Some Things Old, New, Borrowed, and Big Blue

Written by:
Jim Hamilton

Lyrics from:
"Nobody But Me"
written by Ronald, O'Kelley, and Rudolph Isley
© 1962
performed by the Human Beinz

Music provided by:
"The Soul Club"
(Real One Player required to listen to song)

Estimated Run Time:



Inside his office at the end of the working day, Dan puts on his winter coat. He pulls out a scarf and a pair of gloves from a pocket as he checks a recently placed memo on his desk. He shakes his head when he determines the memo can wait for tomorrow, or the next day, or the next week.

Once Dan prioritizes his mental list, starting by placing the recent memo at the very bottom, he is reminded of his top priority. He walks over, sits in front of his computer, and turns it on. He seems surprised his computer started up, for he was anticipating nothing happening.

Natalie enters the room.

Natalie: Cold?

Dan: Excuse me?

Natalie: You're wearing your coat.

Dan looks down at his coat.

Dan: Yeah. I was getting ready to leave and I wanted to see if my computer still wasn't working properly.

Natalie looks at the monitor.

Natalie: I see it is working.

Dan: It started up, which is more than I could say about it two hours ago.

Natalie hands Dan a new memo. Dan sets it on his desk without reading it.

Dan: You're here a little late to be handing out memos.

Natalie: I'm preparing tomorrow's schedule. You should be able to get a live feed with Phil Fulmer between 2:40 and 2:50, plus we're still trying to work something out with Bob Huggins.

Dan: The work day is through, Natalie.

Natalie: I just want to tie up a few loose ends before leaving.

Dan notices his computer is now turned off.

Dan: What the?

Natalie: Your computer has decided to call it a night.

Dan: I notice that.

Dan attempts to restart his computer to no avail. He gently gives it a few whacks.

Natalie: Do you think hitting it will fix your computer?

Dan: I'm just saying, something is probably loose inside- most likely a connection- and I'm just trying to knock it back into place.

Natalie: I'm certain you can always hit it harder. All the extra jostling could make that loose connection fit snugly into place, which would go against the logical odds of the connection becoming completely disconnected.

Dan gives Natalie a courteous smile and decides to have his computer fixed tomorrow.

Dan: The work day is done. It's time to relax and enjoy what life has to offer. I think I'm going to join everybody else down at Anthony's. Care to join me?

Natalie: I need to tie up a few loose ends.

Dan: Okay, but I'll still see you tomorrow?

Natalie: Yeah.

Dan: Have a good night.

Natalie: Good night.

Natalie exits the room as Dan gets up from his chair to head off to Anthony's.


Inside Anthony's, Jeremy, Kim, Elliott, Chris, Will, and Dave sit around a table and have drinks and appetizers. Music plays in the background as the group kicks back and has a good time.

Dana runs over to their table, overjoyed and holding out a newspaper.

Dana: It's here! It's here!

The group looks toward Dana with her oncoming news.

Dana: It's not the front page, but it's inside here! The times are a changin'!

Dana places her finger directly on the particular article.

The group crowds around to read the article.

Jeremy: This is tomorrow's edition.

Dana: Yes, it is. Hot off the presses.

Jeremy: What did you do? Mug a paperboy?

Dana: No, I did what anybody would naturally do... I waited for the delivery truck to make its first stop.

Jeremy: Naturally.

Dana: And you will notice the article said we did "a stellar job" on our coverage. Not ho-hum, not okay, not average.

Elliott: Not even above average.

Dana: Not even above average. Stellar. Stellar in a way to suggest that we are not a mediocre network with mediocre announcers and mediocre programming.

Jeremy: We rose above mediocrity.

Dana: We rose way above mediocrity.

Jeremy: I think we understand the image you are trying to portray.

Dana: The times are a changin'! It was stellar!

Dana stands around the group as they continue to stand over and read the newspaper.

Dana: The official ratings book will be on my desk in 34 hours, but this article... this article is out on the street at this very moment. It is such a powerful and positive article: a review, a reflection of our work. We're getting our names out there, and it will be our names forever remembered for the stellar work we did.

Dave: It says "Chuck Kimmel provided some great spontaneous comic relief."

Dana: Well, yes... you have to understand when the newspaper editor wants a 500-word article, some statements have to be left in to make the 500-word requirement.

Kim: (pointing at the article) I spotted it. Do you see it?

Elliott: I see it.

Dana: What is it?

Jeremy: Your name, Dana. They seem to have taken the editorial stance that your last name deserves and extra 't'.

Dana: What? Let me see that.

Dana squeezes her way in and quickly scans the article.

Dana: Oh my god.

Elliott: At least you're making a name for yourself.

Jeremy: It just won't be your given surname.

Dana throws her arms into the air in frustration.

Dana: They added an extra 't'!

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