Dan: Thanks.

Elliott starts walking down the corridor.

Dan: Elliott? Would you happen to know what stadium the 49ers play in?

Elliott: Candlestick?

Dan: It's not Candlestick.

Elliott: It's on Candlestick Point.

Dan: True, but it's not Candlestick.

Elliott: Okay.

Elliott continues walking as Dan charges toward the editing room.

Casey: I know we're competing against each other on Sunday nights.

Dan: I wouldn't call it a direct competition since HBO re-runs your show a million times on all their other networks.

Casey: So I'm going to start investigating the allegations.

Dan: Start your investigation.

Casey: And I'm going to trust that you are not directly involved with it.

Dan: Yeah, I'm illegally recruiting athletes to attend Dartmouth because I want our football and basketball programs to become national powerhouses.

Dan takes a look inside the editing room. He finds it empty.

Dan: Jeremy's here somewhere.

The two start backtracking toward the newsroom.

Casey: Speaking of national powerhouses... are we still on for tomorrow night?

Dan becomes more serious.

Dan: It depends.

Casey: On what?

Dan: If Bobbi is back.

Casey: I bet she'll be fine. Anyway, I sense you are hesitant to step back onto the basketball court.

Dan: I'm not hesitant.

Casey: How many games have you lost in a row?

Dan: I'm in a slump.

Casey: It's more like a rut. Nine games in a row.

Dan: You're already keeping track of these things. Why are you asking me this?

Casey: It was meant to be a rhetorical question.

As the two walk back into the newsroom, Casey is surprised as he spots Jeremy on the other side of the room.

Casey: Is that Jeremy over there?

Dan: Yeah.

Casey: He's got a goatee.

Dan: I haven't really noticed.

Casey: It looks good on him.

Dan looks agitated.

Dan: I don't want to hear about it.

Casey: Jealous?

Dan: We're just keeping our comments under wraps. So keep it quiet, will ya'?

Casey waves his arm in the air.

Casey: Jeremy!

Jeremy notices Dan and Casey standing. The three start walking toward each other and meet in the middle.

Casey: I really like the new look.

Jeremy: Thank you.

Casey: It makes you more... more...

Jeremy: Attractive?

Dan: More of an idiot.

Casey: It looks really good on you, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Thanks, Casey.

Casey: If you don't mind me suggesting, I might lose the glasses and invest in some contacts.

Jeremy: You know, I've been thinking the same thing.

Dan: Ahem.

Casey: It looks like it's been easy to maintain.

Dan: Yeah. Having to worry about daily grooming, and don't forget the possibility you might get food caught in it and not even notice it. Like a turkey bone or something.

Jeremy: Ah, jealousy rears its ugly side.

Casey: Does it even have a good side?

Jeremy: Odds are highly unlikely.

Dan: I've got a question here!

Jeremy: What is it?

Dan: What stadium do the San Francisco 49ers play in?

Jeremy: Is this a trivia question?

Dan: It would be if I knew the answer.

Jeremy: And you come to me after making an obscure reference to my facial hair being capable of holding meat?

Dan: Yes.

Jeremy: I could just do you a disservice and make up a name.

Dan: As long as it's the correct one. I'm trying to do a feature on the Rams-49ers for this weekend.

Jeremy: And I see your misconception.

Dan: What misconception?

Jeremy: Have you looked at your schedule?

Dan: Of course, I've looked at the schedule. Casey, tell him that I've looked at the schedule.

Casey: Danny says he's looked at the schedule.

Dan: Thank you.

Jeremy: Well, I'm sure you've noticed the correlation between this weekend, the Rams, and the 49ers.

Casey: Wait. You're talking about this weekend, right?

Dan: Of course. What have I been running around for?

Casey: I see the problem.

Dan: The problem is the Rams are traveling to San Francisco to play in a stadium whose name escapes me at the moment.

Casey: Well, the Rams are playing in San Francisco.

Jeremy: But not this week.

Dan: What? It's their fourth game; this is the fourth week of the season.

Jeremy: The 49ers are idle this week. They play each other next weekend.

Dan: Oh.

Casey: You know what, Jeremy? That goatee makes you a lot smarter.

Jeremy: Apparently so.

Dan: Shut up.

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